Best MicroSD Readers for Smartphones – USB C External Storage for cell phones

USB C card readers with OTG

Modern cell phones have so many features, plenty of RAM, amazing displays, cameras, 4k videos and many many more.
One con of the bigger phones with bigger displays is the lack of space inside of them, this means that many of them don’t have space for microSD or even regular-sized SIM cards.

But what if you want more than the offered 128GB cell phone? Then there are other options, many devices support the OTG function – On-The-Go this is a standardized function which allows the phones to read data from a USB device without needing a PC.

Many cell phones support the OTG, and this means that you can get a card reader and a microSD and have external storage.

Just make sure that the card reader supports the type of port that your cell phone has. For example – USB Type C – most modern cell phones are switching to this technology so if you get a regular USB 2.0 card reader or micro USB it won’t fit with your phone.

Getting a multifunctional card reader that supports microSD and USB 2.0 micro USB and USB C, means that you can use it with so many different devices, which allows for easier data transfer between devices, without needing a pc or laptop.

Here are some of the best microSD card readers with USB C on the market.

Vanja Type C Card Reader OTG Adapter for smartphones

A perfect choice for people that are looking for external storage to their micro USB or usb type C cell phone.

The device offers many universal features – it comes with standard USB 2.0 so you can use it with many of the standard devices like computers and laptops with older port technology. It also has micro USB which allows it to be used with devices that support OTG function and micro USB ports.

There is also a USB C port, which is a lot more common on the market nowadays.

If you are looking for a portable and multifunctional card reader, that can be read on so many different devices, especially if you have a smartphone that supports OTG functionality, and you don’t have a microSD slot, and would love to have more storage. Now is easier, to simply take it with you and plug it any time you want to access the external storage.

The reader supports many formats: SDXC/SDHC/SD/MMC/RS-MMC/Micro SD/TF /Micro SDXC/Micro SDHC/UHS-I. This makes it even more universal, as it can fit newer formats and older ones. This means that you can easily transfer files between older devices and your new cell phone with USB C and OTG functionality.

An affordable, yet perfect choice for people that want to easily transfer files between different devices, without even needing a computer or laptop.

VOGEK card reader – USB 3, Micro USB and Type C

Another wonderful option for external storage for different cell phones. The card reader has USB 3.0 which enables for quick transfers of files between different devices.

It also has USB 2.0 so it is compatible with older and more universal devices – like computers and laptops.

It is the perfect choice for smartphones that support the OTG functionality. Is supports many formats: DXC, SDHC, SD, MMC, RS-MMC, Micro SDXC, Micro SD, Micro SDHC Card, and UHS-I.

This will allow you to easily transfer files from so many different – newer and older devices, without even needing to be near a laptop or a PC.
Simply plug the older card, plug the proper USB into the cell phone and you have access to the files (your phone has to support the OTG function).

This is one great portable choice for people that are looking for extra storage for their smartphone, especially if their phone doesn’t have a microSD slot. You can get extra storage at an affordable price and quite lightweight and small device.

UGREEN microSD card reader with USB 3 and C


This card reader has a really sleek design. It is comfortable and looks amazing. It is small and has an affordable price.
The item is great for people that want to have more storage with them- even if their cell phones do not support microSD (don’t have a slot) you can still use it if the device supports OTG function.
The device is equipped with USB 3.0, type A and Type C ports.  Perfect for transferring files between different devices.

The USB 3.0 allows the device to transfer files with greater speeds, perfect for people that don’t like to wait.

You can use the device with your phone and add a lot of external storage – which might come in handy if you have a lot of high-resolution images and want to keep them in a microSD so you can easily transfer them any time you want – for instance, you can take them with your camera, take a quick look at your phone, and then transfer them on your PC to edit and upload them.

The device is powered via the ports, so there is no additional power required. There is also a keychain that might be a perfect choice for people that often forget where they put their things – especially if they are smaller items. This way you can attach it to your keys or your backpack and have it with you anywhere.

Buyer Guide

First things first. Before purchasing an external storage – microSD card reader, you need to make sure that your phone supports the On-The-Go function, which allows it to read the files directly from the USB device.
You can do that with a quick google search of your brand, model and keyword USB ON THE GO function. After verifying this, you can then start to look for a device that you find perfect for your requirements.

Supported cards

If you are looking for a card reader, you should make sure that it has all the different formats of cards. If you simply want to use it for microSD which is one of the most common formats, then you don’t need much to look for than that. But think about whether you have different devices with different cards, if you have a camera which supports MMC card for example, then you might want to get an adapter which supports other formats so you can easily take the card out from the camera and insert into the reader and plug it into your cell phone.


The ports are quite important, you need to make sure that it has the port that your phone supports. For example, if you have Samsung s10, it uses TYPE C USB, which means it cannot use microUSB or other ports. On the other hand, if you want to later on use the device with your computer, and your computer only supports USB 2.0 or USB 3.0, you need to make sure that the reader also has those ports. This way you would have a more universal device, which can be used as external storage for the phone, transfer device and on your computer as well.


The design is fairly simple, but there are some things to consider here. Pick design that is more sturdy, so you won’t easily damage the reader. Also, consider extra things like shape and keychains for example – this would mean the device is cooler looking, but also easier to take with you and won’t be as easy to forget it somewhere if you hang it on your keys for example.