Best In-Ceiling Speakers – Top Product and Recommendations Guide for 2020

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The in-ceiling speakers are the hidden gems of the living room. Most of the people might say buying ceiling speakers is a bad idea but let me show you why they are wrong.


It really depends on what exactly you are after when setting up your home audio set.


Here are our recommendations for the best in-ceiling speakers in the market.


Micca’s M-8C 8 Inch 2-Way In-Ceiling Speaker

This in-wall speaker looks good, and has great performance.

It has 100 watts power which is good for bigger rooms. This two way speakers have 8 inch poly woofer (high excursion) and 1 inch soft dome tweeter. This will give you a lot of options in configurations and can sound really good for different audio preferences. The speaker provides great vocals but also the 8 inch woofer provides great bass, this means that you can use the speaker without any additional sub-woofers or etc.

The speaker can provide great sound, it can be used for music for everyday office and home, or even a theater system. The components used to build the speaker, are of good quality and could be used for long time. The design of the speaker is good too. It is minimal so the speakers are virtually unnoticeable, which is a must. They are also paintable which can help you design it to fit the wall color.

The installation process is easy and it is a great way to add good sound in a room or office without much space and work required.

Overall the quality here is one of the best it would provide great sound for good price, and they are of good quality which means that they can handle a lot of louder noises without damaging them.

You can use these speakers to build them in your wall, and this will provide some benefits, you can keep them safe, from pets and kids, and also the sound they provide can be that good, when you watch tv or a great movie, or want to listen to music, they can outperform many home theater systems including some of the newest arriving sound bars.


  • Good sound quality
  • Overall great value
  • Easy installation
  • Blend really well into the ceiling


  • None


Yamaha’s – 2-Way In-Ceiling Speaker System

Yamaha are definitely a good choice when it comes to choosing a good speakers for your ceiling. They produce good and quality speakers that can leave you satisfied. The speakers that currently we are going to take a look a fairly powerful ones with a maximum power input of 120 watts. They deliver great sound, vocals are really good and the bass department is great too. They can be used for many occasions, for parties, movies, music, background in office and etc.

They can be easily installed in a wall or a ceiling. They come with a really good looking and clean design to help you install them in almost any room.

The sound is of high quality and for their price range they deliver really good performance.

You probably won’t have any complaints even when you increase the volume as the deliver clean and solid sound. The quality that they are build with is good, so you probably won’t worry about that either.


  • Very powerful and clean sound
  • Easy installation
  • Durable


  • None


Yamaha’s – 3-Way In-Ceiling Speaker System


Okay, so maybe you don’t want something as powerful as the previous ones. I understand and you neighbors, I’m sure, understand that too. So let’s take a look at this little beauty here. Those speakers have maximum input capacity of 100 watts.

Something you might have noticed is that they are a three way in-ceiling speakers. They provide rich and powerful sound. They are also very responsive. They provide great sound for many different tastes. For instance they sound rich and powerful when listen to music and yet provide great sound effects when watching a movie.

The tweeters are good for any room and if you are going to use them as 5.1 is a good choice. The installation instructions are really good and will help you install them quickly.

The installation is easy, since each speaker comes with a template to cut out the ceiling.


  • Good sound
  • Good quality
  • Easy installation
  • Good value


  • None


Pyle’s 2-Way In-Wall / In-Ceiling  Speaker System

Those are probably one of the best cheap speakers on the market. Although the phrase ‘you get what you paid for’ is usually true they still provide good value especially if you are on budget and looking for something decent. The speakers are rated with 150 watts peak power and look really good. They sound great, the sound is powerful and have good highs and good lows.

The speakers might not be suitable if you prefer really powerful and great bass at home, but if you want to enjoy everyday music they are a good choice.

The sound quality is good and they are easy to install. The design is also good one.

If you are planning to use them on a higher volume, you might not enjoy the low-end. Those speakers provide good quality and for their price they are a great choice.


  • Good value for the money
  • Good sound
  • Fairly decent build quality


  • Not the best bass


Silver Ticket’s In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speaker

Another great option for people that a looking for something really good while trying to be on a budget.

These speakers have have 60 watts nominal power capacity. The sound great and provide good vocals and bass. They might not provide really loud sound but for their money they are of good quality. They a really good budget in-ceiling speakers that are a great value.

They are a good choice for the office or general everyday music at your work or at home. If you are a an audiophile those are probable not for you but for the most of the other people that are looking for something decent could be a great choice.



  • Great value for the money
  • Good sound
  • Easy to install
  • Blends in nicely


  • Lacking in bass

Buyer Guide

Me personally, I’ve always been after the sleek design the clean look and stylish feel when arranging my house. Having that in mind (I admit it I used to have one of those big and tall towers providing powerful sound) I moved to buying speakers that can be built in the ceiling or in the walls.

What do ceiling Speakers provide more in terms of value than the standard audio systems?

Here’s the thing most of us don’t require top of the notch sound. Buying on of those speakers will be great for most of us. Some brand provide really good quality sound that can match higher priced home theater systems.

I remember when I was looking for a good and powerful home theater system in the stores that was providing that deep powerful bass and to my disappointment most of the options I was offered didn’t provide such a sound.

I decided I need something different.

There is something more. They provide a sleek and clean feel to the room. If you are after the cosmetics and the look of the room they will prove their value a million times over. They are good choice for the office or your home. Most of them are designed in such a way that they can be painted on and thus making them part of the home decor.

Tucked away in the ceiling or in the wall sometimes barely noticeable will make you wonder where that sound comes from.

I just have to mention the space they safe. Giving a more spacious and less encumbered feel in the room.

Usually they are easy to install and come in various sizes so whatever you might be looking for we’re sure you find it.