Best Long Dust Cleaners – 2021 Ideas and Reviews

dust cleaning

Cleaning your house is not that fun, but if you love to stay at your home and you want a clean place, you shoul keep it that way, and use some useful tools to help you do the job.

For example, there are robotic vacuum cleaners which are quite nice, and there are of course other sprays and etc to help you keep your floor, windows and tables clean.

However there are some more difficult to reach areas such as the ceiling and corners of the walls. So if you want to keep them clean off of dust and spider webs you should have a long dust cleaner. They area lightweight, easy to store and can help you reach a lot of places that usually could not have cleaned by regular tools.

OXO 3-in-1

The first of the list is OXO 3-in-1 extendable long duster.

It is affordable option, and is made with good quality and can help you keep your house clean.It is made with sturdy steel and has twist-and-lock pole with non-slip grip, and it extends to f-ft with simple twist. It can be collapsed to 3ft for regular usages or storage.

There are 3 heads that pivot over 225 degree. It comes with microfiber head for nooks and crannies. Cobweb duster and closed loop duster.

The switching of heads is easy too. There is storage clip that holds two heads that are not in use, and hangs off hook on pole for easy storage.

The head of microfiber is machine washable too.

Microfiber Duster with extension

This one is great for longer reach behind corners on the top of the house.

It is affordable option and has great features. It offers bending and expansion, it is also lightweight.The head of the tool is hand washable.

It offers elastrostatic absorb, it helps grab more dirt. The duster head can be extended easily to 50″-70″. The duster is also lightweight and easy to store, when not in use.

Estilo Dust Cleaner

This microfiber ceiling duster offers great features at affordable price.

The handle of the duster is extendable from 27 to 47 inches. It helps reaching more longer distances up to the ceiling. The brush also fits ceiling fan blades up to 6 inches wide. Which is great for quick and easy use to clean the fans.

Made with soft durable brush hair, that helps clean up spaces quickly. It is removable and washable too and comes in 4 section pole.

Easy to use and store.

UNIKON sticky roller

This one is another interesting option. It is sticky roller for pet hair and comes with long handle. It has 4 foot extendable handle and 30 sheets roller.

Great for floors, sofa, stairs, ceilings and more.The roller helps for quick and easy pickup of pet hair and etc.IT is easy to assembly and change the roller heads.Made with ABS+PP+Stainless steel materials.

Great affordable tool to help with the house work.

Broom and dust pan set

This one is a set of broom and dustpan. It might be used for floor cleaning to pickup some small stuff from your floor, but the broom can be used to reach the ceiling for example.

It has extension pole from 36 to 50 inches.The broom doesn’t absorb water and is made with fiber from recycled PET bottles.

The pan can help you keep your floors clean too.The broom snaps into the dustpan and stays upright which is great for easy and quick storage.