Best Garment Bags for Travel – 2021 Reviews and Recommendations

Traveling bags

Do you have clothes that you simply cannot just fold in your suitcase?

Do you travel a lot for work or simply because you enjoy it? Do you want to keep your clothes clean and fresh without bring big suitcases and the need to fold them all the time?
There are garment bags that are specifically designed for this purpose.

If you want to store your clothes in a portable manner, with lightweight but sturdy bag that can keep your clothes fresh and nice smelling, then take a look at some of the best garment bags on the market.

MISSLO 43″ Gusseted Travel Garment Bag

This bag is 43″ and has 3.5 inch gusseted suit bag which is large enough for storing few business suits or other clothes such as jackets, dresser or t-shirts.
The bag comes with clear PVC zipped pocket for other items such as belts, ties or even socks. The bag has top hole where you can place 4-5 coat hangers. Then you can simply place it in your closet.

The zippered pockets are easy to use, and are see-through, so you can check the content without needing to open the bag.
The size of the bag is 43″ H x 22.6″ W x H 3.9″, and the folded size is 21.5″ L x 22.6″ W x 2″ H. The size is great for quick storing when not in use.
The bag is made with quality breathable fabric, so you can keep your clothes nice and neat and fresh too.

Zilink Garment Bags 43″

This bags are made for people that travel a lot and want to keep their clothes nice and neat. They are made with quality breathable fabric – 120GSM non woven.There is also 3.93″ gusset can hold one suit and two dresses.
There is also a clear window made of PVC, so you can see which clothes are inside the bags, without needing to open them.
There is also plastic PVC card holder to help you write down your info on the bags.

The bags allows hangers to pass through for folding. There  are also double handles on the bags so you can transport your clothes without draging them on the floor.
The bags are great option for different clothes such as : dresses, suits, jackets, coats , jeans and many more.

The size of the bag is 24″ x 43″ x 3.9″.

Castula Garment Bag 40″

The size of this travel bag is 40″ x 24″. Great choice for travelling storage for your clothes.
It has durable and secure stainless steel zipper. The bag can be used for storing many clothes such as: suits, jackets, coats, dresses and more.
There are comfortable handles for easy transporting of your clothes.

The bag is affordable and made with quality materials for durability and breathable fabric for keeping your clothes fresh when on a vacation. It also has UV protection.

Buyer Guide


When purchasing a traveling bag for your clothes, you have to take under considerations the quality and type of the materials. If you are looking for quality travel garment bags, you should be looking for sturdy breathable materials such as : PVC plastic, non-woven fabrics and more.
There might be other materials to support the overall structure of the bag too, like metal or plastic outlining, to help your bag be more sturdy and be more durable.


The size of the bag depends on many things, most importantly on the size of the clothes that you plan to take with you. If you want to place dresses or suits, chose taller bag, and with plenty of space. If you plant to carry just simple and shorter things like skurts or shirts, then you might get a shorter bag, that doesn’t take up that much space.


There are many good functions on the garment travel bags – there are windows made with see-through plastic so you can see the contents of the bag, without needing to open it. This can save time and hassle when traveling and placing your clothes in your closet. There are also better and bigger handles for more comfortable grip, so if you need to wear the bag for longer time your hands won’t get irritated or tired that easily. There are also other like zippers and additional pockets for extra items. So when you are looking for garment bag, make sure you check out the options before deciding.


Most garment bags are quite affordable, so you can purchase some and keep them even with clothes in your closet. They could be used at your house or when traveling. They can help protect the clothes from the sun and other stuff like insects or liquids or dust.