Best Gaming Desks for Couples – 2021 Reviews and Recommendations

long gaming desktops for couples

Many people play games. And few years back, most of the players were young boys. But in the recent years, games have been played by older people, really young kids, boys girls and everybody in general.
Many people actually have really good friends, and met a lot of people through games. So many games nowadays are played in a network or purely online, where people from all over the world could join. So naturally, people socialize and meet people, sometimes even meet in real life.

As with many things, people like people that are interested in the same hobbies and interests in general. So there are many couples, that live together and both partners love to play games, except there might be just one PC, so when you both get a PC and find a place to place them, you might even want to be close to each other.

There are many desks that fit just one PC, however in recent years there are many clever designs, that are especially made to fit 2 PC with 2 people playing. So you can stay close to your girlfriend (for example) while playing games.

Couple Playing Desks are bigger, and a lot more comfortable than the regular desks. They are also with different design, with sturdy construction and you can pick the ones that you think would be better for your room.

Vitesse 55inch gaming desk

This desk looks amazing. It really fits the gaming environment. It provides plenty of space for two people to play at the same desk, whilst not taking too much space in your room. It is perfect to place in the corner of your room and have a lot of fun time playing with your partner.

Its size is 55.1 L x 25.6 W inches. It can easily fit 2 monitors and 2 keyboards and mouses.

The gaming desk looks amazing, and is sturdy. It is constructed with premium density fiberboard and PVC surface, which is great for cleaning and has interesting design too.
The desk has l-shaped design, and four leveling feet.

The desk also comes with few accessories: cup holder, headphone hook and you can place a lot of stuff on it, including a mouse pad.

The desk also has charging ports – 4 USB ports which allow you to charge you devices.

Soges 59×59″ L Shaped Desk

This is large desk, it comes in 59×59 L inches and 21.7″ width x 30″ height.
It has good looking and sturdy design. The L-Shaped design is good for couple that wants to play games together on the same desk.

It has scratch resistant surface, which is great for longer use especially for gamers, that tend to use the desk a lot. It comes with 1.2mm thick metal frames for stability and durability of the desk. It has two diagonal braces for additional support of the desk.

It has good looking design, that fits gaming rooms, it is big and enough for two people to play. Has minimalistic design, easy to clean.

It requires assembly.

AuAg Modern L-Shaped desk

This desk has cool looking design. Its size is 66x49x29″  which is big enough for two people to place their setup and play on it.
The desk has L-Shaped sturdy design, made with metal and wood. It has good color and can fit in a modern looking gaming room, without taking up too much space.
The desk is also anti-scratch covered so it won’t be easy to scratch it.

The desk is sturdy and can hold weight of up to 220lbs.
The desk is also easy to assembly, it has all the tools and instructions provided in the package.

It is also lightweight, of around 55lbs, so is easy to move it if you want to change the position.

It has adjustable desk feet, feet rest, and is also waterproof.

Buying Guide

When purchasing a gaming desktop, for your room, you have to make sure you do a bit of research and consider few things.
You have to make sure that the desk is comfortable, big or small enough, and fits with the desired design of the room


One of the key factors of a gaming desk, is its size. You really have to do some measures of your room and the specific place you want to place the desk. Especially if you want to get e couples desk, which is bigger so two people can play at it.

Make sure it has enough room to place 2 keyboard, two mouses, 2 monitors and also should leave a bit of space between you and your partner, so when you are heated in gaming , you would not bother each other for more space to play.


Most of the desks are constructed with wood and metal, some are scratch-resistant and waterproof and this means that they are more sturdy and easier to clean. Which is great to have a good looking, sturdy desk that is easy to maintain.


The price of the desks can vary a lot, but most of the shown models are good priced, and they offer durability and great design and functionality for a good price.

Color and design

Make sure you pick the design and color of the desk that fits with your idea of gaming room. It should fit you and your partner’s ideas too. So if you are looking for a more simplistic design, or maybe more modern, or more classic one. Consider the size the shape and color before purchasing the desk. There are some sizes and colors that are just general and fit with most rooms design – for instance the darker colors fit great with almost any color, and the simplistic design fits well in a modern looking room. If you, however, prefer more classical look, go for a bigger and more classy looking desk.