Best Flat Weight Benches | Top Products for 2020

flat weight bench

The flat weight bench is an essential equipment found in every gym.

Can you tell me one gym that has no benches?

No, and here’s the reason…

Heavy duty and versatile the right bench can make a world of a difference when working out.

They are one of the best equipments for people that want to train at home and not just at the gym as some of them are able to be folded up so they are not going to be taking most of your living space. Some things that need to be considered before buying a workout bench are their total weight capacity (that includes not just the weights themselves but the person training as well), the thickness of the padding and the materials made of.

Here we are focusing on the best flat benches and we’ll take a look at some of the best on the market starting from the most simple benches and gradually reaching to some of the more complex work out benches that can basically be used for the whole body and isn’t that something worth admiring.

We offer you a list of some of the best weight benches.


Rep 1000lb Rated Flat Weight Bench

This weight bench is made by the Rep Fitness, which is a fitness equipment company in Colorado. The flat weight bench has a thick steel hardware and is 2×2 inches with a heavy-duty frame.

It can hold up to 1 000 lbs so it gives great support when training.

The pad is 2.5 inches thick, very comfy and high quality.

It is constructed with a thick base layer of plywood, a core of dense foam and a top layer, made to support you and make you feel secured.

On top of all, there is a non-slip textured vinyl which is very durable and stitched to the bench.


Marcy SB-315 Utility Flat Bench

This is a multi-purpose training bench, with the help of which a various exercises can be performed. The effects of the weight benches are flattening of the abs, toning the body and increasing the body strength.

If you add weights or exercise bands you can increase the effect of your training routine and accomplish your dream body.

This bench also has boxed upholstery and high density foam which support your body.

The weight bench is very durable and will last for a very long time. The maximum weight that the weight bench can hold is 300 lbs.


Body-Solid Powerline Folding Bench

This bench is multi-purposed and is the perfect one for dumbbell and barbell training.

There are 7 positions that give comfort and flexibility. Just adjust your bench to the position you like most and start your training.

The bench is wheeled so you can move it easily from one place to another. The size is estimated so that the bench could fit into small places. It is easily assembled and you will find no difficulty in doing that.


Rep Adjustable Bench

This is a heavy-duty bench that can hold up to 1000 lb. it is adjustable bench that is great for using with power rack, cage or smith machine.

There are seven ladder positions and four seat positions from which you can decide.

The rollers are covered with vinyl so the bench is very steady and stable while you are training. Also, it is very easily cleaned.


CAP Barbell Deluxe Utility Weight Bench

The CAP Barbell deluxe utility weight bench has all the functions and features that can be found in the traditional utility benches but also has some extra features that make it better than the regular ones.

This bench is ideal for dumbbell training. There are various lower and upper body exercises with dumbbells that you can perform on this bench. You can also do twists, leg lifts, crunches and many more.

This bench can be used for low impact resistance exercises by using resistance tubes or bands, which will update your training routine and will make it extra beneficial.

The weigh capacity of the bench is 500 lbs in flat position, including the training body, and 400 lbs in inclined positions.

There are seven positions that could be adjusted on the bench.


Marcy SB-10100 Utility Bench

The Marcy utility Bench is very versatile and compact it offers a huge variation of strength training exercises.

There are foam roller pads that keep the bench to place while training. Also, there is high density foam, power coating and boxed upholstery which make the bench very comfortable and very effective.

The weight capacity of the Marcy SB-10100 utility bench is 300 pounds.

The back pad is multi-positioned and reinforced, which allow a variety of presses: military, decline, flat and incline.

Also, you are able to tone your body – chest, arms, legs, abs. This bench could also be folded away and stored until you want to train again. This way, you won’t have to find an exact place for the bench and it will not take any space from your special place.


TOMSHOO Adjustable Multi-Station Weight Bench

This bench is multifunctional and is perfect for a complete workout for the whole body, allowing a large variety of exercises to choose from.

The bench allows dumbbell, sit ups, barbell training.

The pad for decline, incline and chest exercises is totally adjustable.

There is also a pad that extends the bicep workouts – a preacher curl pad.

The frame is made of heavy duty steel and the cushion is very thick so that you will be very comfortable while training. There are foam rollers, too.

This weight bench can hold up to 250 kilograms (or 551 lbs). This bench is the perfect bench for all of you that want to perform exercises at home without the need to pay extra fees for fitness. Benches are the perfect decision as you can build your dream body without the need to exit the comfort of your home.

Buyer Guide

Seat adjustability and back support
Novice or seasoned fitness enthusiast – it would be better if you have a range of settings on your bench for your upper body workouts. Most of the flat weight benches do not have adjustable design but you still can do much exercises on one. They will provide you with the best back support and if
you manage to get an adjustable model – you will have a greater number of exercises to use it for.

Build quality
The build quality should be at least good if not exceptional. After all you will lift weights on the bench and it should be able to withstand your weight and the one of the weights. If you are unsure if one flat weight bench is good or not from a build quality stand, you can check some customer reviews on the web. And if your workouts are not consisted of hardcore exercises and heavy weights – you can go for a cheaper bench with mediocre build quality – it should be enough for your purposes.

This is not the first thing that comes to mind when you are shopping for a flat weight bench, however it is important. You probably would not like the idea to rest your body on a hard surface that gives your skin bad feeling and is not comfortable to use at all. It would be a good idea to look for a bench
with padding and soft and smooth outer material.

If you are going to use the bench at home and will train alone (without a spotter) – make sure that the chosen flat weight bench is providing you with enough of safety features. It should rest nicely to the ground with zero wobbles. Also keep an eye for a onsite dumbbell storage or barbell rack built-in.
Everything that can contribute for your safety during workout should be considered as a plus.