Best Juicers On The Market [UPDATED] Reviews and Recommendations for 2020


There are a lot of juicers on the market and if you have to choose from the hundreds of models, it will take you forever to pick one.

With so many choices it is really difficult to take the right decision and get a capable and good value for the money item.

Well, we have some good news for you, because we will present you some of the best juicers on the market and give you some pointers how to choose the best one depending on your taste and needs.

Best overall juicer:


This is one of the best vertical juice extractors there can be found nowadays on the market.

Hurom is a manufacturer in this sector like Apple in the mobile phones one. It makes very functional juicers with good and stylish design and HH Elite is the evidence for that. This juicer is second generation and can work with every single type of produce, no matter how soft or hard it is.

You can juice fruits, vegetables, greens with leafs, wheat grass and everything else that comes through your mind. If you always wanted efficiency in the department of the juice extraction, this juicer is going to give you some.

Just reduce its RPM to half and see the magic. The Hurom HH Elite is one of the highly versatile juicers out there, giving you highest efficiency which means that you will get more juice from smaller amounts of produce.

How not to love this machine – its juicing cap is well made, allowing you to put more fruits to mix the juice inside while still juicing, it has a system for self-cleaning, very beautiful and compact design and the motor comes with 10-years warranty.

Best horizontal masticating juicer:


This is one of the Omega’s popular 8000 series and it is popular for a reason.

This juicer is a horizontal and masticating one and it is known for its juice extraction efficiency.

It  can juice everything that you put inside – from vegetables and fruits to greenery with leafs and others. That can be achieved thanks to the powerful motor, which allows you to use the juicer as homogenizer, food processor, grinder and even noodle maker with all the attachments available in the package.

The motor has two horse powers, which is more than we see in most juicers nowadays.

This juicer from Omega is definitely something really good and high quality and must be taken into consideration if you need horizontal masticating juicer.

Best centrifugal juicer:


Breville is one of the oldest juicer manufacturers with very good reputation and may be that is why their newest juicer is one of the best centrifugal out there.

Because the company is very old you can be sure that the warranty that they are giving you for the product is real and they will not disappear from the market after a month or two.

This model centrifugal juicer has multi-speed and is the superior than the Breville JE98XL. You can choose from its five speeds and adjust every single setting to add most precision to the juice extraction process.

This machine is perfect for beginners and expert in the juicing.

Best twin gear juicer:


The twin gear juicers can bring the juice extraction to a whole another level and this model is the alpha juicer when it comes to nutrient retention and efficiency. In other words – this is the greatest and most effective juicer on the market, because the other mentioned juicers are just no match to this one, despite the fact that they are awesome but only in their category.

As you can tell, because this one provides better quality it is more expensive, but if you want to have the ultimate juicer in your kitchen, this one is a very good investment. The Tribest GSE 5000 is one great machine with one of the most powerful motors with four horse power at 110RPM. It has twin gear unit that make the juicer one unique unit.

Twin gear means that the juicer has built in magnets inside which helps to enhance the properties of some minerals and that’s why your juice will have reduced rate of oxidation.

If it sounds very complex, don’t worry, we will explain. The magnetism from the twin gear and the low RPM motor help to maximize all of the good nutrition’s in the juice.

Best cheap juicer:


And of course, we can’t go without the best cheap juicer or what is the best you can get for your money. It is the CJE-1000 juicer which can be the perfect extractor for every house.

It has multi-speed 1000-watt motor and can juice without any problem soft and even hard produce.

It has very pretty LED lightning in the shape of ring and dial pad for speed control. So you can control the juicing process and use the lower speeds for soft vegetables and fruits and the higher speeds for harder produce like celery, beets and carrots.

So for the features that this juicer gives you, the price is far better than any others. It is the best bang for the buck and it comes with three-year warranty.