Best Laptop Cooling Pads – Recommendations for 2020

laptop cooling pad

Is your laptop getting hot during the summer?

Laptops are more and more the choice of people that want to play or work on a computer and still want to be able to move and be mobile.

Especially since in today’s age we are constantly on the move; people travel a lot. One of the downsides of having a laptop is that it could maintain higher temperatures than a normal desktop PC. So to prevent them from heating too much you can use laptop cooling pads to keep the temperature under control. This way you can use them for longer without having to turn them off.

This is great for people that like to play games, as games can be really demanding that way the laptop produces a lot of heat. Or people that work outside during hotter days, laptops will heat faster.

So the laptop cooling pads are great option, they are not expensive, they come with fans designed to reduce the heat and even look good and can be quite comfortable with adjustable height and even angles to help you be more comfortable when using your laptop.

HAVIT’s Laptop Cooling Pad

This laptop cooling pad has 1 big fan 110 mm. and 4 small fans 85 mm. It is great and powerful enough to keep your laptop at good temperature levels so that it can work at top performance.

It has good looking design with LED light.

It optimizes the heat dissipation effect providing a stable airflow. It is comfortable to be used as it is built with big non-slip baffle that keep the laptop in place. It has adjustable height to meet different needs.

It is great for when typing or browsing and even playing games. It is built with high-quality metal mesh that helps drawing the heat from the laptop


  • One 110 mm. fan at 1000 RPM and four 85 mm. fans at 1500 RPM

HAVIT’s Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad

This cooling station is slim, lightweight and it can be easily moved with your laptop. It is powerful and great to cool your laptop. It has two adjustable height settings for better typing and great view.

It has high-quality multi directional mesh that provides wear resisting and stable laptop carrying surface.

It is really quiet and powerful. It has USB port and power switch design. It has dual-USB hub that allows for connecting USB devices. It is thin and lightweight and easy for to carry.

It is at great price and offer quite comfort. It has two shield holders behind the back. A cooling pad built from good materials to help you cool your laptop quickly.


  • Three 110 mm. fans at 1000 RPM


ThreeLeaf’s Office Laptop Cooling Pad

This fan fits 10-15.6″ laptops.

It has 2 big fans that are quiet. They are big and going at around 1200 RPM each. This is great for fast cooling. The price of this cooling item is great.

It has USB lines double sides, which is good for extra USB ports to connect other devices. It is portable and easy to be moved as it is very lightweight. Non-flimsy front metal mesh platform that ease the heat sing. It has a back stand that provides better comfort and view angle.


  • Two 5.6″ (142 mm.) Fans at 1200 RPM

TeckNet’s Portable Laptop ( and Notebook) Cooling Pad

The Tecknet Laptop Cooling pat has a great design. It has metal mesh surface that provides great airflow ti help cooling your laptop faster.

It is portable lightweight and slim making it easy to move and carry around. It has indicator at the rear to confirm the cooler is active. It is quiet and comfortable to use. It supports a lot of laptops from 12 to 16 inches.

The cooling pad keeps your laptop cool as it has dual intake vents and curved shape. You can place your laptop on different surfaces.


  • Two USB powered fans

Aicheson’s Ultra Slim Laptop Cooling Pad

The laptop cooling pad is good choice, it is quiet, equipped with two durable fans that will keep your laptop cooler. It can be used for 10-15.6″ laptops.

It is comfortable, lightweight and easy to carry. It is built with plastic, top mesh is of black metal mesh  that looks good. It is powered by 5v DC USB port, and doesn’t require additional adapters.

At a good price, this is one comfortable option to cool your laptop.


Thermaltake’s Laptop and Notebook (and Netbooks) Cooling Pad

This laptop cooling item has dual 120 mm temperature regulated fans. They allow manual and automatic adjust the speed. It has temperature sensor that monitoring up to 4 different areas.

It has display control panel easy and smart multi-functional including lock and fan control. It is not expensive and is comfortable to use. It is ergonomic design and has good heat cooling effects.


  • Two 120 mm. fans at 1000 RPM

Tree New Bee’s Cooling Pad

This laptop stand helps your machine stay cooler which is great for good performance. It has 4 fans for good airflow and faster cooling. It has anti-skid arms, metal platform which draws the heat away.

It has USB ports and wind speed switch design. It has adjustable height which is good for a more comfortable use. It has good design that is aerodynamic for better heat reducing as it enhances the cooling. It allows you to work or play on your laptop for prolonged periods of time. It is good for both the home and the office. It is quiet and powerful with fans having blue LEDs that helps circulate the heat from the laptop.


  • Four 120 mm. Farns at 1200 RPM