Best Electric Knife Sharpeners For Your Kitchen | Buyer’s Guide and Recommendations for 2020

sharp knife

Every knife, even the sharpest one, after some time and use will become worn out.

Then comes the need to sharpen it, which can be very ineffective if you don’t use the proper sharpener.If you keep using blunt knife, slicing things can be challenging – you will have to put more pressure and use more energy on hard produce and the soft ones will get squashed which is unacceptable for every cook or a housewife.

And last but not least, using blunt knife will increase the chance of getting a physical injury.So, you get why it is vital to use only well sharpened knives in the kitchen.

But what is the best and energy efficient method to sharp some knives?

Well, as you can guess, with using automatic or so called electronic knife sharpeners. They are really convenient and easy to use and grants you more precision than the manual ones.To use one, you just have to hold the knife across the tool and wait for a second. These sharpeners are compact and can fit in every kitchen, even in the smallest.

For obvious reasons, the electric sharpeners cost more money than the manual, but in most cases it is worth the money. After all they save you a lot of time and energy, which you can invest in something better.

If you want an electric sharpener, but don’t know how to choose one, let us present you some of the best that you can currently find on the market.

Chef’s Choice 1520 AngleSelect Diamond Hone Electric Knife Sharpener

This sharpener has three stages and as you can expect, it is a high quality one.

It has dedicated place for sharpening, one for realigning and straighten the edges of the knife and you can use it with more than one knife at once.

This sharpener has features like flexible stropping and can sharpen on a 20-degrees angle and 15-degrees angle for European and Asian edged styles.

This is considered the best electronic knife sharpener on the market by many chefs and enthusiasts and we can’t disagree.

Presto 08800 Eversharp Electric Knife Sharpener

Another multi-stage system for knife sharpening which is most used for honing edges with no serration really quick.

The wheels of the sharpener are made from ultra-hard sapphires which allows the finest sharpening to the knife edges.

If you are an inexperienced user – don’t worry, you won’t have to struggle with the use of the product because it is easy to use and have blade guide positioning for the best results.

Wusthof 3 Stage Electric Knife Sharpener

Another model with three slots for every single stage of sharpening the knife.

This sharpener has an innovative technology which allows you to restore the sharpness on every knife, even the oldest and the bluntest ones.

You can extend the life on almost every knife that you have with this sharpener.

The wheel is covered with diamond coat with abrasive structure and can be used to realign and polish every blade.

McGowan Diamond Stone Electric Knife Sharpener

The wheels of this sharpener are made from diamond and ceramic materials and can bring every blade from dull to superior quality.

The sharpener is easy to use and has non-slippery rubber feet for maximum safety.

The price is another great thing about this product. It is very lightweight and durable.

Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect

This is a multistage knife sharpener with design for the all popular style knives – American, European and Asian.

You can make with it a 20-degrees and a 15-degrees angles on the edge.

It has adjustable spring that will help you to position correctly the knife every time for the desired angle.

You can use it on straight and serrated blades.

This is one really popular sharpener currently on the market, so you can’t go wrong with it.

Chef’s choice 320 Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener

Another multistage electric knife sharpener that will provide you with maximum safety but will enhance greatly the sharpness and the quality of your kitchen knives.

This one can work with every type of knife, so you can use it for almost every blade you have.

A lot of professional chefs use this tool for sharpening their knives, so there must be a reason for that.

You can sharpen and polish even fine edge knives without any problem.

KitchenIQ 50009 Edge Grip 2 Stage Knife Sharpener

This is one very compact, lightweight but advanced sharpener and is a sample for the new hi-tech that the 21-st century brings us. It has pre-set angle guide for the best sharpening with the desired angles.

The sharpener has coarse carbide blades which can reprofile every edge and for the sharpening of the knives there are the fine ceramic rods in the tool. It has even a non-slippery rubberized handle for the best grip while using it and of course – for safety reasons.