Best Gaming Mouse Pads – 2020

Gaming mouse pads

If you love to play games on your pc, you know that you have to have fast pc, that provides high performance. Great monitor to enjoy the visuals of the games. Comfortable keyboard which is great addition for the most games and suitable mouse that can help you improve your gaming skills.

Those are some of the key components if you love to play games. And there is another one. A great mouse pad. Mouse pads made for gaming provide comfort and performance and great design too.

VicTsing Extended Gaming Mouse Pad, Thick Large


Keyboard Mousepad Mouse Mat, Water-Resistant, Non-Slip Base, Durable Stitched Edges, Ideal for Gaming.
With its wide size, this mouse pad perfectly fits your desktop. Can be used with all types of mice and keyboards.

Has superfine fiber braided material for a smooth surface allowing more accurate mouse movements. Optimized for quick movements. Dense slip-resistant shading for stable position of the desktop, offering prevention against moving and slipping of the mouse and keyboard.

Has a water resistant coating for preventing accidental damage from liquids. Easily cleaned. Has high elasticity natural rubber for durability and maximum comfort. The stitched edges protect this mouse pad from deformation, wear and degum.

LUXCOMS RGB Soft Gaming Mouse Pad

Non-Slip Rubber Base Computer Keyboard Pad Mat, 31.5X 11.8in Large size for perfect fit on the desktop.

You can use this mouse pad with every type of mouse or keyboard. The control over the mouse is much better thanks to the glow fiber and the soft cloth surface which have non-slip rubber base offering more precision while moving the mouse.

Optimizes the gaming experience thanks to the micro-textured smooth surface. And that’s not all – it’s design is also excellent.

JIALONG Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

This mouse pad offers you a wide area of coverage, covering the area for mouse and full-sized keyboard which allows for plenty of room for pro gaming.

Its delicate stitched edges prevent degumming and fraying. They also make the mouse pad more durable and more aesthetically looking.

This mouse pad is also more smooth and tight because of the double weave fabric surface.

Offers more precision. It also provides you maximum comfort due to the natural rubber of high elasticity.


AUKEY Gaming Mouse Pad Large XXL

With its soft cloth surface and rubber base this mouse pad will offer you precise and accurate control as well as stability.

It has a large size which allows it to cover the mouse and the keyboard area. This lets you enjoy the experience of full professional gaming. Prevents frying thanks to the stitched edges. The mouse pad is simple, durable and easy to clean.

Buyer Guide

In gaming most of the factors that are important are connected with performance. Of course you have to have comfort too, but performance is key. So when we are talking about gaming mouse pads, you need to make sure that it offers both performance – so you can have the perfect mouse movements, and comfort, so that you feel great when playing your favorite games.


If you want to pick the right size mouse pad, then you have to consider few things. First how much space you have on your desk? Then how much is your mouse, and how much movement you make with your hand. Then you have to make sure that you have enough space for comfortable mouse pad, so that you can enjoy games without having to lift and put the mouse back down. Take a ruler and make few measurements to make sure that you get the right size for your desk.


Thickness depends on your choice. It has to be thick enough to be comfortable, and not thin that it would wear out too fast. Generally speaking thicker mouse pads above 0.3cm (0.11inch) are more comfortable for your hands and wrist.


Durability is quite important, especially if you want to use your mouse pad for gaming – as gaming requires a lot of mouse movement, it can easily wear our the fabrics of the mouse pad.