The Best Nail Art Pens – Recommendations for 2020

nail art pens

Finding the best nail art pens can be a difficult process. There is a big variety of brands and makes, some of which can claim to be real pens, but in reality, they aren’t, and some that you’d rather stay away from due to their uselessness.

When it comes to making your decision you might run across a couple of questions:

  • Whether you should get a set of pens or just an individual one?
  • What kind of pen would fit your nail art ability the best?

You may find yourself in a quandary when trying to choose the right one.

With that said, we’ve decided to help you make the best choice when buying nail art pens by reviewing some of the best brands out there for you.

To start off, you’ll have to decide whether you would like a simpler design or something more complicated, such as a 3D nail art pen or gel polish pen.

If you’d rather settle down for something fairly basic and standard, we would suggest you steer clear of the more complicated designs as they are generally for the more advanced users.

Below you’ll find reviews of what we consider to be the best nail art pens for those of you who would like something basic for your designs, and where to buy it.


Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens

When talking about nail products, a name that often comes to mind, due to the popularity of the brand, is Sally Hansen.

Surprisingly though, despite being at the top ranks (thanks to providing their clients with quality products), their nail pens aren’t as well known as the rest of their nail products.

First of all, the consistency is much thinner than that of a regular nail polish – runny and watery, probably because they are water-based. So be warned about that.

You should also be informed, that applying a top coat over them, isn’t recommended as there is a high chance of them smudging, and applying them onto a topcoat is impossible as they slide off immediately. If you want to have the job done quickly you should be aware that it takes a while for the paint to come out.

The fact that each individual color can be a bit of a letdown surpasses the wide range of colors (which normally is a plus). For example, no matter how hard you press down the white, it is always see-through.

Final thoughts: Although the quality is not the best it still proves to be a good bang for the buck and it is perfect for messing around for fun.

Kangler Nail Art pens

A wonderful set of nail art pens, they contain 8 colors and plenty of creative ideas to use on your nails.
The pens have fine tip, which helps you create different looking designs with ease. With different colors and fine tips you can create designs that fit various occasions – evening, casual, club and many more designs that can help you have fun at your own home.

The pens are made with water based component to help them stay on your nails for long, but also easy to clean when you feel like you want a different design.

Sally Hansen Nail Pen

The pen is available is many wonderful looking colors. It has fine tip to help you create different types of designs. You can use the pen to create designs for different occasions such as every day, school, work, fun, club and more.

The pen is quite affordable and you can get several with different colors and have fun at your house.


Buying Guide

If you are tired of making the same plain nail polish the nail art pens are a unique way to take this to the next level. As you might expect those are pens with fine tips that will help you add more details to your nails by drawing different designs and patterns.

You can easily use multiple different colored nail art pens in order to create something unique and multicolored. You can get a single piece or a whole pack of nail art pens – that is up to you and your plans for your nails. By getting a pack you can feel free to combine different pens with different colors and even tips.

What to know
The fine-tip nail art pens makes it easy to control. You can do a French manicure with the nail art pens as well. Some of the pens are using a water-based formula which means that they are environmentally friendly. Others have a mistake-proof formula which means that they can be removed or corrected if you do a mistake without even damaging your dry nail polish that is underneath.

Just keep in mind that if you pick a nail art pen with a water-based formula you should seal it with a top coat afterwards.