Best Kids Snow Toys for 2021 – Product Recommendations and Buyer Guide

Snow toys for kids

Playing with snow is amazing experience. Many countries have this natural phenomenon, and it brings so much joy and fun time, especially for the kids.



They love the snow, they can throw balls, shape figures, make a snowman, play around with slates and many more fun activities.

If you want your kids to have even more fun in the snow, you can pick them some fun snow toys, to make their outside time even more enjoyable.

Ideal SNO Toys – Snow Penguin

Kids love to make all kinds of different shapes – balls, buckets, houses, igloo, and all different animals. This one is perfect to make snow penguins.
The toy is 11 inches tall 7 inches wide and creates snow penguins in seconds. The kids just have to fill the shape with snow, and they can create many penguins to have fun.

The toy is made with lightweight materials, and it is quite affordable.
It is recommended for kids above 5 years.

The kids can create many penguins, and have fun in the snow days.

Flexible Flyer Snow kit

This one is another great product, that kids would love to play with, in the snow. The kit includes 3 snow molds to help them create different buildings. They can create, castles, forts, walls and many more to play with other kids.

They can create snow walls and start a snow fight with the rest of their friends. The kids would love to let their creativity build a great building and have some fun snowy time.

There are 3 different molds – a large block 20 x 5.75 x 7 inches, medium block with 10 x 5 x 7 inches size and castle tower 6.5 x 4.75 x 6 inches.
They are perfect for different sized buildings and walls.

Another great feature of the kit is that the pieces fit together for easier storage when the kids don’t use it.

The manufacturer recommends this kit for kids older than 3 years.

Toyvian Snowball Maker

This is another great option for snow toy for kids. This comes with 3 pieces of snowball makers. Kids love to throw snowballs and start a friendly fight, as snow is mostly soft and breaks when it hits other kids is a great way to socialize and have fun with other kids, without anybody being angry about it.

The snowball makes are great and can be used by a few kids , so nobody has to wait around when other kids create snowballs.

These snowball makers create perfect snowballs, so kids can throw around, they are an affordable and interesting idea for the kids, that love to play in the snow.

The handle of the makers is comfortable, and kids can create snowballs with ease. This way kids can have as many snowballs as they want, without wetting their gloves and wasting time shaping the snow as a ball. They can just throw them around and have some great fun time in the winter.

Dress Your Own Snowman Kit

Everybody wants to make a snowman when the snow starts to fall. Snowman is one of the most popular winter shapes. Kids love to create them, they spend hours outside and create a snowman out of snow, and then they have to add – hat, nose, mouth, buttons and more parts. So this is where this kit comes in to play. It has – eyes, mouth, nose, a cap and more.

This kit is affordable and can be used to create a lot of fun time. You can go outside and help your kids to create an amazing looking snowman. Or you can teach your kids how to do it by themselves, and create it with their friends.

The pieces are made with sturdy woods, so they can be used for a long time.

The kit is recommended for kids of 8 years and up.

fisca RC Snow Sweeper

This is another affordable, yet amazing toy for kids. This snow sweeper can be controlled with the remote control and kids can have fun time clearing the snow and even creating small snow buildings and roads.

The toy is created for snow conditions and has 4 wheel drive, with double motors and it can move light snow. The toy is not recommended to use for moving large amounts of snow or especially wet snow.

The toy can go forward, backward, left, right and move the plow up and down. It also has LED lights.
The remote control distance is up to 150 ft with the provided 2.4 GHz controller.

The toy is sturdy too – the plow and cab are made with metal, the bodywork is made with ABS plastic and it also has rubber tires.

The size of the toy is 14″  L x 6″ W x 6″ H.

Buyer Guide

Snow toys can offer your children a lot of fun time. They can play with you , by themselves or with friends. They can create many interesting buildings, throw snowballs around or even classic snowman.

Figure Makers

Figure makers are one of the most famous toys, they are molds that are made with the idea to create specific shapes. Some can create bricks and building blocks, so kids can fill them with snow and create small buildings such as – walls, castles, igloos, houses and more. Some can create snowballs, they have the shape of a sphere, and your kid can quickly fill them with snow and create perfect snowball to throw around in a snow fight with the kids from the neighborhood.

Snow accessories

There are many accessories kits on the market, they can help your kids make and accessories shapes like a snowman, for instance, the kit can provide the nose and the cap, so the kids can have a fully classical snowman.


The size of the toys depends on what kind of toy it is. Generally look for bigger toys and ones that are made lightweight, so that your kids can move them around. Also, bigger toys, are less likely to be broken down easily. Since most kids don’t really protect their toys, they just want to have a fun time.
Also, bigger toys, especially ones that create shapes, are more fun for the kids. Smaller shapes are not as fun and easily destroyed, but bigger shapes can create a lot of fun time for them and their friends too.