The Best Powerful and Large Portable Speakers – for 2020

large portable speaker

The music can totally change the atmosphere and your mood no matter what time of the day is. There is nothing better than loud music with a lot of bass pumping around you. Many people nowadays use the convenience of a bluetooth speaker.

It is effortless and rational, as all you need to do when you want to listen to your jams is to charge it, connect it to your device and enjoy the sound.

In the past couple of years, the technology took its heights and now we can experience the music at home, as though it is live.

Battery life is now increased greatly, so you don’t have to worry when to charge it, as it can work for several days without needing to recharge it.

As every other product, different models provide us with different features. We made this list to make your decision easier and unwavering when it comes time to invest in portable speakers.

We considered the designs, functionality and their price range so that everyone can find their cup of tea among out selection.


UE Boom 2

The new generation UE Boom is very successful, as it is one of the most popular Bluetooth speakers. Many people find this one pretty, but we think that its greatest advantage is that it combines the modern and vintage.

Some of the features it has are the bluetooth wireless range which is up to 100 feet, battery life lasting for 15 hours. It can charge devices via USB and it also has aux-in. It weighs about 1.2 pounds, as it is equipped with two 1.75″ x 3″ passive radiators and two 1.75″ drivers that are capable of producing up to 90 dBA.

The frequency response varies- 90Hz-20kHz.

The design is awesome. The speaker is waterproof to a certain degree, which makes this product brilliant. You can use it for every occasion, thanks to the water resistant mode, which will protect it from accidental spills.

If you want something more powerful, we suggest you purchasing the UE Megaboom version too.


  • powerfull and lightweight
  • IPX-7 Waterproof and shockproof speaker that is suitable for taking it on the road
  • Easy to use


  • Bass seems to be somewhat mediocre


Fugoo Sport XL – Best Large Portable Speaker

The next model is on of the largest ones out there, and it has a lot to offer.

The FUGO Sport XL portable speaker is a great option. It looks really good. Its price might be a bit high
but this is not just any regular model it offer really good sound quality and volume.

The speaker has really good battery lifetime (about 35 hours)

It also is waterproof, which is good option for people that like to use it outdoors, for when going camping, hiking or even taking a walk in the park with friends. The manufacturer was aiming to create a speaker ready to face almost everything you can through at it. It is IP67 Waterpoof it also floats if dropped in water and in addition to that it is dust, mud and shock proof (up to 3′)

The speaker also has the 360 degree sound. It also has 8 symmetrically placed drivers that crank out clean hights, and good deep lows.

It has 4 tweeters, 2 mid drivers, 2 passive radiators and a 97 db. sound pressure.

It produces good quality sound and you can enjoy it for a long time with the long lasting battery.

This Bluetooth speaker, can be controlled with SIRI and Google now. You can use it to make searches and it has built in full duplex speakerphone for chatting.



  • Great build quality ready to be taken with you anywhere
  • Great sound
  • Amazing value
  • multi-directional sound


  • It is big


Infinity One

This speaker lives up to the heritage.

It weights a around 5 pounds and it has a battery life of 10 hours. It has 6 drivers- two passive radiators and four 1.75″ drivers.

It can charge devices with USB and it has aux-in. The Bluetooth version cannot be defined, but it includes NFC, but unfortunately it has no weatherproofing.

The price is a bit higher, but the product provides rich and vibrant sound.

It might be a little pricey for some of our readers, but we think that this product worth every penny. The quality of the sound gets one of the leading positions, as it also provides perfect bass lines, leaving you satisfied.

This portable speaker contains everything that one costumer would want – NFC connectivity, USB charging and unique of its kind design. The sound pours from every side of the speaker, thanks to the whole matte grille enclosure.

We strongly believe that this product is exclusive, even though it is on the high price range.



  • Amazing all-around sound quality
  • Good build quality
  • Great Design
  • Water Resistant


  • Not the loudest
  • On the expensive side


Creative Muvo Mini – Best Budget Portable Speaker

Our next suggestion is water resistant (IP66 – standard) and sturdy Bluetooth speaker with exquisite design.

It cannot charge devices with USB, but it has aux-in and NFC.

There are two micro drivers and one bass radiator. The battery life lasts for 10 hours.

This is a speaker, which is perfect for people on budget who still want to enjoy their music. There are plenty of options out there with models full of the most wanted features, but when it comes to price, everything gets hard. That’s why we thought Creative’s Muvo Mini should be in this list.

It has all the desirable features and it is not expensive.

This model is a great deal for its price, as it provides really good sound and has all of these impressive feats. If you want one practical product with power on a reasonable price – this is the right decision.



  • Water and dust resistant
  • Built-in Mic
  • Great Value


  • Decent sound


UE Mini Boom

Even though this may look like one simple and regular speaker, we can assure you that it gives solid sound.

This product weights around 0.7 pounds, but its wireless range is up to 50 feet.

It has two 1.5″ drivers and one 3″ x 1.5″ passive radiator and the frequency response is 130Hz – 20kHz. The design is charming, the sound- surprisingly deep in combination with foggy highs.

There is included NFC and aux-in, but the product cannot charge other devices with USB and it is not weatherproof.

