Best Gaming Glasses – Recommendations for 2020

gaming glasses amber view

Are you looking for a way to reduce the strain on your eyes?

Nowadays we have screens everywhere. TV’s, cell phones, laptops, tablets, computers – that we spend looking at for a long periods of time.

When you are enjoying a good movie at home, when reading something on the internet, looking for a message on your cell phone, playing computer games. Even if you are not doing a lot of those things, the screens are at some streets advertising and showing many different things. They are used for information, fun and many more purposes.

This light puts strain on your eyes.

So you have to take a break from watching the screens, but if you work behind the computer things can get complicated, since even if you take some time off you have to get back and continue working. And working for more and more hours watching the screen is hard on your eyes.

This is where using computer glasses might be beneficial. They offer good protection for your eyes, they block the harmful blue light that is coming from the screens. They offers a lot more comfort to your eyes. Still it is advisable to take regular breaks from the computers but your eyes won’t be as strained.

Computer glasses are great option for people that enjoy playing video games too. Often playing a game takes more than 30 minutes and this puts strain on your eyes so, you can play your game with comfortable glasses on.

Lightweight, designed for maximum comfort and reducing the eye strain and headaches those are some of the advantages of using a top gaming and PC glasses. Here are the best ones.


Gunnar Optiks’ PPK Unisex Gaming Glasses

The Gunnar Optiks are a well known company producing and designing some of the best glasses for gaming and blue screen protection of the eyes.

Their glasses are carefully designed and so are those. They are great for making your eyes not have to work as hard when using the computer or other screens emitting blue light. They protect your eyes from some of the negative effects and the excessive strain on your eyes when looking at screens. Your eyes can get easily tired from looking at different displays and screens every day. Spending hours behind the computer, watching TV or using your cell phone, all activities that put strain on your eyes can be really damaging to your eyes.

Using computer glasses like this, is great way to not strain them as much.The design of Gunnar’s glasses blocks the blue light and reduces the strain of the eyes, they help for easier focus and less strain. As always they are really lightweight and quality built. The only downside is the price.


J+S’ Computer Reading and Gaming Glasses

With those glasses you can protect your eyes from the harmful blue lights, that come from different types of screens.

They blocks nearly 90% of high energy blue light, for great protection to your eyes, when enjoying a TV show, working behind the computer or checking your cell phone for a message.

The glasses let 70% of low energy blue light for minimal color distortion. Lets you enjoy rich and colorful screens without big part of the harmful lights.

They have great unisex design, that looks modern and is comfortable. They come with sturdy frame and good design, great protection for the eyes and at a very affordable price.


GAMMA RAY’s Computer Reading Glasses

Those glasses are great for people that use the computer at work, or just want to read something for longer time. They are great for people that watch TV too, and if you want to not strain your eyes as much.

They are great for people on budget and they offer good comfort with good looking design.

You can use the glasses at office or when you are within the comfort of your own home. The glasses offer good protection against the harmful blue light which is emitted from a lot of different screens and displays.

The glasses offer UV400 protection and glare reduction. They are light flexible and durable at a good price. Good for people that like to play games behind the computer screen.


ALTEC VISION’s Gaming Glasses Stainless

The Altec Vision glasses come with low profile full-rim frame that keeps the lenses secure.

They are good choice for people that move when using the computer or the cell phone and a great choice for gaming.

They have great design, sleek stainless steel frame with tortoise shell acetate temple arms. They come with spring hinges to ensure the glasses feel comfortable.

The glasses are equipped with xBlue resin lens that reduces the blue light coming from the digital screens, blocks the UV light too and allows over 90% visible light passage.

Great for people that don’t want to strain their eyes when using the computer.They reduce a lot of the glare coming from other lighting sources too. They are comfortable, good looking and at good price. Great choice for everyday usage.


Gunnar Optiks’ MLG Phantom Gaming Glasses

This glasses are another great option, they come with patented gaming eye-wear protection.

They come with lenses designed to block the high-energy blue light, UV and glare. The amber tint lens are great for computer and gaming usage making the hurtful blue light be more soft. They offer comfort and less stress on your eyes, when playing games, watching TV, using the laptop and more.

The glasses are comfortable and weight only 25 grams, they are balanced and good option for protecting your eyes.

They look good and are at a good price. They have adjustable silicone nose pad design, which helps to increase the stability and reduce eye strain. They have stainless steel temples and full rim frame, which is built with good materials.

Over all one of the best glasses for gaming and computer usage with the only disadvantage being the price.


Duco’s Computer Gaming Glasses with Amber Lens

This computer glasses come with amber tinted lenses they cut about 90% of the high-energy blue light. They minimize the digital eye strain, which is caused by the blue light emitted from the screens. The glasses are at a good price. The look nice and modern, have durable frame, and good lenses. They are good choice for people that work at office watching the screen with UV400 protection and glare protection.

They are flexible and lightweight. Their frame is made with TR90 which allows extended use. The glasses are good option for people that love gaming too, and for people that enjoy watching TV.


Gunnar Optiks’ Intercept Computer gaming glasses

The glasses protect from the harmful high energy blue light which is emitted from screens (computers tablets and more).

The glasses block 65% of the harmful blue light and 100% of the UV.

You can use them a lot, because they have comfortable and quality frame. They look good and you can use them at home or at office. You can prevent straining your eyes too much when reading/watching TV/using the laptop ad more.

The glasses are lightweight and materials fit ergonomically. Good value and quality pair of glasses that does the job well.