Best Headphones For Quaility Bass | Top Product Recommendations for 2020

headphones for bass list

We are all aware of the fact that the bass music such as EDM or hip hop sounds the best in concert venues and clubs. But in these venues, the speaker quality is unprecedented. A good bass is a must when it comes to good music nowadays. We all enjoy those massive bass lines, which often annoy our neighbors. Having that big subwoofer at your house, or a nice audio system in the car is pleasing for your ears, but horror for car’s alarms nearby. Music is a giant part from everyone’s life and it is one of the things that keep us alive and make us escape the reality for a minute.

Recreating this sound experience at home on the other hand is a different topic.

Been able to listen to your favorite tunes no matter where you are being a huge thing nowadays, the quality speaks by itself. A good pair of headphones might be the perfect way to be blessed with that lifesaving song, which will make you smile again.

Many production companies took the challenge of making a product which is so modest on size, but still can reproduce those low lows, even the limited and confined space of the ear cups.

Nowadays, there are plenty of options to choose from. The important thing here is to invest your money in a trustworthy product, which won’t let you down after certain period of time. Here the leading role is given to the best headphones for bass.

There are many models you should review and consider what features your headphones should have before buying a pair.

We are here with an article that can help you make the right choice! The features we focused on are the responses at lower frequencies, minimal distortion, as well as superior comfort and most importantly the deep and strong bass quality.

Get ready to jump in the depths of hard bass headphones. The top models are listed below.


V-MODA Crossfade M-100

This model has the fame for one of the best bass headphones on the market. If you take music very seriously and think it have a special place in your heart – this model is made right for you. This product is different than the other suggestions on the market. Nothing in life is perfect, but this pair is a pure masterpiece. Combining the most important features, such as fantastic bass, immaculate construction and stellar sound, it is one of the gems in the genre.

The deep pulsing bass without rattle in combination with higher-grade treble and mid tones makes this model a must have for every fan of the bass.

The sound M-100 delivers will leave you speechless, as it is one of the best models ever made. There is a warm vibe to the shimmering highs, making a remarkable standout, leaving any other set behind. The range of those headphones varies from 5Hz to 30KHz.

On the other hand, the middle range is less prominently featured, but this won’t change much. The only difference here is that it won’t jump out at you. The high and low end are reinforced and complemented. The sound is stable and constant even though this model is very powerful. Here there should be no fear of shaking as witnessed in other headphones.

The 50mm dual diaphragm will definitely surprise you with its ability of leaving you with prolonged highs, vibrant mids and booming bass.

If cranking up the bass to spectacular volumes gives you pleasure and joy, the headphones will remain intact thanks to the 103dB sensitivity.

The only disadvantage is in its ability to shut out noise but we want to warn you that these noise isolating listening devices will definitely keep the noises out and the music in.

If you want to step up your headphone game, you cannot go wrong with some kick ass bass, trustworthy and sturdy product with striking appearance. The price might be high, but once you see what they can do, you will fall in love.


Sennheiser MOMENTUM 2.0

Sennheiser proved itself as one of the leading companies for headphones. And what a better way to show the prove, if not adding their product in our list. The German company has a wide range of products, which will satisfy the needs of every costumer and music lover.

Amazing bass response, in-ear, studio, super high-end audiophile and DJ are some of the applications this brand promotes. To make things clear, both MOMENTUM 2.0 and V-MODA M-100, are not marketed just because of their bass response.

They deliver amazing quality sound, as they are portable and practical for everyday use.

Both of them are highly appreciated by the music society, as placing them on leading positions for best headphones for bass on the market.

Here are some reasons why:

Some of the features included here are the 18 Ohm impedance and a great frequency response. The bass is very powerful and round, but it is one step down from what V-Moda offers. This is the perfect product for every heavy bass lover.

The mids and highs are well extended, so as the sound quality is on point. You can enjoy music like jazz, as the mids are very detailed, which make it suit well. In vocal and guitars, you will be able to hear the smallest nuances.

The MOMENTUM 2.0 does a great job of blocking external noise, thanks to the good seal. Music may be heard if you crack up the volume a little too much.

MOMENTUM 2.0 payed a special attention to the comfort, as the first generation had a lack of it.

Sennheiser is a great brand that takes critics and opinions from costumers. Their main goal is to bring the best on the market, which will satisfy the user’s requirements. This particular model is one of the best well- rounded sounding headphones, which will bring you a nice bass lines.

The product is high- priced, but if you look what it offers, you will see that your money is well spent.

These headphones will suit everyone who listen to more soft, but also heavy bass songs. The design adds an amazing vibe to the already pleasant atmosphere.


