Best Kids Sofas – Top Product’s Reviews for 2020

best sofas for kids

Tell me, who wouldn’t love a nice comfy sofa?

Sofas are not just for adults though. I mean even kids enjoy them.

And having a nice cozy sofa might be a great addition to the kids room. Your kids will love it. It is a great way for the children to play around and have fun time. At same time they will have their very own personal sofa.

Why personal? Well the way they are designed is that every sofa for kids is relatively small. They are like mini sofas.

The small sized sofa will feel more personal and as if it has been especially designed for your child.

Usually they have interesting, child-friendly design. They are great addition to have for the kids room as they will make it look more cozy and lovely.


Marshmallow Furniture’s Children’s 2 in 1 Flip Sofa

This sofa is good looking, it has the Paw Patrol theme.

It is great for smaller kids as it is comfortable and made for kids older than 2 years. It is more suitable for a boy’s room. The kids can enjoy their play time or watching TV on this comfortable and colorful sofa

The sofa is made of lightweight foam, it is easy to move around even for the kids. So if they don’t like where it has been positioned they can move it.

The sofa can be extended and be used as a kid’s soft bed or a lounger. It is even comfortable enough so that your kids can sleep on it.

The polyester fabric slipcover is great and has safety zipper, it is also machine washable

The sofa is 10″ high , 28.5 ” wide and 16 ” deep. It can extend out to 39″ long as a lounger.

It is comfortable and good looking sofa for kids that is versatile.


Marshmallow Furniture’s, Children’s 2 in 1 Foam Sofa

Well if the first one was more suitable for boys then this one is a great choice for boys.

This sofa’s design allows it to easily fit and blend in any boy’s room.

This Disney’s  sofa is another great option for kids sofa.

It measures 10 inches tall and 28.5 inches wide and 16 inches deep. It extend to a 39 inch bed when unfolded. Which is the same size like the above mentioned product.

The sofa is great option for kids older than 18 months.

Kids will love the independence of flipping the lightweight foam sofa into a bed. The sofa comes with colorful interesting design and vibrant colors.

The sofa has easy-to-clean slipcover. It has safety zipper , great to ensure little fingers are protected from pinches.

Great idea for kids parties in the kid’s room. Kids can play around and sit on it together. The sofa is comfortable, durable and can be unfolded and moved around easily.


KEET’s Homey VIP Organic Kid’s Sofa

If the above mentioned sofas for children seemed too childish then this one is definitely different.

The interesting design this sofa has more stylish. It offers good comfort and quality.

This sofa has interesting design it looks good and is comfortable

It is a bit pricey, but that is expected as it is build with a durable wooden frame and it has high density foam. Both those materials allow for a more real-life furniture look.

The upholstered 100% organic cotton twill feel good and the sofa has zippered removable seat cover for easy cleaning

It has 24 x 12 inch seating area and the dimensions of the whole product are 36″ x 17″ x 18″.


Melissa & Doug’s Child’s Sofa – Pink Plush Children’s Furniture

It is great for younger kids and toddlers.

It is a great addition to any girl’s room. Especially if you are looking for a sofa that is looking like a real-life furniture.

It is a bit pricey but this is because it is built with quality materials and it offers good comfort. It has sturdy and good constriction and good interesting design. It it made with soft velvet-ish fabric that is easy to keep clean.

It is great place for your kids to have fun, play around, have tea parties and read or watch TV.

This sofa is with 35.4 x 20.4 x 18.3 size.


Marshmallow Furniture’s Children’s 2 in 1 Flip Open Sofa

This sofa is good option for any girl’s room.

It is hello kitty themed which makes it very cute looking and can easily fit in with the girl’s room designd.

It can be sofa or lounger and it can be switched easily even by the kids themselves. The sofa is comfortable and durable and easy to keep clean.

There is a slipcover with safety zipper. If you want to unlock it you have to insert a paperclip into the opening and pull upwards and slide. The sofa is machine washable using mild soap and water. The sofa is great for sitting and playing around or having some fun tea parties.

It is affordable and offers comfort and interesting design great for smaller kids.