Best Magnetic Nail Polish – Reviews And Ideas For 2020

best magnetic polish ideas

Doing your nails can be amazing hobby.

If you want to bring your nails to another level the amazing 3D effect that you can get with a really good quality magnetic polish can be worth the time and effort.

It could be hard in the beginning but with some trial and error you will be able to make your own perfect nails.Besides there is nothing more satisfying that looking those little particles move on your nails as you hold the magnet over the polish.

There was no way we could miss on checking out this little trend because it is combining both simplicity and beauty.

We’ve made a little research of the top Magnetic Nail Polishes and here are our top picks.

CLAVUZ Magnetic Nail Polish Set

The polishers are good, the price is nice too. They look good, have great colors. The polish is thick and not too groovy and it can easily be distributed evenly. This provides for good look and they can be used by both newbies and professionals. The colors are good and provide great effect. Easy to put on and fun to do. Perfect for creating a variety of great looking nails.


  • Good looking colors.
  • Good value.
  • Free magnetic stick.
  • Nail remover wraps included.


Sally Hansen’s Magnetic Nail Polish 8-Color Collection

Quick drying polish and great colors.

They are neat, good looking and easy to apply. The effect that is achieved is really good. The colors have great transition.

The magnet might need few seconds to work.


  • Works great with the magnets.
  • Quality colors.
  • Good value.


CLAVUZ Magnetic Gel Nail Polish

The nail polish is color resistant. It is flexible. It can be used for natural and artificial acrylic nails. It looks great. It provides good coverage after 2 coats. It gives great results and the colors are good.

It is easy to put on and it is fun to do. It seems somewhat less durable that the other brands as it chipps and peels sometimes.


  • Can create a good cat-eye look.
  • Free magnetic stick.

Buying Guide

Nail art is one of the biggest trends for the past years and it is still going. The magnetic nail polish is one of the latest newcomers to this trend. As the name suggest, it is a product that give the nails textured effects by using tiny metallic particles inside the polish. Those particles can be easily activated with a magnet that is usually included and is on the cap of the nail polish.

How it works
The creators of this innovative product in the nail art industry used simple science to create it. It is a regular nail polish but inside it there are tiny metal particles that can be easily attracted by magnets.

The polish just need to be applied to the nails and then by using the magnet the metal particles inside it activates and raise (the polish needs to be still wet for that to work). That way on the surface on the nail you can see and feel very unique textures and patterns.

How to use it
When you purchase a magnetic nail polish you will probably want to try it when it arrives. You can start by working with a single nail at a time. Apply the first coat and then a second one and while the polish is still wet, just use the magnet over the nail to activate the metal particles.

Couple of seconds should be enough for that. Try to hold the magnet very close to the nail, but do not actually touch it because you will ruin everything. If you are doing everything fine you will notice the nice and unique effect being created and you can play around to create the desired one.

When the magnetic nail polish dries do not forget to use a nail finish for top coat – that way you will have a glossy look and you will protect the pattern.