The Best Illuminated [Back lit] Watches – 2020

best backlit watches

Wearing a watch is not that common nowadays.

However having a watch is still very useful. You can check the time, check the date and they have many other similar functions that are offered on your cell phone for instance.

However watches are great, they are comfortable, not that expensive, most of them are scratch resistant and pretty durable, some of them are also water resistant. Unlike most modern cell phones. They are also great accessory for you to wear.

For more active people watches are great option since they do not require you to worry about dropping them when checking the time for instance. They are not that expensive and can offer a lot of comfort and features.


CakCity’s Men’s Digital Sports

This item has fashionable and sporty dial design. It looks nice. It has large dial and numbers with light. It shows the time clear in the dark.

The watch is great for men especially for the ones who like doing sport activities. It is shock resistant, it has stop watch, 24 time mode, and LED back light.

Great option for active people.

The watch is great choice for indoor and outdoor activities. There is alarm , it is water resistant and has LED display. It is water up to 50M or 5ATM which means it is generally okay to get it a bit wet – shower proof. Do not press any buttons underwater.


Palada Digital Sport Waterproof watch

Fashionable and good looking sporty design.

The display has LED back light. The watch has auto calendar feature.

It features high quality rubber band. It has alarm and hourly alarm. It is water resistant up to 50M.

The watch features great back light display and other great functions


Fanmis’ Digital Display Watch

This is watch is great option. It is 164 waterproof (about 50M) – 5ATM.

It is great option for different sports, indoor and outdoor. Great for fun activities and daily use. (If you are using it in water don’t touch/press the buttons).

The design of the watch is great sport looking one. It is easy to read the time, it is shock resistant too. It has stop watch and LED back light.

The watch is great looking with a lot of functions.

The watch has soft silicon rubber band which is comfortable and good looking. It has calendar date, alarm, 12/24h, LED display and many more.


Menton Ezil’s Men’s Sport Watch

This watch is another option. It has great design, and many functions.

There is analog-digital combination display, a countdown, t is also waterproof to 50M (165ft+-) it has dual time, day and date, EL back light alarm and more.

The Japanese movement is also great choice. The leather strap is soft and made of genuine leather it is comfortable and good looking. It is great choice for outdoor sports and activities.

The watch has also scratch-resistance acrylic crystal glass. The battery last more than 18 months.

The watch is great choice for people that like to do all sorts of activities outdoors and indoors. It looks good, has great functions and is at not that expensive.


Aposon’s Men’s Digital Sports

The digital sports watch has a stylish and clean look and with big easy to read display. It is waterproof, it has stopwatch, alarm,countdown, LED night lite. The water resistance is up 50M (164 ft) or 5ATM.

It is also shock resistant, it has 2 timezone, 12/24h time format. It has auto calendar.

The LED night light is good for checking the time in darker places.The design is great it has simple minimalistic look. The rubber is comfortable made of silicone. It is great choice for many sport activities.


SNE’s Digital Sports Watch Water

This watch is great for people that don’t want to spend that much money, still it has great features. It is easy to set up and use. It has modern function buttons to fit more active lifestyle. The watch is durable and tough which is great for different outdoor activities. The watch is comfortable too, it is lightweight and great looking.

The numbers are easy to read it is back light for when there is not enough light.