Best Electric Skateboards – Product Recommendations for 2020

what are the best electrical skateboards

Skateboarding is one of the favorite hobbies of many people. It gives you freedom and satisfaction, which is something that is not so common nowadays.

This is a great way to relax and spend some quality time with yourself or with a friend.

Skateboards give you plenty of options and they have many advantages- you can go from a place to another very easy, you will save money, free your spirit and many more. No matter if you are just starting or you have already got your hands on this, you will adore it.

Electric skateboards have been a thing for a while now, and there are many reasons why you should try it out. They have been one of the biggest trends lately. The market is flooded with thousands of models, that will suit everyone’s requirements and personal choice. There are very easy to find and not so hard to maintain.

Our list contains some of the best electric skateboards that you can discover. Get comfortable and enjoy the article.


Teamgee H8 31″ electric skateboard

If you want a quality and reliable board, but you are not sure if you want to spend a fortune, then this one is just perfect for you. It is way cheaper and the 3 speed settings (0-9, 0-13, 0-15 mph) is something to lean on.

This model is also has high performance battery and also:

  • Ergonomic Wireless Remote Controller
  • Lighweight only 11.6lbs


  • The electric system is well integrated
  • Sleek design
  • Not heavy and huge
  • You will feel like you are on an adventure while you ride it
  • Fantastic acceleration
  • The max speed is pretty decent


  • The breaks are not the best ones so you need to keep that in mind


YWS Bamboo Electric skateboard

Next in the list is a model that stands out with its different appearance. Bamboo have a sleek bamboo look that looks like a longboard edition, which is something that every enthusiast would like to get.

The super-quiet motor and wheel setup are must haves.


  • Marvelous performance
  • Extraordinary design
  • Great addition to every hardcore fan’s collection


B;aclfore g2

This is not a typical electric skateboard, as it runs on gas. This is an exclusive product, even though it is a bit to heavy and oversized. If you want to purchase a model that is approaching the Boosted Board, but still has something unique in it, this is the right choice.

23mph speed.


  • Not the usual skateboard model
  • It has its own charm


  • Some people may find the design not as sleek as the regular ones
  • It is big model (94 x22 x 11 cm) and 14.5 lbs weight

Buyer Guide

When purchasing electric skateboard, there are many things that can give you more fun time or less enjoyable riding.

Battery Charging time

When you are enjoying something, you want to do it more and more. And if you spend too much time waiting for the battery to charge then you might get irritated. So look for skateboards that offer battery charging time of under 4 hours for example. Also do not wait for the battery to go 0% and this way the charging time would be a lot less. SO you can enjoy the skateboard for more time, and have less waiting.

Battery charge

Batteries are quite important, as their capacity will decide the range and time you can use the skateboard. So if you want it to just play around at the nearest park, then not need to worry too much about the capacity of the battery. But if you plan to take long distances (more than few miles) and travel at high speeds, especially if you are heavier person, then you need to make sure that the battery capacity is enough to let you have fun and travel the distances you want.

Water resistant

Electric skateboards might be fun, and electronics play big role in that, but you have to be aware that they are not usually water resistant. This means that even a small amount of water can damage the motors. So when going in thin water or when it starts to rain you have to quickly cover the board to make sure it won’t get damaged from the water. If however you plan to skate all the time, or at least with some liquids present, like small rain or water on the ground, then make sure to look for water-resistant skateboard.


The most prefered material for skateboards is wood. And for high-end skateboards many manufacturers use bamboo. Bamboo quite durable and offers really good performance, so if you are heavier, or simply want to have really hard to brake skateboard, look for bamboo skateboards.

Weight capacity

You need to make sure that you are not as heavy or heavier than the weight capacity of the board. This way tou can prevent injuries and braking of the skateboard.


Some skateboards come with remotes and some come with apps, so you can use your cell phone to control the boards. Depending on the models, remotes usually have bigger distance, and cell phones not as much. So make sure to check the controls for the board.