Best Folding And Pruning Saws [UPDATED] Top Product Recommendations for 2020

folding saws and curved saws

If you are this type of person that like to take care of the garden by himself, you will need one great tool-kit to be this hobby really enjoyable.

A folding or pruning saw might be a good addition to your instruments.

Well, it is not a chainsaw, but for some lighter garden work it will do the job.

You can use this tool for every single pruning task without any worries. It can be really handy in a lot of situations, so don’t think that you can replace it with something better, because you will underestimate it.

If you want to get a folding saw, but don’t know from where to start, let us guide you by presenting you some of the best you can currently find on the market.

Fiskars PowerTooth 7 Inch

The brand of this manufacturer is one of the most popular and respected in the gardening tools sphere. They make a lot of premium tools with very high quality and his 7-inch folding saw is among them.

The price is really affordable and you can be sure that you will buy something really good and durable.Actually this model is one of the best one on the market when it comes to price – value. Most of the folding saws are kind of bulky and heavy and it is kind of uncomfortable to keep them closer in your pocket, but this one however is lightweight and with smaller length – only seven inches.

The blade is really sharp, as you can expect from a brand like Fiskars, but after all remember that this is a pruning saw, not a samurai sword. So there are some limitation we have to deal with here. The overall built quality is amazing too.

The saw has a non-slippery grip handle and a locking mechanism to avoid any accidents while working with it.

Keep in mind that you might have some problems while cutting heavy branches if you go heavy on the saw. Just be patient and don’t put a lot of strength in the task, because you might break it.

After all it is a good product, but keep in mind the low price and even though it is a pretty good one it is not a supersaw so you still need to take a proper care of it.

Corona Clipper (RS 7265) 10 Inch

Yet another well-known and respected brand and manufacturer in the gardening tools sphere. This saw has a 10-inch blade and the product comes with a stunning lifetime warranty.

Keep in mind that this one is aimed more to the cutting of medium and small branches, so the thicker ones might sweat you.

The blade has three-dimensional cutting edges or known as “three-angle”, but it is very sharp and you will cut branches with ease.

The saw has a locking mechanism for maximum safety, so you can put it in your pocket without any worries. The weight is also good – about twelve ounces.

If at some point you feel that the blade is not so efficient, you can replace it with new, because the saw has that feature. Just unscrew the blade hinge, remove the old one and put the new blade.

If you are an urban gardener, this pruning saw would be enough for doing all of your job. It is high quality product that with the right exploitation will last you for years, even decades.

Silky 270-33 with Zubat Blade

If you are from the group of people that prefer to buy something once and use it for a long periods and therefore the price is not so important, this saw might catch your eye, because it is very durable and high quality product.

It is suitable for most sized branches so you can be sure that it will cut everything you need to, no matter how thick it is.

The blade is 13-inches long and has a slightly curves design. It is chrome-plated which means that it is protected against rust.

The teeth are made with new technology, letting them to be more effective for a longer periods of time.

The saw has a rubberized handle for maximum grip which is also ergonomic and you can be sure it can withstand a lot of wear.

The saw comes with black sheath that you can attach to your belt for easier carrying.

If you need a small in size saw, you can get this model with 9 and 10-inches blade.