Best Gaming Shelves for 2021 – Reviews and Recommendations

Gaming room shelves design best options

Gaming is one of the activities, that is so famous in recent years. The computers have grown so much in specs, and the games have absolutely amazing graphics and story.

If you are one of the people that really want to relax and play some games for few hours, then you probably have a gaming room. Gaming rooms are specifically designed, to have great lightning, interesting modern design, many cool gaming gadjets, different chairs and gaming setups, and interesting posters and overall design.

If you are looking for good design options for gaming shelves, if have researched and will share with you , some of the best choices on the market. Most of the shelves are good looking, but also sturdy and affordable.

Atlantic 4 Tier Rotating Cube

First shelf on the list is the rotating cube. This piece of furniture, as you can see looks amazing. It can really fit in a modern gaming room.
It has plenty of space for your games and collection items that you might have purchased based on your favorite games and characters in them.

The rotating cube has really interesting and modern design. It offers plenty of room (216 CD)  especially for the price.

It is made with 1 fixed and 3 rotating cubes, so you can change its design and position around the room, to make it feel more interesting and personal look. You can get two of them and place them around your PC too.

It is also really well built, it has steel rod cross bar, which offers more support and durability for the unit.

Atlantic Drawbridge Media Storage Cabinet

This one has another modern look. It can really perfectly fit in a gaming room, if you are going for a modern design. It has interesting design and overall well built and with nice size. It has matte black finish and looks interesting and modern, and can fit a gaming room.

It can hold up to 240CDs or 108 wii or 132 PS3 games.

It has adjustable shelves (4 adjustable, 2 fixed) , great if you want to change a bit and adjust it for your taste.

It is built with composite wood, and is durable, it also had wide base for added stability and support. It is affordable shelf option for a gaming room.
Another great thing about the unit, is that it is quite easy to assembly too. So if you want to get a good looking, modern and useful shelf for your gaming room, this one is an option to consider, also keep in mind that it has really good price too.

Its size is 36″ x 19″ x 7″.

Love-KANKEI Floating Shelves

This unit is wall mountable. So it might require some time and effort to put it together. But it can really make your gaming room more itneresting. You can use it to place some of your games on it, or if you prefer you can simply place some of your room decorations on it.
It is actually a set of two shelves.

Its size is 16.5″ by 12″ . The units can hold up to 29lbs.

The design is interesting, and the units have torched finish which makes them look really cool

The units require assembly but they come with the necessary hardware and instructions how to do it easy and quickly.

Game Central Unit

This one is another interesting options for you to consider. It has tall and simplistic design, but offers a lot of functionality and has amazing design.

The unit has 2 guitar hooks, 4 controller hooks (for the people that have more than one console and want to play different games on them).
It can hold up to 80 games.It has 5 fixed shelves, and a lot of storage.

Its design is sturdy and simplistic, it has sturdy base for more stability.

The unit can hold up to 3 gaming consoles.

Atlantic Venus Media Storage

This is another good looking unit for people that love to play games. If you have many CDs then this unit can help you store them. It can hold up to 198CDs.

It had adjustable shelves with dividers. It provides a lot of room and cool looking design. It has sturdy construction too.
It has extended base for more stability of the unit.

It has 2 fixed and 4 adjustable shelves.

Its size is 15.38″ H  x 8.25″ W  x 34.63″ Height. It weights only 21.40lbs.

Buying Guide

When you are looking for a gaming shelf, there are many things to consider. We are going to share some with you, so when you are browsing around, you would know what to look for.


The price , as in many aspects of the market, usually means higher quality, but not necessarily. We are talking about quality, but when you want to purchase a shelf, the quality is not a key factor, since it doesn’t do a lot of activity.
However, quality is a factor, if you are looking for a shelf that want to place in your room and not think about what will happen if it breaks.


The design should be considered. It has to complement the rest of the room. In color, shape, size.

There are many different designs, for instance more retro ones, more modern ones, simplistic, bigger and smaller. The design of the shelves should be in tone with the rest of the room. So consider that when you are browsing around for a new shelf.


The dimensions, are completely up to you. It depends on what type of shelf you are looking for. If you are looking for a smaller shelf which you can put on your wall, then there are smaller wall-mounted shelfs. If you are looking for big media center, then there are those too.

You have to consider the size, so that it makes sense and fits on the place you want it to fit. So when you are browsing around, make sure to measure the place you want to put the shelf.

Quality and materials

As we have mentioned already, quality is mainly connected with the price of the shelf, however most of the shelfs are made of wood and are quite sturdy. So you have to consider what kind of shelf you want, what type of material and design, and consider that depending on the design and material it could be a bit more harder to clean. If you want to keep your gaming room nice and neat, then you have to pick one that doesn’t require much time to clean and look fresh and also be a good place for your games, accessories and gaming consoles.