Best Luggage Locks For Safe Travelling 2020 Recommendations

luggage locks

Packing your bags for a trip is a big deal, as you have to be really careful what are you taking with you.

Very often, we take new clothes, a lot of skincare and tool that make our lifes better. When you get to the airport things get really serious, that’s why a good way to secure your personal belongings is to have a trustworthy lock, when your suitcase does not come with a built-in locking system.

Those locks can be very useful as the least you want is to have your values touched by strangers.

This is a list with locks that will guarantee for your personal things’ security and safety. After nobody wants to have  apiece of mind when travelling and not having to worry about what is going on with your baggage – a small but valuable investment in buying the best luggage lock is important.

Those are the 4 best models on the market.


Puroma  TSA Approved Locks 4 Digit Combination Padlock for Luggage Travel

This first model is known to be super durable and reliable lock you can find on the market, as it was approved by the TSA.

The numbers used on this luggage lock are premium high-quality ones, as you can easily enter your combination, and if it is necessary- to reset it in no time.

You have the option of choosing over ten thousand possible combinations, as the chance of getting your lock broken is negligible, because of the 4-digit lock included in this luggage lock.


  • TSA approved
  • Very high quality
  • Durable and reliable


TravelMore’s 3 Digit Luggage Locks for Travel Suitcase & Baggage

Next on the list is another TSA approved luggage lock, which comes with 3-digit lock system. It is also a premium quality luggage lock, which is a very trustworthy model loved by hundreds.

We all know that as soon as we get to the airport, our luggage gets extremely vulnerable, as it is away from your vision. You cannot be sure where your luggage will go and who is going to touch it.

According to CNN reports and recent research, shows that more than 25% of the thefts that happen on the territory of the airport are mainly focused in the storage areas or baggage handling. This is very scary statistic, which make us think about our luggage more.

This product here is specially crafted for that matter. You can leave your luggage without being scared for your personal belongings, as the lock is a premium quality one. It is made in a way, that makes it extremely sturdy, thanks to the solidified steel shackles, licensed inner components and alloy lock bodies used. The lock is TSA approved, as the production company guarantees that you can use it for ages, without the need of replacing it for a new one.

If you have trouble with getting used to how the system works, or how to properly set/reset your combination, you can easily open the instructions of the lock that comes in the package.

The whole method won’t take you more than 30 seconds.

Now, you don’t have to worry about your things, because the lock is tested and can handle even the harshest conditions.


  • TSA approved
  • Premium quality product
  • The package contains instructions for easier usage
  • Extremely steady.
  • Guarantee for a lifetime usage.
  • Many durable components used for its crafting


Samsonite Luggage 2 Pack Travel Sentry Key Lock

When you are traveling, the thing that always comes to your mind is the safety. To be sure that all of your belongings are on their right place and they are not threatened is to use a premium high quality luggage locks.

This model right here is all what you need.You will never be sure what is your neighbor’s intention, even if he looks friendly, so playing on the safe side is always the better choice.

Never forget to think twice when it comes to your items, because one wrong step can bereave you from belongings.


  • Reliable lock system 

Tarriss TSA Lock with SearchAlert

Last in our list is another amazing product, made to be sturdy and trustworthy.

It is a premium quality lock, that have been approved by TSA. If you need to be sure that everything will stay on its place, then this much-needed security system is all you will ever need. This is the ideal security, because of the 3-dial blend.

If you want to be sure that your bags are opened only by the airport authorities, the SearchAlert include will notify you whenever your luggage has been opened.

You will easily know what is going on, as the marker will change its color from green to red.


  • TSA approved
  • Premium quality lock
  • SearchAlert system included