The 7 Best Electric Bike Reviews | TOP E-Bicycles (+ Motorized) for 2019

best booster bikes

Bicycles have been a huge part of everyone’s life. We see people riding a bike every single day and there are many reasons why. Times go by, and everything around us is changing. Even though bikes have been all over the place for so many years, they are still here and are still used on a daily basis.

The future is now, as the bikes could not resist the technology of the modern world and went through some changes. The good thing here is that those electric bicycles (aka E-bikes or booster bikes) do not cost a fortune and can become a part of your daily routine if you get your hands on one.

The electric bicycles have a lot of benefits.

Now you can get from one place to another in no time, without sweating or spending a lot of money for public transport, plus it is eco-friendly. You can also spend more time in the nature and exercise.

This article is a compilation of one of the best motorized bicycles you can find on the market. You will get a short summary of what the product is all about, it’s main features and all that stuff.

Here are the top 4 best rated models in 2018.



This is one of the best e-bikes ever created. It is a pure masterpiece. It comes in four colors – yellow, blue, green and orange, as they all look amazing. It can take you everywhere you like. It is suitable for every condition – snow, rain, you can even ride it on the beach.

One very common problem is the weight of the electric bicycles. You can feel the weight when the gas is over and in order to continue riding, you need to use the pedals. This model is a bit heavier – around 57 pounds, even though it is made of aluminum frame. But after all, this is a heavy-duty machine that can be ridden everywhere, so let’s say that the weight is not a problem.

The motor is a 350 W one which is surprisingly powerful and it works on a sealed lithium battery pack that is removable.

With electric bicycles, you have the option of picking how and when to lean on the battery and motor. If you use the battery, you will be able to speed up to 21 miles per hour, as you get a max range of nearly 28miles. You can extend those values, if you give it a little assistance. Now, you can get a nice ride outside without being worried about sweat or tiredness.

The model is equipped with three modes – pedal power only, pedal assist and pure twist-throttle electric. It is all up to you to choose which one to try out.

To fully charge it, you might need to leave it for up to 4 hours.

The whole bicycle is made only from high quality materials. Definitely clever well-built model.

It is on the high price range, but it can be one of the best investments ever. Some people will say that it is better to buy a motorcycle for this price, but if you are a fan of bikes and you are willing to spend some money on quality model then go for it you won’t regret it.

The only disadvantage here is that the suspension is restricted to the front fork. But to be honest, the extra fat tires offset the harsh situation. You will get out of the bumps without serious complications.


  • Definitely a masterpiece
  • Can be ridden everywhere
  • Made only from high quality components
  • Heavy-duty machine


  • Not a lightweight model
  • Expensive
  • The suspension on the front fork is limited



The NAKTO eletric bike is a great choice for a bike. It is affordable and provides great veriety of features.

Its design is great for every day usage and has nice and comfortable seat. It also has back space for carrying items and front basket, which is great for kids and people that love to go to the store and carry the groceries.

The bike has 6 speed gear, which is great for more diversity of speed and easier riding.

It also comes with Removable 36v10 lithium battery and charger.

It comes with Lock too, so it can be safely locked when you are in the store for example.

The bike is made with high quality materials for longer usage. It has high-strength carbon steel frame, the front fork is made with carbon steel and shock absorption.

The front V brake and rear expansion brake are great too.

You can choose speed according to your needs because of 6-speed Shimano system.

It has also bright LED headlamp for easier night drives and places with low light.

The battery provides up to 22-28 miles.

There are 2 working modes, e-bike and assisted bicycle. There is selectable pedal assist or twist the variable speed throttle for hours of driving.



This booster bicycle has that vintage, but also retro-future vibe in it. Add Motor’s design is something different, but in the good way. A lot of people might love the way that the frame is almost entirely filled with the main electric unit. The name says it all- the motor is made to be electric, and it is nothing like other models that look like their battery and motor were an afterthought.

The design is funky looking, as the manufacturer claims that it is all because of the “advanced biomechanics”.

The max speed of 25mph and a greater range up to 45 miles is achieved with the 500W motor. If you want to increase those values, just use the pedals.

In order to avoid a throttle, the model made according to the EU laws, as the funny thing here is that there is no other part in the vehicle that comply with EU regulations. There are many interesting facts about the effect of EU on motorized bicycle laws, so be sure to check that out as well.

This model does not come with fat tires like the previous bike, but it is way cheaper than it.


  • Different design
  • Max speed of 25mph and a greater range up to 45 miles


  • Does not come with fat tires
  • Made according to the EU regulations


Best Electric Mountain Bike with Lithium-Ion Battery by Cyclamatic

The Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 bike is an electric bike with lithium-ion battery. It comes at a bit higher prices but has great quality and features.

The bike is easy to use, and has quick release battery. It is great to ride even in the rainy conditions. It can be assembled under 5 minutes. It has Shimano gears.

You can reach speeds of up to 15 mph. The 36 V lithium battery is also great.

The saddle is comfortable even for longer drives. It has 21 speed gears to easy you riding.

The balance charger which s included can charge 4-6 hours and provides about 25-31 miles of normal terrain at speed up to 15 mph.

It can be used as regular bike too.

Great design, quality materials and good performance.


Electric Mountain Bike by ANCHEER

Ancheer power plus electric mountain bike with 26″ is great choice for people that love to ride a bike. The bike is a bit more pricey, but offers great functionality as well.

It comes with 36v 8Ah lithium-ion battery, and 21 Speed shifter by Shimano.

You can reach a range up to 15-30 miles at speed 15 mph per charge.

It has 3 working models e-bike , assisted bicycle and normal bike.

It has LED 3 speed smart meter button, for choosing electric assist power according to your choice.

The bike is made with aluminum alloy frame, which is light and strong. It also has aluminum alloy double walled rims for durability. High quality front suspension forn and great comfortable design.



This is a bicycle perfect for every enthusiast who wants to get their hands on electric vehicle, but does not have the money. This bike is a brushless 250W step-through one, that has a top speed of about 16mph. The frame is one size. Some of the features here are ignition keys, taillight, headlight, cargo rack and many more.

For this price range, we think that this model is perfect, as it has an adequate (16-18 mile) range. Definitely a great vehicle for its price.


  • A lot of features
  • Inexpensive
  • One size fits all frame



This is the final product that we will present today. It is another great model that will be perfect for everyone that is ready to spend a lot.

The design is eye- catching, as it has that military vibe in it. This is an electric bike that will save you from a lot of trouble when you are in a hurry.

The impressive hydraulic brakes are just a piece of the cake.

The 30-mile range and 20mph are a bit of disappointment, as out previous suggestion has better features, and it is on a way cheaper price.

The motor is 600W, and many people believe that the speed is limited electronically, as they hope that the power can be transferred into the right torque in order to climb hills.

Its internal cable porting used for the design of the vehicle is impressive. The tires are fat and the same as off-road ones, which will allow you to ride it everywhere.

One advantage is that you can recharge your phone, or mp3 with USB directly from the battery. There is no need to worry, as this won’t affect the mile range in any way.


  • You can charge your device with USB cable
  • Impressive design
  • Perfect for every terrain


  • Overpriced
  • Not impressive mile ranges and mph