The Best Frisbees [Flying Discs] – Top products and Thrown Around for 2020

Dog playing with a frisbee

Summer is coming.

What thoughts spring to your mind? Maybe about having fun in the park, taking long walks. Thoughts of just enjoying the weather and the time with your friends and family.

Playing outside is great.

Nowadays the technology is easy to use and a preferred way of entertainment, so most kids don’t go outside as often.

Playing outside is both a great and good idea for the kids. It helps them socialize with other kids and have some good time in the great weather.

So what better way to spend your time with friends and family and possibly you dog than throwing a Frisbee. Yeah it might sound cheesy but just like badminton this is a great, engaging and at the same time relaxing activity. You can play it for hours and and you will feel great and refreshed after the long day.

So here are some of the best Frisbees that we have found for you.


Nite Ize’s LED Frisbee – (185 grams)

This one is definitely something different from what you’d normally expect. It has an unique twist to it, especially if you want to play in darker conditions. For example during the evening or night.

The Frisbee has interesting and modern design, it has LED lights that are illuminating the flying disk which is great for having fun outside. The disk even floats. It can be easily thrown and its design is made with the idea of great performance, it weights 185 grams. So it is a bit on the heavy side but it provides good balance, it is easy to catch and throw. It is suitable for older kids and adults, since it is a bit heavier.

The Frisbee comes with patented fiber-optic array that extends all the way to the trim, the flying disc is illuminated in bright vibrant colors and is easy to spot.

There are different LED colors – red, blue, green, and a color-changing disc.

The disk is 10.60 x 10.60 x 1.18 in size which is a great size that is making it easy to grip and use. It is made with sturdy materials.

The disk is affordable, and good option if you want to have fun outside with your friends even if the light is not that good, it can attract attention at the beach or park too.


Discraft’s Ultra Star Sport Disc – (175 grams)

The Discraft 175 gram Frisbee is great choice for people that want to play around the park and be active. It is great way to be outside, have fun and relax with friends and family.

The Frisbee is affordable, comfortable so it can easily be thrown since it has simple and interesting

The Frisbee is lightweight for better performance it weights only 175 grams. Its size is 10 x 2 x 10 inches and it comes with a great variety of colors to pick from.


Activ Life’s Best Kid’s Frisbee Rings – (33 grams)

The first thing that you will notice is that this Frisbee is a bit different than the rest. It is in the shape of a ring.

This unusual design is allowing it to be super lightweight. It is lighter than the standard shaped Frisbees which is great for better performance and effortless play. With those Flying Rings you can have fun throwing them to other people while being at the park.

Their unique design is allowing you to grab and throw them with ease, and yet have great performance.

The ring weights 33 grams only.

The disks are good choice for even kids, since they are lightweight and easy to throw. They are affordable and made with of good quality material.

Those rings are great since parents can play too showing their kids what to do. This is a great toy to teach kids that there is fun in playing outside.


Innova’s Big Kahuna Heavyweight Ultimate Throw and Catch Disc – (200 grams)

The Innova Big Kahuna catch disk is another good choice when you are looking for something to play with outside.

It weights 200 grams – so the disc is a bit on the heavy side. Especially compared to some of the other lightweight models. This is not a bad thing though. It has a good solid feel and great shape that provides good performance, more speed. It is a great Frisbee for adults to play around with. It is easy to catch and throw.

They are affordable, and have sturdy and good looking design.

If you are looking for a sturdy and heavy Frisbee this one is a great choice.

The disk is affordable and made with good quality materials.


Wham-O’s Ultimate Flying Disc Frisbee – (175 grams)

This one weighs at 175 grams and is also affordable option for your kids to play outside. Since it is a bit on the heavy side it is best for teenagers and adults.

It has good shape, that has been designed with the idea of balanced distance. And it is made with good quality materials too.

The disk offers good durability and great performance.

Easy to throw and catch.