Best Folding Wagons for Kids – 2021 Recommendations

Foldable kids wagons

Baby strollers are quite important part of any parenting. If you want to go anywhere, you have to take your baby with you. And you can do that with baby strollers. They are comfortable , lightweight and your kids get to spend more time with you and explore the outside world.
But when the kids grows up you can’t use the strollers anymore.

They are too tiny and kids are way too active to stay in one place.
The kid wagons on other hand are classy looking and can be used by you to go on a walk with your young child or you can leave them to use the wagon to carry their toys or other kids around.
It can be used for toys, books, clothes and many more items. You can use it inside the house, in the front yard or in the park.

The wagons come with comfortable handles and wheels that can go on different terrains too.

They are quite affordable option if you are looking for something that can carry your kids and their toys around.

Radio Flayer 3-in-1 Foldable Kids Wagon

This kids wagon has 3 in 1 functionality – hauling , 2 rider seating and bench sitting. The wagon passes ASTM f963-16 toy standart.
The wagon is durable, and quite easy to fold. It can be stored folded for storage safe.

You can take it with you in the park (in the trunk of your car) unfold it, and get your kids to play around with other kids. You can ride them around, or they can use it to ride themselves, or their toys.
They can also use it in your house to drive around toys, books and more.

The wagon has thick padded seat cushion for comfortable seating, when kids drive other kids around. it also has 2 cup holders in front, so when you drive around your kids to the park, you can take a juice for the kids and a cup of coffee for you and enjoy it while watching the kids play around.

The wagon has size of 39.37″ x 18.50″ x 32.68″ and when folded it’s only 7 L x 18.50 W x 32.68 H inches.
The weight capacity is 150lbs, so it’s quite sturdy and can carry few kids.

Foldable Outdoor kids wagon

This is great foldable push/pull wagon. It is built with idea to last, and is made with high quality materials, so your kids can enjoy it for long time.

Its construction can hold up to 150lbs of weight. Which allows you to carry several kids in it. It can be used as pulling wagon or pushing. You can pull your kids for a quick walk in the park, or you can let them push or pull the wagon with other kids or toys in it.

There is also removable canopy, which provides shade – so your kids can stay outside even if the weather is a bit hotter.
It also protects them from rain.

The front wheels have 360 degrees swivel for easy maneuverability.

There is plenty of room for your kids and some of your items as well. So if you want to enjoy quick walk with your kids, this wagon is great option to consider.

Radio Flyer 36″ Wood Wagon

This wagon is also quite portable and sturdy. It has rugged 10″ air filled tires – your kids can drive it on different terrains.
The body is made with steel and is quite sturdy.

The handle is extra long, and fold for easier storage when not in use.
The turning radios is controlled to prevent tipping. Its sturdy construction can hold up weight of up to 200lbs.
Great for kids with many toys that want to enjoy a great day outside.

You can use the wagon to teach your kids to carry their toys, or to collect them after they are done playing with them.

Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon

This wagon is made with plastic body. It is lightweight and it offers comfort and easy steering.
You can use the wagon to carry your kids for walks around the house or in the park. Your kids can also use it to carry other kids around. It can also be used as a toy wagon.
The seats of the wagon fold up or down.
It also comes with molded cup holders, you can place water or juice for the kids.
It has extra long handle, which can be folded for easier storage when you are not using the wagon.

WonderFold Baby Push/Pull Wagon

This foldable wagon has push and pull functions. It is quite large and has 5 point harness.

It is made with high quality 600d polyester fabric and steel frame. It has 180lbs capacity.
It comes with pull handle with spring bounce and adjustable push handle.

It also has safety reflective strips for better safety for the kids.

It has removable canopy and seat pad, there are four removable 5 point harness.

It comes with 6.5″ fronw wheels with bearings and 10.5″ rear wheels. And also has one step food brake system. It has suspension and PU tires.