Best Minimalistic Chairs for your House – 2021 Recommendations

Simplistic chair for your home

Minimalistic is a type of design that is simple, clean and elegant. It can often be seen in many modern houses.


So if you are looking for a more clean and simple design, you might want to browse some ideas about minimalistic interior.


Minimalistic chairs and tables are often great looking, even though they might be a bit too clean, depending on the type of chair you are used to using.

Coavas 4 minimalistic chairs set

The fist item is actually a set of 4 chairs. They have simple and classy design.

The chairs are not only good looking, but also easy to assembly. You can assembly the 4 of them in about 5 minutes. So if you are one of the people that really don’t want to spend time setting up items, they might be a good option to consider.

The design is ergonomic, the backrests are curved and are comfortable even for longer sitting.

The size of the chair is L 17.7″ x W 16.5″ x H 34.8″.The chairs might look like they are not sturdy, but they can hold up weight of up to 250lbs. Because of the good quality construction and design.

They also have wear-proof thick padding seat and back. The legs also have anty-noise rubber.


This one is another set of 4 , good looking stylish chairs.
Even though they have minimalistic and clean design, they are sturdy and can hold up weights of up to 300lbs. The chairs are also easy to assembly, they have manual inside the package and takes just few steps to get them ready to be used.

They also have noise-proof and wear-resistant rubber insertions on the legs.The size of the chair is : 19.6″ x 17.3″ x 34.2″ (L W H).
They are also lightweight, about 10lbs per chair, and this makes them quite easy to be moved around.

Set of 2 upholstered chairs


This set is of 2 chairs, their design is a bit different than the other models shown. They offer more comfort, so if you are looking for comfort and great design, they might be a good option.

They have soft woven fabric upholstery and foam seats.

The chairs can hold up weight of up to 250lbs. The size of the chair is : L 19″ x W 17.5″ H 38.5″ and weigh 12.1lbs.
There is some assembly required.

Giantex Set of 2 chairs

Another good looking set of chairs.
The chairs provide comfort and sturdiness. The seats are padded and the chair can hold up weigh of up to 220lbs.

They have solid wood legs for durability and they have great design that fits in a modern looking home.

The size of the chair is: W 17.5″ x D 20″ H x 38″

Beetle Chair

This chair has great design, it has tapered legs, sleek design, which is simplistic and classy. It fits modern looking rooms.

There is soft cushion made with fine line fabric, which is durable and heat conduction and air permeability. The PP plastic made backrest is great and comfortable, also durable.

There is solid iron made frame, which makes the chair quite sturdy.
The chair size is 51x58x83 cm.

Buyer’s Guide


Durability is a key factor when looking for chairs. The chair should be comfortable but also durable. Most modern chairs are made either with wood or with metal, which often is made with great sturdy design and frame, and most chairs can easily hold up weights of around 200lbs and up.

Look for chairs that have thicker material, or better a metal frame, they often can hold up more weight and are more durable.
Also consider chairs that have scratch resistant surface, so if you have kids, or if you use the chairs a lot you won’t see that many scratches.


The price of the chairs vary a lot, but depending on the model,design and materials it can go up to few hundred dollars for a single chair.


Mainly if you are looking for simplistic design, look for chairs that fit the room you want to place them in, especially the area around the table.
The design should have similar colors and texture and comfort so that you would enjoy sitting in the chairs, but also looking at them.
Consider chairs with thicker padding, if you are looking for comfort. Most of the simplistic and clear designs, have thicker padding, but there are ones with foam and a bit more padding so that is more comfortable.