Best Gaming Chair Cushions for comfortable gaming – 2021

Gaming chair cushion

Gaming is fun for many people, and some of then love it so much they play for more than 1 hour daily. Some might play it once a week but for hours too, so if you wish to enjoy the gaming time, you have to create a comfortable environment.
Many people buy desks, gaming mice and keyboards that are durable and comfortable. They often buy chairs that look good, but most of the time are not as comfortable, especially if you play for more than 30-40 minutes in sitting position.

If you have a gaming chair and want to improve its comfort level and want to relieve some of the strain on your buttox and lower back and tailbone area, then a comfortable cushion might help you a lot.

Comfortable cushions are a great helper if you sit in an uncomfortable gaming chair. Most chairs are thinner and don’t provide much padding, so a nice cushion could be a good idea.

Most cushions are made with quality materials and memory foam to help improve comfort and relieve strain and are quite durable as well.

At a good price, you can find a variety of different designs and comfort cushions.

HOKEKI Seat Cushion

The Hokeki cushion is an outstanding option for a more comfortable gaming chair. If your chair is more like the standard gaming chairs with less padding and more racing type of look, then you know that a comfortable seat is better, especially for playing longer than 20-30 minutes.

If you want to enjoy games for more than 30 minutes, then this cushion is a wonderful option. It has a great price and provides a great level of comfort.

It is made with high-quality memory foam material that helps to create a more comfortable and less irritating position for your buttox. The cushion is also good looking and it won’t look weird when placed on the chair. So you get comfort, quality, and style.

It has a non-slip bottom to help the cushion stay in place and provide extra comfort. Its design is u-shaped and is ergonomic, it could help alieviate sitting pain in the buttox, tailbone and lower back.
The size is chosen so it can fit almost any chair, so you can get it with you if you change the chairs or the sitting position.

It is lightweight and easy to care with you, you can take it in your office job or even on the bus back home.

Xtreme Comfort Large Cushion

This cushion provides wonderful support and comfort. It can help relieve tailbone and lower back pain. It is greatly priced and offers a great design and wonderful comfort.
The cushion is larger, which provides a more comfortable space.

It has a non-skid bottom and a carrying handle. Easy to take with you, if you don’t use it on the gaming chair you can take in your other chairs, sofa or even the office or the car.

The cover is zipped and removable and is also machine washable. The cushion looks great and provides a really good level of comfort.
It is perfect for people that site more than 1 hour in the gaming chair. It can help reduce pain and provide comfort, so you can enjoy gaming for a longer time.

FORTEM seat Cushion and lumbar support

This cushion is made with memory foam and it provides a great level of comfort. It has a carrying handle and non-slip bottom. Easy to take with you in your car, office and other places. The non-slip bottom is a good idea for most chairs as cushions tend to slip around and you have to readjust it.

The cushion has a good price, great design and is quite comfortable. It can help relieve pain from sitting. The covers are also washable for easy maintenance.
Lightweight and quite portable allows for easy taking with you and easy placing and using on different chairs.

Great for gaming, as it provides wonderful comfort and helps relieve the strain at your back and buttox from longer sitting.

Buyer Guide


Design of the cushions has to be something complimentary to your room and your chair. When you are not using the cushion it has to fit the chair well so it won’t be noticed or just looks well combined with chair’s design. You have to pick the color and overall shape to be comfortable but also good looking.

There are designs more shaped like donut, or squares, some are shaped ergonomically to fit the body, so make sure to check and decide which one you like.


Materials of cushions for chairs are often durable and provide covers that can be washed. They often have soft and mostly memory foam inside, so it can provide great durability and comfort. It takes the shape of your buttox and provides comfort and support, which is important for less strain – especially for sitting for more than 1 hour.

Comfort level

The comfort level of the cushion depends on your needs. If you have harder chair, you need softer more padded cushion to provide extra support and comfort. The size and overall design and shape of the pillow is important too. Depending on the size of the chair and the area that you sit, you have to consider the properties of the cushion. Most cushions are created with foam that takes the shape of your body and provide great comfort levels, just make sure to pick one that you like and is not too small.


The size of the cushions will determine the comfort and overall idea of having a cushion on your gaming chair. You have to pick one that can fit your body and your chair. This way you can place it, sit on it and enjoy your gaming. The size of the donut should be about as the size of the seat of your chair, this way it won’t fall outside of the chair, and also can provide enough sitting area for you to sit comfortably.


Most of the cushions are quite affordable, they are not expensive and for the level of comfort they provide, they can be a great option.