Best Kids Wardrobes – 2021 for Clothes and Other items Reviews and Buyer Guide

Kids Clothes

When you are shopping for kids furniture, there are many things you need to consider. The design the size the color, the theme and many more. One of the most important things in a kids room is the place that they keep their toys and/or clothes. A kids wardrobe is their own place that then can order and keep their coolest toys and new clothes. They can pick their favorite ones, reorder, and when they get up in the morning they can get ready for the school withing minutes.

Kids wardrobes should be combined with idea of space – how many clothes and items does the kid have, are there many dresses, or shirts that need to be neatly put on the hanger or there are many shoes. Depending on many of those choices, you can pick the perfect wardrobe for your kid’s room.

KOUSI kids wardrobe

This closed for kids is wonderful way to organize the clothes of your kids. It can help you teach them to be more responsible, by teaching them to fold and keep their clothes nice and neat inside the wardrobe.

The wardrobe has attractive design for the kids room, it has characters drawn on the outside, has nice soft color and sturdy construction.

The wardrobe has 8 cubes, for storing clothes and more kids stuff so you can keep the kids room a bit more organized and clean. The wardrobe’s size is W 43.7″ x D 14.6″ X H 58.3″ with enough space for kids clothes, some toys and even shoes.
It comes with two hanging rails for kids clothes.

The unit is easy to assemble with detailed instruction manual that comes with it.

Kousi kids dresser 10 cubes

This wardrobe is similar to the other model, but is bigger. It has 10 cubes. It is more suitable for more clothes or simply more than one kid.
It can fit a lot of items, and has places for you to store the clothes without the wrinkles.

The wardrobe is a bit bigger, W 58.3 x D 18.5″ x H 58.3″, which is plenty of space for most kids stuff. It is a good way to help the kids organize their room and keep it clean and neat, so they can have wonderful time playing in it. Kids can store their shirts, shoes, dresses and many more in the wardrobe.

The wardrobe is built with PP Plastic and meta, for more sturdiness. Each cube can hold up weight of up to 22lbs.

The wardrobe is easy to assembly too, there are no tools required.

There is waterproof resin sheet on the wardrobe so it is more durable to liquids and easier to clean.

Nafenai Door Cherry wardobe for kids room

This item’s design is a bit different. It has more classy and simple look. It is more suited for more grown kids, that don’t want characters on their furniture.
It really suits many colors and room styles.
It has wide and good looking design. It is sturdy and has 2 doors and 1 more place for clothes and kids items. There is 1 hanging section for clothes and plently of room for other items.

The size of the wadrobe is W 23.6″ x D 16.1″ H 41.7″.

The wardrobe is made with high grade PP Plastic, which is great for easier cleaning and good looks.

There is a bit of assembly required, but all the tools and hardware is included with the wardrobe.

JOISCOPE Portable Kid Wardrobe – 12 cubes

Another wardrobe with cube design. This one is a lot more clean, an especially might be a good fit for older girls 10+. It looks as if is a lot more stylish than just a regular kids wardrobe with the standard themes and characters on the doors.

The wardrobe has clean design, ease to keep fresh and clean. It can store a lot of items – deeper cubes can store  16-20 shirts each. It is made with enviromental-resin panels. It is waterproof and dust resistant, so easy to maintain clean. You can teach your kid to do it, so they can have the idea of how to keep cleans neat, especially one they use.

The colors and design, can fit many different room styles.The doors are light color and sides are darker, so it can fit many designs.

Small Wardrobe for kids

This wardrobe is not as tall as the others. It looks really interesting and has practical design. It has sturdy wooden construction. It has places for shirts, shoes, hangers and more.
It also comes with hidden storage compartment.
It has good looking finish, and comes with instructions how to assembly it.

It also comes with a mirror on the side, so your kids can store their items, and also use the mirror for their games.

Buyer’s Guide for kids wardrobes


The size of the wardrobe depends on the size of the room and the place for it. You should make some measurements around the room and consider the size, so that the wardrobe can fit perfectly in the room.


The theme is highly specific to the favorite TV character of your kid, or you can simply place standard classy clean design that fits with younger and grown up kids, that love to have nice looking wardrobe and organized clothes.

You can take a quick look around your kid’s room to get an idea of the color and design of the wardrobe, and you can maybe ask them what characters they love so you can start browsing for something similar. If you think that they can get bored with the character theme, you can simply get clean classy one.


The capacity, depends on the items you plan to store there. If the kids have many clothes and other items, you need to get a bigger wardrobe. If you already have other units to store some of the items, then consider average sized wardrobe, after all the kids clothes are quite small in size, even if they are more than just a few items.