Best Laser Pointers And Presenters – Recommendations for 2020

wifi laser for presentations

Do you have a presentation to do?

When you want to give presentation, regardless of the topic. It could be for a university or school project or it is a business meeting you usually want to be more professional.

Giving presentation directly from the laptop is one thing, but you should stand and be presentable, so here come the  laser pointers.

What they do is they help you change the slides and even have more options that help you show specific part of presentations, they have timers and pages and many other options that are good if you want to make presentations.

Being highly versatile they will give you a piece of mind when doing your presentations in front of the audience.


Logitech’s Wireless Presenter R400

The Logitech Presenter R400 is great option to help you throughout those presentations.

It has great easy and user-friendly controls that help you navigate through the presentation. The buttons are comfortable and easy to find with your fingers without the need to constantly look at the device.

The shape is good too it is not slipper, it is not bulky or too light or heavy. It has comfortable form. It has a red laser pointer that’s easy to see. And all that while giving you are 50 foot wireless range. This allows plenty of space to move when you are presenting something.

The plug and play receiver makes it easy to get started, there is no software that has to be installed.

There is also a battery power indicator that helps avoiding low battery issues.

It is good option for people that want to present a product or just have a PowerPoint presentation at the university. Overall a easy to use device with great value.


Logitech’s Wireless Presenter R800 with Green Laser Pointer

The Logitech professional presenter R800 is another great option for a unforgettable and smooth presentations.

It has a lot of controls and great for good hassle-free presentations.

There is something about the green lasers that makes them stand out. The brilliant green laser pointer is easy to see, it is great when presenting something. There are also silent vibrating alerts that aid in keeping track of the time and controls that are easy to use during presentation, they are easy to set and adjust.

The range of the presenter is up to 100 feet, you can cover a lot of space and move around the room.

The slideshow controls are good, comfortable, easy to use. There is plug and play wireless receiver which helps it simple to get started, no software needed. The receiver stores inside the presenter for easier packing.

The green laser point is great thing when you want to show specific thing at the presentation, it works great even at different backgrounds.


Logitech’s Spotlight Advanced Presentation Remote

The Logitech Spotlight is great option for presentation. The Spotlight allows for easy navigation through slides and interact with on-screen content fro up to 100 meters. This gives great mobility and easy presentations.

It has customizable timer that sends vibration alerts to the remote. There is advanced pointer system that allows you to highlight by magnifying specific areas. There is also gesture-commanded scrolling, panning and volume control.

The power charge is great too, a full charge lasts up to three months.

The presenter is great option, quality build, with a good and comfortable form, easy buttons and a lot of versatility.


Red Star Tec’s Wireless Powerpoint and Keynote Presentation

This presenter is with good working range up to 50 feet giving you more than enough space to move around. This presenter can give you a lot of options and comfort when presenting something. You can move around the room. The presenter is comfortable to use.

The Red Star Tec wireless presenter remote is great, there are no wires or pairing required. You can start quickly by just insert your wireless USB receiver into the USB ports. ensure the receiver is recognized by the computer and you can start the presentations.

You can use it for different presentations, it works easily and is comfortable in your hand.