Best Fitness Activity & Pedometer Bracelets – Recommendations 2020

best sport bracelets

People that love to run don’t need much, just comfortable shoes and the great outdoors. All it takes is just 20 minutes of running and you can feel more energized, stay fit and even improve your mood.

However with technology, there are many useful gadgets that can help you increase your progress. There are so many accessories that can help you such as, MP3 players to listen music to while running, comfortable shoes with specially designed soles to make your feet more comfortable and reduce the stress, there are also covers and sleeves to help your elbows and joints in general.

There are also bracelets that can help you keep track of your calories and distance and more.

This is very helpful if you want to keep track of your progress, if you want to improve your time or distance, with time you can get better at running. They are not for  professional athletes only. Everyone can benefit from them greatly. Even people that just want to keep track of the steps they are getting in their daily lives without the need to be taking your phone with you all the time.

The bracelets are usually comfortable, good looking and offer a number of great features.


Fitness Tracker with Step Counter for Kids Women and Men – by LETSCOM

This fitness bracelet many great features. It is a great option for people that enjoy running and being active in general.

The bracelets has real-time heart rate monitor and it automatically tracks the sleep duration. It also has reminders for sedentary time, it generally tries to remind you to be a more active person.

It records day activities for instance steps, the distance traveled, and calories burned.

It comes with 14 different exercise models for easier understanding of the activities. It can be connected with the GPS of your phone that way you can even map out where you’ve went through.

You can receive calls, messages, and other notifications on the display, when the bracelet is paired with the cell phone.

The bracelet can be charged with any USB block and PC. There is no charging cable and dock needed. One charge of the bracelet can last for up to a week.


Walking Pedometer with Clip and Strap – by Realalt

Maybe you want something more simpler and all those smart watches are just not your cup of tea. Then this item might be an interesting alternative.

This Pedometer and activity monitor has great features such as tracking the daily activities it can record steps, distance, burned calories and more.

It can help you lose weight, stay fit and have more information of your daily activities. It can store the data for up to 30 days.

This Pedometer looks interesting and is easy to use. It is also affordable accessory for every active person, and for the people that love to run. It can easily be clipped to the pocket or you can wear it around the neck. It provides interesting and important information if you want to stay fit.


Waterproof Health Tracker with Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Monitors – by MorePro

This bracelet has interesting design and offers many useful features to help you stay active and keep enjoying your daily activities.

It has automatic sleep monitoring, physiological period reminder, count down, step count, blood pressure monitors, multi-display mode, fatigue test, calorie, mileage and more.

It has built in USB plug which is great for easy charging with different USB blocks or computers. There is no charging cable or dock needed. A charged bracelet can last up to 7 days of work.

The bracelet is great for active people, it is good looking and offers a lot of features. It is also affordable.


Fitness Tracker for Kids, Women, Men – by TRENDY PRO


This bracelet has a lot of great features, that can be helpful for the active people. The bracelet can be synchronized via Bluetooth with a phone or a tabled through the application VeryFit 2.0 or VeryFit Pro.

It includes many features such as sleep, distance, calories used, pedometer, exercise, sedentary reminder, and more.

This wrist fitness tracker looks good and provides great features for the people that love to be active and stay fit.

The band is adjustable between 5.9 inch to 8.3 inch.

The watch has built-in USB charging plug.


Pedometer Bracelet and Fitness watch – by Willful

The Willful bracelet is great for sport activities. If you want to run or just keep track of how many steps you are getting every day this one is a good alternative.

The bracelet is in a good price range and offers a lot of great functions.

The willful bracelet comes with steps counter, distance calculator, sleep monitor, calorie burned, time display and more.

You can just put it on your wrist and enjoy your walk.

It has good looking clean design with big easy to read display that shows the information. It is comfortable to wear too.

The bracelet is suitable for 5.5″ to 8″ wrists.