Best Lightweight Shoes for Running – 2021 Reviews

Lightweight running shoes

Running is great activity, is natural to our body, and has many many benefits.
If you are running regularly it can boost your energy, lower anxiety, improve fat loss, increase endurance and many more. So if you are running or planning to run regularly, one of the key factors is the shoes.

The running shoes should be comfortable as a top priority. They also should be sturdy and if you like to sport in style – good looking.

So if you are looking for comfortable and lightweight shoes for running, we are going to show you some of the best models on the market.

adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure runing shoes

Made by one of the most world-renowned brands – addidas. The shoes offer comfort and style. The shoes are great option for active ladies, that are trying to stay fit or simply love running. The shoes offer amazing comfort, and are designed with idea of running.
They have lace-closure and really good design.
If you are looking for pair of great lightweight running shoes, these are a great option.

KEEZMZ Men’s Running Shoes

This shoes are made with idea of being really lightweight. They are comfortable, and if you don’t like heavy shoes with big bulky design, they are great option.
Their design is good looking and are made with breathable fabric for more comfort for your feet.

They also have high MD outsole. They are slip-resistant too.

They are affordable choice for people that love to run, or are planning to start running regularly.

Under Armour Men’s lightweight running Shoes


These shoes are by one of the most famous brands in the world. They offer quality materials, comfort and great design.
They offer flexibilty, cushioning, great design. They are lightweight and great for running. The mesh upper is breathable and comfortable.
There is also foamed padding around the ankle, which provides more comfort.

Buyer’s Guide


If you are planning to run regularly, then you know that durability of the shoes is important. In order to have durable shoe, it has to be made by good quality materials with design that is specifically created for sport activities. Most of the famous brand offer such shoes, and they are usually quite sturdy models too.


Comfort is key factor when choosing any shoe. If you plan to wear it often, it has to be even more comfortable. If you want to be active, and run more than just once a week, then your running shoes should be designed with that idea. They have to be lightweight, with soft sole and great padding to protect your knees and ankles from the stress of the running movement. If you plan on running on harder surfaces the running shoes should be with thicker sole, so that it can absorb some of the vibrations of the movements. Also you need to make sure that the shoes are comfortable, even if you are not running, they have to fit you and your ankle.
The ankle collar should be a bit taller to protect your ankles and also to provide more comfort when running.


The design options are plenty on the market. It is entirely up to you, the shape, color, texture and materials are so many. And many of them are great option for any runner. So if you want to run and do it in great looking pair of shoes, then chose the color and model that you like and make sure that they are durable and comfortable, so you can enjoy running more often.

The overall shape and design should fit your style and your foot shape, so it can provide style and comfort.


When you are looking for shoes, materials are quite important. They offer comfort, durability and overall design. When looking for comfort, make sure that the sole is soft and bigger sized (for sports and running). The upper of the shoe should be breathable and durable too. So making it great option for people that are physically active.