Best Kids Soccer Gates – 2021 Top Products and Buyer Guide

Soccer gates for kids

Kids go and play outside even less and less nowadays. If you want to make your kid happier and more active, consider teaching them to play sports, and maybe one of the most famous games in the world – soccer.


If you want your kid to play soccer, get some of their friends and start a friendly game. Purchase some of the best soccer goal sets and let them have fun outside.

Soccer gates are small, portable, affordable and wonderful way to get your kid to be more active and have fun outside with their friends.

GoSports Foldable Pop Up Soccer Goal Nets

Those soccer gates are easy to setup – it is a matter of seconds and no assembly is required. The set includes two small foldable soccer gates, six cones and a carrying case. You can play everywhere and you can even secure the ball with the included plastic and metal stakes. This is the perfect product
for a soccer training for children and even adults. If you are looking for a much better value than overpriced name brand sets, you are on the right track with these soccer gates.

The incredibly solid build of those pop-up goals is worth every penny for anyone looking to put in countless hours of play and practice. That is because the goals are made from premium nylon fabric and netting that can withstand even the strongest shots. Breakdown is also incredibly easy, simply fold up the goals and store them in the bonus travel case until the next game or practice session.

JOOLA Sport Squad Portable Soccer Goal Net Set

This soccer gate set will give you the chance to play soccer on the go. It is lightweight, portable and collapsible – perfect for spontaneous games everywhere. Easy pop up assemble for a quick game or practice and then can be stored compactly in the included carrying case.

This is the perfect portable pop up soccer net set for training, practicing drills or having a fun-filled game of soccer with friends in the backyard, park or even the beach! Take your game to the next level with this soccer goal set.

The package includes two 4 x 3 feet pop-up soccer goals, heavy-duty durable support steel stakes and a compact carrying bag. Recommended to be played with regulation soccer balls or kids training soccer balls.

NET PLAYZ 4ftx3ft Easy Fold-Up Portable Training Soccer Goal

The product is a set of two soccer gates each of them setting up easily just with a quick twist. In the package you will also get a carrying bag for easy transportation and storage.

The gates are made from high-quality fiberglass to be able to support soccer training on all levels, surfaces, weather and
overall conditions. The corners are reinforced with metal tubes from strong steel. They have a unique collapsible design for easy and quick setup and breakdown. In the set you will find eight stakes.

Franklin Sports Kids Mini Soccer Goal Set – Mini Net and Ball Set with Pump

Another great all-in-one soccer set that includes one mini soccer gate, mini soccer ball and an inflation pump with a needle. It is great for smaller kids and toddlers who are just starting to learn the game.

The set can be used indoors and outdoors and pretty much on every kind of surface. It is
very lightweight and portable. The gate is made from light material with a quick-fold corner joints that fold and lock into place for a second. The whole goal set folds flat which makes it easy to stow and storage when it is not being used.

Turn your backyard into a soccer pitch with this soccer set. It will give you everything you need to start teaching your kids, nieces and nephews soccer fundamentals. The ground stakes help stabilize the goal as kids start dribbling circles around defenders and launching hard shots on net.

DIMPLES EXCEL Portable Soccer Goal with Fiber Glass Pole

The soccer gates are made from durable material that is twice thicker and stronger than average goal netting. Fiberglass poles are constructed, using the filament winding technology, from composite materials with a high strength-to-weight ratio to withstand extreme stress loads.

This product is
heavy duty and can take the strongest kicks and tough to last a long time. Instant setup and easy fold-up – simply twist to open in the direction of the goal spreading. While for folding up, twist the goal netting in a figure of eight.

No assembly required. It is fold into a compact and flat fan with a
radius of 30 inches, not taking up much space. The set comes in a carry bag with one strap. It includes two 40″x29″x30″ gates, eight stainless steel ground pegs and a carrying case.

Buyer Guide

Depending on the money and the quality you want to get, there are many factors that you should consider when looking for soccer gates.


Size is one of the key factors when purchasing soccer Goals.
The size strongly depends on your requirements, are you planning to use the goals with many kids, or simply playing your 4 year old at your back yard? Consider the place you want to put the goals and also that the size depends on the kids height and age too. If you want your 10+ years old to play on the gates, you should get them taller  and with wider base ones.


Materials are usually lightweight – such as plastic, metal and other. Plastic are more lightweight and are suitable for smaller kids, where ones with metal construction are more suitable for more kids that have a lot more kicking power.


The quality strongly depends on the materials and the price of the goals. If you want smaller lightweight goal to play with your son, then don’t need to worry about that. But if you want to play everyday with a lot of kids that want to play in different weather conditions, and kick the ball with power, then consider getting higher quality goals – made with metal and with wide sturdy base that can hold the kicking power of the ball.


There are a lot of design options for soccer gates. Some are more sturdy, some have different shape, depending on the age of your kid and the power you expect them to have when kicking the ball, you might need to get more sturdy ones with wider base and stronger frame.