Best Long Window Cleaning Sets -2021 Recommendations

Long Window cleaning sets

Cleaning and keeping your home nice smelling and fresh all the time is not an easy task. But if you want to do that, you would need proper tools. You would need, cleaning products for the floor, the furniture, the bathroom and more. You would also need to take care of the trash, the dishes and make your house smell nice and fresh.

If you want to make your house really nice and clean, you would have to clean the windows quite often too. It is a small detail, but makes difference when the rest of the house is clean and smells nice, and the windows haven’t been cleaned in a while.

If your house has 2 floors or if you simply want to clean windows that are larger or higher from the ground, you might use a ladder, but that is not safe and also not everybody has high ladders. So instead why not try a long window cleaning tools? They are comfortable, affordable and can help you clean your windows with ease.

High Reach Cleaning Kit – 10ft

This item is quite efficient in cleaning windows. Especially ones that are bigger or just at a higher distance from your reach.
If you love to keep your windows clear, then this cleaning kit can help you do that with ease.

The set includes long handle which extends to 10 feet. It also comes with 3 attachments – mop head, static duster and squeegee with sponge. You can easily change them by unscrewing the tool head and attaching the different one.
The construction is built with quality materials and is sturdy but also lightweight so you won’t get easily tired when you want to clean your windows.

The cleaning set has comfortable handle, easy to use and affordable.

69″ Telescopic window cleaner set

This set is interesting, it offers telescopic handle which can extend up to 175cm. It can help you reach taller and bigger windows with ease. But the set comes with additional features, it has sprayer which can spray on the window so you would clean it even faster and easier.
It has microfiber cloth for better dust removal, a flexible and durable squeegee which removes water from the window and is quite comfortable too.

It weighs only 1lbs, the mop size is 10″x2.4″ which is enough for most windows. The container capacity is 80ml.

Telescopic Squeegee Window Cleaner kit

This set is another good option. It is comfortable and lightweight, well built and can help you reach taller windows with ease.
It can be used for reach between 15-39.5″ when fully extended.

The set comes with a squeegee and microfiber. The microfiber cloth is machine washable, which makes it easy to keep your tool fresh and clean, so you can use it often.

The set is affordable, and can help you clean bigger windows. It has 12.2″ squeegee and 12.2″ microfiber sponge.

Extendable Window Cleaner set 3 in 1

This set comes with 59″ extendable rod. It comes with a spray function too, you can simply add window cleaning solution into the spray bottle and use it when cleaning the windows. It comes with 2 washable microfiber cloths.
It also has 180 degree swivel on the microfiber brush scrubber. It has silicone blade to help you remove the water after the cleaning is done.

You can easily detach and store the tool ready for the next use. It has comfortable long handle and you can clean with ease.

IKU Telescopic Window Cleaner kit

This window cleaning kit is another affordable option to consider if you want to clean your windows quickly and with ease.
It is 51″ in size, and comes with squeegee for easy cleaning, and microfiber too. There is 180 degrees rotation for the squeegee for easier cleaning.

There are 2 extra pieces of cloths in the package as well.

Buyer’s Guide


One of the key factors, if you are looking for window cleaning sets for bigger windows or simply ones that are higher, and you need something like a ladder to reach them, is the cleaning tool size. So when purchasing similar set, consider how long handle would you need for you to easily and quickly clean the windows? It really depends on the window height and surface. You can clean bigger windows with smaller cleaning tools but, with bigger and longer ones you can cover a lot more area with just simple motion.


Most of the window cleaning tools are made with quality materials, some are made with plastic handles and some with aluminum handles. It is up to you to decide whether you want heavier, sturdier or more lightweight but easier to brake.


Consider the comfortability of the item, if you want to use it often and clean your windows, it should be lightweight and with comfortable handle, so you won’t get frustrated when you have to clean more than 5 minutes.

Another thing to consider is the size of the window and the cloth, if you want to clean mostly bigger windows, get bigger cloth sizes.

Consider the functionality as well, how many attachments does the kit offer? Would you need squeegee or maybe silicone blade to remove the water. How about microfiber cloth? And there are also sets that come with sprayer functionality built into the handle, so you can spray and clean with just the tool.