Best Outdoor Christmas Decorations – Recommendations for 2020

best Christmas decorations

It is the most wonderful time of the year, as it is said in one song. Christmas is the time when we feel most festive and joyful. And what is better than keeping the cheerful mood with some decorations around the house. This is a great way to connect your family and do it together, which will bring a lot of happiness. The work will be pleasing to the eye and make your house light up like a Christmas tree.

When it comes to decoration, many people think that this is way too expensive and it isn’t worth the money. You don’t need to make spectacular light show in order to get in the Christmas spirit. Your yard can still look put together even on budget.

The only thing that should consider is the electricity you will need. A great way to make sure everything will work, you should buy a suitable and sturdy light sensor power stakes, which have several different timer settings. They will provide your display will be powered when you want.

But lets not digress here we will recommend you a list with the best outdoor Christmas decorations on the market. They are the perfect ideas for that great occasion.


OMGAI’s LED Meteor Shower Rain Lights

The OMGAI Meteor Shower is good looking LED decoration that is perfect for Christmas.

It is a great choice for people that want to decorate a tree in their backyard.

They are 8 tubes with 30 cm length each. They are made of high quality and are IP65 Waterproof. Which makes them great for Christmas time. The material is quite sturdy. The lights also consume low power, which is great if you want to leave them on for few nights.

The tubes of 11.8 inches have 18 LED bulbs each. This produces a lot of lightening and are sufficient to brighten up even a bigger trees. If you are interested in making your holiday a little brighter you can certainly do it with one of the best icicle snow falling lights.


  • Energy efficient
  • Cheap
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Perfect for any occasion


  • Short powercord


Brightech’s Ambience Pro Vintage Outdoor String Lights

The Brightech’s outdoor string lights are have a distinct vintage look and can bring you some nostalgia from time to time.

They are 48 feet, waterproof and look really good for decorations. You can use them on your trees, on your walls and on your front door. Those are probably one of the best outdoor string lights on the market. These Christmas string lights are parallelly connected, so if one of them needs to be replaced the others will still be working. They are build with WEATHERTITE technology, this will help them stay on even in not so good weather conditions, such as extreme hot or cold temperatures.

They can stay on when snowing, raining and more.

Each light is 40w, total power is 600 watts. They look really good and have good lightening coverage.


  • Great quality
  • Very durable
  • Can withstand cold and hot weather
  • Great value


  • None


Elegant White Glittering Lighted Christmas Sleigh

This snowbound sleigh is one essential accessory for your yard when you want to make an impression.

It is equipped with 160 LED lights and the sleight has 120 LED lights. It is h 65 inches and 80.5 inches w, which is the perfect length, making it visible even from distance, without giving a shade to your other decor.

This sleigh gives you the opportunity to create a whole scene using iconic figures associated with Christmas.


Inflatable Lighted Santa in Sleigh with Reindeer

You might be thinking that this is another simple inflatable snowman, but things chance, as this product went through many modifications to become what it is today.

The total length of this manufacture with three reindeer and Santa’s sleigh is 16 feet. You can always add some more extra lighting, as the reindeer are a bit darker than expected.

Prextex Christmas Candy Cane Pathway Markers Set

This is one awesome way to make your guests on Christmas feel special and boost their festive mood.

The set comes with 10 canes, which are 12 inches tall.

All you have to do is to stake them directly into the ground, as they are regular light strings you may want to string them together. This is a great way to mark a walking path from the sidewalk to your doorstep.

To make the image completed, you can also purchase Christmas trains or gingerbread houses.


National Tree 9 Foot Frosted Berry Garland

This lush garland comes prelit with 100 white lights, which can effectively frame your doorway or line the top of the fences on your house. This garland is practical and convenient, as you can use it out and indoors.

The model has a define design, with a splash of a classic and high-end look, which can look amazing on farm and penthouses.

To match the garland, the manufacturer made a lovely matching wreath that can be bought separately.