Best Dive Computers For Scuba Diving Recommendations for 2020

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When it comes to diving, safety should be everyone?s priority. A dive computer can make things easier, as you can avoid various problems when you monitor all kind of information, while being underwater. Another benefit of those gadgets is the opportunity of making a reference of the currant depth.

If you consider buying more expensive model, you can get a water compass and many other exclusive features. You can still identify yourself as a diver, if you have a device with smooth design, even on a daily basis.

We made a list of one of the top models you can find on the market. Very huge part of the scuba dive society prefer to use their own dive computers, sometimes even carry with them extra unit, just in case.

There are plenty of options out there as we know it can be a bit harder for you to choose a model that will suit your preferences. We hope that our selection of quality products with top ratings will help you find what you are looking for. No matter who you are and how many experience you have in this type of sphere, we can assure you that this list have something for everyone.

We included products which will last you for long period of time, as they are sturdy and durable, easy to maintain and have all the features you will need. If you choose wisely you dive computer, you will be excited for every new diving and enjoy every second of it.


Oceanic Oci Dive Computer

This product has the fame of one of the most practical products on the market, as it includes everything you will need for your underwater adventures.

If you think that diving is your thing and find it very important, we strongly believe that this product is the right choice for you. It is a combination between the best-selling OCS and the high level technique OC1.

This product is a high quality one and can be used frequently. It combines some of the latest technologies, such as a digital compass and a wireless air integration. It also has all of the features included in the OC1.

Diving is now more pleasing than ever. Oceanic Dive Computers are one of the most well-known dive computers, as they gained a lot of fame recently. Many users find them charming, as they include awesome slick visual aesthetics and very simple and practical design, making them high end wrist gadgets.

Another thing that made these products so wanted is that they blend perfectly, and add a touch to your outfits, as they look like a normal watch.

As every brand with reputation and deluxe features, the price can get a bit higher, but we think that the products of this manufacturer worth every penny. A lot of professional divers have Oceanic dive computer, as they are one reliable and sturdy devices, which contains all of the necessities.


Oceanic Atom 3.1 Dive Computer

This rugged wrist computer is perfect for people who take diving seriously. It is a high end one, which combines a wireless integration and can support up to three Nitrox programmable mixes.

It is a product from a great company, which guarantee for the quality, as it is on a reasonable price. It includes all the features you will need, plus it has an amazing design.

This device won?t let you down- practical with phenomenal value.


Oceanic Geo 2 Dive Computer

Here is another great gadget, which is a mid-level one. It is a high quality model, which can support two Nitrox programmable mixes.

You can wear it as a normal watch everywhere, not only when you are diving. The design is elegant and has all the necessary parts and features fitted in it.

Unfortunately, it doesn?t have those high end functions, such as wireless air transmitter or digital compass, but it can still be your loyal assistant in the depths.


Suunto D4i Novo Dive Computer

This has the look of a slick sport watch.

The design is upgraded, so as the features. The Novo edition comes many colors in combination with a softer silicone strap.

You can choose a model with or without wireless air transmitter and dot matrix display, which is an amazing option. The gear comes with Nitrox compatibility and free diving mode. You may find it a bit hard at first to get used with the 4 buttons, but after using the device for a while, you will easily get it. This is a very sturdy and reliable gadget that is definitely worth a shot.


Cressi Leonardo Dive Computer

Cressi Dive Computers is a brand makes entry level to mid-range wrist dive computers, which can last you for long. Cressi is one of the well-known manufacturers on the market with durable and quality products on a reasonable price.

The company won the lottery with its Leonardo Dive Computer masterpiece, as being rated for the best dive gadget.

The company was found in 1946 and since now, it gained a lot of experience and good reputation. Cressi is one of the leaders on the market for water sports gear, mainly in snorkeling and scuba diving. The brand does not want to compete with companies such as Suunto and Oceanic. Its main purpose is to give the costumers quality products without seeking for fame and position.

Creessi offers one of the cheapest gadgets on the market. But don?t let the price fool you – their products are very durable and on a high quality level.

As we mentioned previously, this is one of the best dive computers and the gem of the company. It got really popular thanks to its simple, smooth design with just one button, making it easy to maintain even from a child.

It has an amazing internal dive log, as it can also support Nitrox diving. This is a device, which can be perfect for every beginner who seek for a great professional dive computer.


Mares Matrix Dive Computer

Mares Dive Computers was found in the late 40?s, as they first focused on making masks for scuba diving and equipment for spearfishing.

When it comes to dive computers, Mares is one of the leading names on the market. They offer entry and high level wrist dive computers.

They have plenty of options for every beginner and professional.

Mares gained a huge fan base with their basic and full featured products. The price will satisfy everyone and you will be able to choose from all kind of innovations, which can be found only from this company.

This is one high end computer, which is full featured with all the whistles and bells. Some of the exclusive features included here are a digital compass, which is perfect for navigating. It can be used by higher- level divers or someone who is leading a group.

Some handy functions are the rechargeable internal battery and the optional wireless air transmitter, which can be updated later on. You can easily read from the display.

The design is smooth, which lets you use it everywhere, at any time.


Shearwater Petrel 2 Dive Computer

Shearwater Dive Computers? main goal is to bring on the market products with high quality, which are versatile and perfect for technical divers. This brand, which is based in Canada, is not like the others mentioned previously, as their priority is not to flood the market and get that extra cash.

Here the things stay on different side, just because the company has a small number of products, which are top of the line for dive computers. Their products are considered as one of the best in the world, which can be used by anyone, no matter how much experience they have.

This is one amazing product, which is perfect for people thatwant reliable device. It supports Trimix, Air and Nitrox diving. It can be used by anyone who is interested in full featured gadget or technical diving. Some of the features included in this model are a super crisp LCD display screen and built-in digital compass.

We strongly believe that this product is one of the highest level tech dive computer, with top quality and reliability you can find on the market.