Best Food for Kittens for 2020

best kitten food

There’s no way you won’t be affected in a good way by the positive energy of the little kittens. Choosing the best kitten food is a must in order to make sure they are growing up nice and healthy.

A good kitten food is usually specially prepared for them. Because as they are still young they will need the best nutrition for them to grow.

If you own a pet comes with responsibilities, feeding them, giving them water and making sure they are healthy and happy. The food is one of the most important things, for your pet. The proper food and nutrition will make them feel great. It will give them a lot of energy and they will be playful.

Offer your cat some food great high-protein and rich in minerals and vitamins necessary for them and their playful and positive attitude will make a huge positive impact on your family. The cat food should be tasty but also well balanced and rich in good healthy nutrients.

Here we’ve gone through the best kitten food brands in order to come up with the top 10 products for those little playful kittens we have in our homes.


Weruva’s  Wet Cat Food Cans & Pouches – Best kitten food | (2019)

The Weruva cat food focuses on hydration while providing high quality ingredients and nutrients. It offers complete and balanced meal that will be a great treat even for the most picky kittens.

The Waruva strives to offer great quality. The company is focusing on high quality food control and only produces products in BRC/USDA approved facilities.

This one is made with cage-free boneless chicken and also fish oil for maintaining the skin and the fur of your kitten.

The food is also GMO-Free which is great for your cat. The ingredients in the food maintain the natural look and the texture which allows the pet to feel the food even more natural.

Regardless of the flavor or even if you go for another type of Weruva’s cat foods that is more suitable for adult cats or even senior cats – you’ll find out that they use only top quality food – their food is made with cage-free chicken, grass fed beef and lamb, and wild-caught fish.


Nature’s Variety’s Instinct Natural Wet Canned Cat Food

This food contains high animal protein in a delicious pate texture.

It will give your cat a lot of tasty meals and a lot of energy to play afterwards.

It is balanced mix of real chicken salmon and beef. It is great and good choice when making sure your cat’s protein intake is in check.

It is made without grain, potato, corn, wheat, soy or artificial colors or preservatives. It is great for little kittens that are ready to grow big!


IAMS’ Healthy Kitten Wet Food

This cat food is grain-free, it offers complete and balanced meal for growth and great taste.

The food is enriched with vitamin E to support the immune system of your cat. It is wet and tasty for your pet.

The recipe of the food is tasty and nutritious, it is great because it offers a lot of favor and great nutrition wihout any artificial preservatives.


Purina Fancy Feast’s Tender Ocean and Whitefish feast – Best Kitten Wet Food

The cat food provides great complete balanced nutrition.

The food is made especially for kittens, the food is good for the little kittens because it suits the ravings and nutritional needs of the pet.

It offers high-quality protein.

The seafood from whitefish is great in taste too. There is smooth texture this makes it easy for the cat to nibble its way through. The foods offers good ingredients and many important minerals and vitamins


Wellness’s Natural Wet Canned Cat Food

This cat food is grain free, it offers complete everyday nutrition for your little cat.

It is delicious for your cat and offers quality proteins. The food is all natural prepared with no meat by-product or artificial flavors or colors. The food is packed with great nutrients to give your kittens the energy they need to play and be happy. The food is great source of protein and essential fatty acids.

It is one complete and balanced meal.


NUTRO’s MAX Wet Cat Food

The food contains natural ingredients, they are fortified with minerals and vitamins and other nutrients for complete balanced food for your cat.


Wellness’ CORE Natural Grain Free Wet Canned Cat Food

This cat food proved to be another great choice.

It offers protein and is balanced for everyday nutrition for your little cat. It is tasty and contains a lot of minerals and vitamins. It contains all natural ingredients no meat by-products, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

The high protein grain-free food is great for your cat.


BLUE’s Healthy Gourmet Wet Cat Food

This food is protein-rich chicken. It contains veggies and a good variety of vitamins and minerals.

There is no corn wheat or soy, artificial flavors colors or preservatives.

The food is great for cats, provides a lot of amino acids and vital nutrients. There is barley and oats to keep your cat supplied with carbohydrates for energy. There are veggies and fruits like carrots, sweet potatoes parsley and cranberries which are great fore essential vitamins.


Whiskas’ Wet Cat Food Selection Pouches

This cat food comes with great taste and variety of great protein-rich ingredients. It is great way to satisfy your cat nutritional needs.

It comes with many vitamins and minerals too. There are a couple of great flavors that come with the package: chicken dinner, ocean whitefish and tuna in juices, white turkey and giblets in juices, and beef in juices.

All the food is packed with great nutrition that your cat needs. Each pouch contains 8% crude protein with meaty bites to keep the cats strong. The food is complete and balanced rich in protein.


BLUE’s Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Wet Cat Food

This one contains some of the finest natural ingredients, it includes a lot of tasty and nutrition rich foods.

The natural cat food is sensible alternative to less convenient raw foods. It is fortified with many vitamins and minerals, there are no artificial preservatives, corn wheat or say.

The food is high ion protein and high in chicken, which is great for your little kitten’s taste and energy.

Buyer Guide

Wet Food
This is the preferred type of food for many pet owners. It can mainly be found in cans probably this is why it is referred as canned kitten food. It has more moisture and small nutrient content. Because of that you might need more wet food in order to provide the proper amount of nutrients to your kitten. However this does not mean that this food is useless or not preferable. The high moisture contents are great and give it a major strength.

Dry Food
This is the opposite to the wet food. It contains very to none moisture but it is full with nutrients. You can store dry food for a longer period of time because it takes ages to spoil. This is not the case with the wet food. Because the dry food is easy to store and feed the cats so well, many owners prefer it.
Just keep in mind to keep your kitten well hydrated with water or other foods.

Protein Content
The protein helps with the development of the kittens’ organs and tissues. Through it the enzymes and the hormones are synthesized. This means that it will be a great idea to get a kitten food that is rich on protein.

Calorie content
Always go for foods that are high on calories because every kitten needs a lot of calories to keep the high energy levels. With foods that are dense in calories you will fuel your kitten as it develops physically and mentally.