Sony MDR-1R


The review of this model can continue for hours and it will mostly be astounding.

Sony is one of the leading leaders on the market for headphones and this product again shows their passionate work.

The boast of this device are the amazing 105dB sensitivity and 40Hz-80KHz of frequency response.

Receiving the solid bass, deep lows, assertive mids, pronounced highs is now a reality, leaving you with the fact that your bass listening is rich and prominent.

Combine all of those factors with the 40mm liquid crystal diaphragm, the consequence is a bass across an extended frequency range.

Its lovely design will absolutely grab you as it is built sturdy with superior low-bass separation and impressive bass extension.The model is built in a way which 1R prevents optimum noise isolation.

Sony guarantee with their amazing deep low bass products.


Sennheiser Momentum 2 Wireless

Our next suggestion may raise some questions in you, but we are here to explain everything precisely.

Our first reason is their awesome sensitivity which gives sophisticated appearance. Unlike the aggressive tones found in other headphones, here you can find clear and precise bass. But we think this might be not the right product for you if you are a fan of finding thumping and rattling in your bass.

After all these exemplary claims to have powerful sound signatures, rich responses, vivid mids and heights and noise isolation.

The top grade leather headband and ear pads leave with a feeling of comfort and satisfaction.


Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

Those headphones have a burn time of around 55 hours, so we want to warn you if the first impression you get from the bass is frustrating.

Even though the beginning does not seem to be strong, the set is made to be highly responsive and sensitive, maintaining an incredibly sweet, deep, true and strong bass with clear lows.

The success of the product comes from with its noise variable reduction slider, providing you with the opportunity to regulate the bass you prefer as multi-layer delivery, using just a simple four-stage operation.

The only thing that will make you a little abashed is that the accessories for this model should be purchased separately.


Sony MDR X10 X-Series Over-the-Ear Headphones

As we mentioned previously, Sony is one of the leadings manufacturers for such devices and this product won’t be a surprise.

Its power is hiding in the hard-hitting bass and the focus on sound level isolation which is achieved with the acoustic seal design.

The bass boasts with strong reproduction and ultra-extended beats. Combining all those features with the 50mm driver units and neodymium magnets in return we receive dynamic frequency of 3Hz-28 KHz.

The jack is 3.5mm and it is compatible with all kinds of Apple, MP3 and Android devices.


Denon AH-D600

The description of this model is easy-head rattling, rib pounding and body slamming quality.

The bass reproduction is respectable at all times thanks to the serious and clear sound quality, which works for improving the lack of noise cancellation abilities.

The interweaving of comfort and extensive 5Hz-45 KHz frequency response allows the consumer to experience the highest of highs and lowest of lows – hence, we believe that this model will suit every person who is looking for a pair which can provide quality sound at high volumes.


Monster Inspiration Noise Canceling Over-Ear Headphones

Our last recommendation is a model, which is practical for every preference.

There are many reasons that we think will make you consider purchasing those high sensitivity headphones.

One of them is the option of choosing between 2 models which offers passive and active noise reduction.

Even though the models are different, they both have familiar features such as the clear and deep bass sound which won’t rattle nor degrade the treble.This gives you the chance of listening your favorite hits without being worried about distortion and other disturbing factors.

There is nothing that can make you think twice or make your choice difficult. If you believe that this is the product, you won’t be wrong!


Sony MDR-XB600


This is the product in our list, which is marketed specifically as bass heavy pair of headphones. The name says it all – XB stands for “Extra Bass”, and we could not agree more with this statement.

This is one of the most reasonable on price bass set.

Here are some of its advantages and disadvantages.

As it is said in one song, this pair is all about that bass. The frequency response here is 4Hz- 24 kHz, and in combination with the 40mm diaphragms, they are able to deliver a massive overpowering bass. This is the perfect choice for EDM and hip-hop lovers.

If your favorite artist is Dope DOD, Noisia or 2Pac, we can assure you that you will get the bass pumping. The bass gets a bit overpowering, when you play a non-bass-centric genre. The highs and midrange are not the greatest here, that’s for sure.

However, do not purchase those, if you want to listen to music genres with high dynamic subtlety and range. It won’t suit well for genres such as classical, jazz or folk.

We think that if you are on a budget, but still want to get a sturdy product with attractive design and nice features, MDR is the right choice for you.

They are comfortable, practical, easy to use and have barely noticeable leakage of sound. If you want to listen to different genres of music, this product may not suit you well. However, if you are a hard fan of the EDM, we strongly believe that you will come along. We think that this is one of the best bass headphones sets for its modest price.