5 Best Gummy Bear Makers – Reviews and Recommendations in 2018

best gummy bear machines

Let’s admit it. We are all kids at heart.

Making snacks and candies is something interesting, the whole family can enjoy them. Not to mention this can be a great surprise for a special occasion.

Buying regular gummy bears from the store has its advantages. But just think about what you could do if you had the possibility to make them at home. That’s why today we will be looking at the best gummy bear makers.

You can create them with different materials and shapes and they are also easy to make. You can use different mixtures. Only your imagination is the limit. You need some molds, mixture, and imagination and you can easily create many different shaped snacks and candies for a snack when watching your favorite TV show or for a kid’s gathering.

The gummy bear candy is a all-time classic, that kids (and adults) love and like to see. You can use the molds at home and create candies with different flavors and amounts of sugar, chocolate and more.


Electric Gummy Candy Maker – by Nostalgia

This silicone mold offers different shapes for creating gummy candies. They offer fish, worm and a teddy bear shapes. There is a central heated base that holds the gelatin pot with a spout which is very easy to use for making the differently shaped candies.

The heated base is used for melting the gelatin mixture. It has spouts which are easy-pour and you can easily create differently shaped candies for the kids at home.

The molds are made with material that allows for the easy removing of the candies.

The unit disassembles, which is great for easier cleaning and it can be stored away when not in use. There are recipes that are included with the candy molds.


Gummy Bear Mold – by The Silly Pops

This silicone mold is made with resilient and elastic food-grade BPA free silicone. It is great for easily making candies. It can withstand high temperature up to 450 degrees F and as low as 40 degrees F.

The molds can be used for many mixtures, sugar mass, paste, marzipan , fruit mass, dough, chocolate and more.

It can not only be used as making some of the best gummy bear candies but for creating frozen ice cream, or ice cubes too.

The frozen figures slip out of the mold easily. You just have to flip the mold and you can have great candies made with interesting shapes at your home.


Giant Gummy Bear Maker – by Mister Gummy

This mold is made with high quality silicone which is LFGB and FDA approved, it is BPA free and food-grade non-toxic. Making it a great and safe choice if you are wondering how to make some giant gummy bears at home.

You can use the mold to create big gummy bears with different mixtures. For example if you prefer less sugar and more fruits and etc. You can use them to create chocolates, mousses, breads, frozen treats and many more.

Overall this bear mold is great way to create bear shaped candies for you and your family at home. You can use different ingredients to offer different taste and you can use different taste for different occasions too. Great for making candies at home.


Gummy Bear Maker Molds with Droppers –  by Gooj Kitchen Utensils


This bead candy molds are easy to use, and easily will help you make gummy bear candies.

The material is BPA-free and with good quality, great for making candies at home. The material the molds are made of is making it easy for the bears to pop out of it.

The mold comes with 3 gummy bear molds of 50 cavities and 3 oversized droppers. They are very easy to use so you can fill the bear molds with ease. Perfect even for children that want to help at the kitchen.


Gummy Bear Mold Set with Droppers – by Avery Road Homewares

You can create great gummie bears with this molds. It comes with 35 cavities per tray (105 total).

The molds are made with LFGB and FDA approved BPA-Free silicone. Making the molds safe for use. The quality of the material is great and makes the bears easy to pop out.

This mold is great for children or beginners that want to start preparing some great tasting candy at home. The droppers are easy to use.