5 Best Himalayan Salt Lamps – Reviews and Recommendations in 2018

best Himalayan salt lamps

We use lamps everywhere, we use them everyday, so much that we ignore them most of the time. Lamps are usually considered something ordinary in our everyday life. Nothing too special about them, right? But if you want to have a stylish lamp, with unique design, that offers warm and mellow light and is made with natural materials – you can consider a Himalayan salt lamp.

They are made of Himalayan salt and if you lick your fingers and taste test the lamp you will see that it is a real salt. The lamps are unique and usually there’s no two alike.

They are great as they provide for an amazing and cozy feeling in the room. The light is soothing and relaxing. Some have dimming options which further enhance the experience.

The Himalayan salt lamps are often linked with some health benefits especially for people that suffer from colds and runny noses. They are believed to be a natural and authentic way to clean the air in the room and improve sleep quality. Although there’s not any scientific evidence to prove those claims. There certainly are people that can swear by their health benefits. We will leave this up to you to decide.


Authentic Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp – by LEVOIT

This beautiful looking lamp is made with 100% pure and high quality Himalayan rock salt which is hand-carved. The lamp is good looking and is great idea for a gift for your friends and / or family members. It can fit different interior designs as its design is simple and elegant.

The lamp offers enough light for darker conditions it comes with 15 watt bulb. It can successfully be used as a night lamp too. The light is yellow and warm, which is great for better and cozy feeling in the room.

The lamp is dimmable, you can just tap and hold it if you want to increase the brightness of the lamp, you can also dim it a bit.

The lamp is made with quality materials, its cord is certified with UL. The 6.6 foot power cord provides enough length for most rooms, it also comes with 2  – 15 watt bulbs. The base is rubber wood which is a non-toxic material. Its design is interesting, sturdy and durable.

The lamp is great idea for smaller rooms, it is affordable and offers smooth light.


Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp – by Crystal Decor

This Himalayan salt lamp has a bit different design than most of the other single block lamps and it has a dimmable option. It is made with quality materials for longer usage.

Its size is 5″ x 5″ x 5″.

The lamp provides good source of light, which suits different room designs. It looks interesting and is affordable too.

It can be used for night light next to your bed. The Himalayan salt is hand-mined to offer a more natural and interesting design.

The lamp can suit different interior designs, as it looks stylish and offers warm light for the room.


Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp with Dimmable Switch  – by Crystal Allies

This lamp set of 2 comes with a long power cord (6 feet). The bulbs are 15 watts which is enough for night lamps for most rooms. The light is soft and mellow.

The lamp is handcrafted and its natural design is good looking and can fit different room designs. The neem wood base, provides for even more stylish natural look.

The lamp offers good warm light, enough for night lamp or if you need light at darker places or rooms. It can be used in the bedroom or office too. For example as night light next to your bed. It provides stylish look, good light source and fits many designs. It is affordable too.


Himalayan Salt Night Wall Lamp – by Syntus

This lamp is created with high quality Himalayan salt. It is hand crafted and looks stylish. The lamp can serve as natural anion generator, which removes dust from the air of the room.

The lamp has interesting design, it can fit different styles of your home. It offers warm light which is great if you want a night lamp next to your bed. As this one is a night wall lamp it can best be used as a night lamp that will provide a mellow non-distracting light throughout the night.

The lamp is affordable and stylish, made with high quality materials.


Natural Himalayan Salt Basket Vase Lamp – by Crystal Allies

This lamp has design that resembles a vase. It is made with Himalayan salt and mesh in the shape of a vase. It offers warm light and it can be placed on the ground in different rooms. Its unique design offers interesting look for your home. It provides good light, and is good choice for night lamp next to your bed. Its size is 6 x 6 inches, enough for medium or smaller rooms, and it can be fit in many smaller places too.

The lamp is made with 100% natural Himalayan salt.

The lamp is affordable, and has interesting design that can fit different styles of rooms. It is small and offers warm light which is great for people that need some light in the room.