Don’t be fooled by its modest size, because it has a great performance and the battery life is satisfying for the price. The battery life will last you up to 10 hours.

It is surprisingly efficient speaker through its companion app which can be used to connect 2 speakers for an amazing stereo sound.

The speaker is perfect for all the music lovers out there, as it is packed into a fun, durable form-factor.



  • Great value
  • Good sound


  • Can’t charge your phone while playing
  • No waterproof capabilities

JBL Charge 3

This product is the perfect combination of price, features and sound.

It weights a little less than 2 pounds and its wireless range is up to 30 feet. The Frequency response is 65Hz – 20kHz, as it also includes 20 hours of battery life.

The bass is pumping and it has waterproof exposed woofers.

This speaker is definitely on the large side. Its measurements are 213 x 87 x 88.5mm, so you will need to find place for it in the room. If you want to carry it around with you in your pocket, it is going to be little hard.

Just because it a bit bigger than a normal portable speaker, it is fascinating. We think that its battery life and waterproof ability are features which should not be neglected. You can listen to your jams without worrying if you are at the beach, which is amazing, which makes it perfect for pool parties as well.

The speaker comes with excellent sound quality and a compelling set of features. It gives constant, loud sound without any distortion.



  • Great volume and sound quality
  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • Good battery lifetime
  • Best Value


  • Connect + issues


Bose SoundLink Color

Bose is one of the best known names on the market when it comes to Bluetooth speakers. The company should focus on their products’ relatively affordable options. This speaker will give you an impressive sound.

It weighs 1.25 pounds with wireless range of 30 feet. The battery life lasts for 8 hours. There is no NFC included, and the product cannot charge other devices with USB and it is not weatherproof. However, it has aux-in.

The design is fun and curvy, the sound- booming. It has most of the features you might need.



  • Good sound and battery lifetime
  • Good build quality


  • Not waterproof


JBL Xtreme

Stylish, durable shell with high performance.

It weighs around 4.7 pounds with wireless range of 30 feet. The frequency response is 70Hz -20kHz. There is no NFC included, but it has aux-in and it can charge with USB.

JBL has a ruggedly build, definitely feels sturdy enough to be taken on a hike or a walk. The battery can last you for 15 hours depending on the usage, which is great.

The sound on this little best is definitely up to par with some of the other models in the same price range.



  • Good sound
  • Splash proof
  • Solid build quality


  • On the expensive side


Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2

We think that size is not the main factor.

It weighs around 2.2 pounds.  It can charge devices with USB and it has aux-in and NFC. There are five drivers and two passive radiators and a woofer. The battery life can last for 8 hours depending on the usage.

The sound is balanced, but can be louder. The battery is a bit smaller than expected. Sometimes it doubles as voice recorder. You can get this for good price. You can keep it on a table or a bookshelf, as it has size reminiscent of  hard-cover book.

You can easily talk on the phone while it is connected to the speaker. The advantage of this product is that it supports a microSD, which can come in handy when you want to listen to your music.



  • Good sound
  • Can be used with a Micro-SD
  • Some handy features


  • Mediocre battery lifetime

Razer Leviathan Mini

This is one little guy with plenty of options.

It weights around the modest 1.3 pounds and the battery life lasts for 10 hours depending on the usage. There is included NFC, but the product cannot charge other devices with USB and it is not weatherproof. However, it has aux-in.

The sound is well-rounded and robust. You can pair the speaker with second unit for a great sterio sound, but it can sometimes bring some problems.

The product is lightweight, but a bit on the pricey side. The sound it gives it satisfying, as this is the first small speaker from the company.

Razer can offer you a lot with their first portable speaker, as it is well-rounded option, which can be weird for some people, overall it can bring you all the right categories.



  • Good sound
  • Handy features
  • Compact design
  • Decent battery lifetime
  • Can handle calls


  • Not weather or water proof

Buying Guide

Form Factor
The Bluetooth portable speakers usually fall into two main categories by size – small which are ultra-portable and large which are portable as well. As you can image the large ones are slightly bigger than the small, however you should be able to carry them around with you without any major issues.
Depending on the model it might be slightly bigger to hold it in your hand, but you can carry it in a box.

Speaker Size, Arrangement and Wattage
One of the biggest differences between the small and the large portable speakers is that the second have a bigger (or even more than one) speaker which means better overall sound quality and experience. The beefier speakers give you more power therefore you can enjoy your favorite music
on a way louder level. Some of the large portable speakers might come in stereo setup or even in 2.1 setup which means that a small subwoofer might be present in the enclosure as well.

Battery Size
The size of the battery is very important because it will give you the actual playtime with a single charge. The best thing is that a large portable speaker can carry a bigger capacity battery which means that you will probably be able to enjoy your music for hours and hours before the battery runs
flat. Depending on the brand and the model you can expect 10-12 and even more (or in some cases less) hours of listening time.

If you live on the extreme side and you would like to take your portable speaker with you, you should probably opt for one that have a rugged construction. You can check if it would be a water or at least splash proof if you are going to go on the beach or doing some water sports.

If you are not that extreme of a person, you can ignore the advice and pretty much select a portable speaker with a better design than construction.