The Best Outdoor Headlamps | Top Products Reviewed for 2020

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Headlamps are great option for people that work and don’t want to use flashlight. We often could you some lighting when we are outside if the electricity just got cut off.

This is when a good trusty headlamp might come in handy.

They are lightweight, comfortable offer a lot of light and are easy to use. Some of them offer adjustable lights, the position of the light , the brightness and more.

They are great for people that are doing marathons having to run during the dark hours of the day even for people that are going back home during the night.

They are useful and not expensive, and offer you comfort and can be used by many people in different atmospheres.


MsForce’s Brightest and Best LED Headlamp

MSForce offers a great bright headlamp.

There are high-performance LED bulbs which deliver 12000Lumens. This is a lot of light that will light a big distance and a lot of space.

The headlight is great if you don’t want to use a flashlight or if your hands are busy holding to other equipment. Especially useful for runners. The hands-free headlamps are great for many type of works, like construction and mechanics too.

The head lamp has adjustable system that provides great comfort.

The LED bulbs are attached to a pivot mount which allows you to point the light up to 90 degrees in different directions.

There is great control over the beam, There are 5 modes to create easy to work in environment.

It has great design and good price too.


  • Great value.
  • Powerful.
  • Small and comfortable.
  • Easy to switch off/on


  • Not the best battery life.


Lighting EVER’s Headlamp

This lamp offers a lot of brightness. The distance of beam is up 20+ feet (on the brightest setting). The illuminated area is wide enough to allow for running or working. The lamp has 18 white LED and 2 RED. They allow for 4 different modes. The beam is 90 degrees adjustable.

The wireless light allows you to read text anywhere.

The headband is elastic and of good quality. The two loop buckles are good for adjusting both head-round band and top band. The soft band is comfortable and is great. You can easily wear it on different hats too.

The maximum circumference of the headband is up to 21.6 inch and minimum is about 13.7 inch. The lamp is light weights to about 4oz.

The lamp is also IP44 rating water proof which means it is protected against splashing.


  • Comfortable.
  • Good value.
  • Bright.
  • Very cheap.


  • Not the greatest plastic quality.


Foxelli’s Headlamp Flashlight

The Foxelli’s headlamp has good flashlight that delivers good visibility whenever you want it.

The lamp is perfect for hiking jogging running dog walking and many more activities.

The light provides comfort and a lot of view. The lamp offers 60-meter beam and wide variety of white & red light modes.

The tiltable body (45 degrees) is a great too. The lamp is lightweight and comfortable. It weights about 3.2 ounces (with the batteries).

The headband is comfortable and is good even for long distances. The lamp’s technology allows for low battery consumption and it can stay on for up to 45 hours. The lamp has good design and good price.


  • Good quality.
  • Super affordable.
  • Good feel and fit.
  • Good array of light functions.


  • lacks quick way to turn off.


GRDE’s Super Bright LED Headlamp

This headlamp is another option for people that are looking for comfortable gadget that will aid them in their activities.

It is bright, waterproof , adjustable and zoomable. There is also a single button control switch.

It has 3 modes high output, low output and strobe.

The lamp comes with 2 rechargeable batteries , wall charger, car charger, USB cable and user book. The head strap is adjustable and comfortable.


  • Powerful.
  • Comes with plenty accessories.
  • Great value.
  • Great comfort and weight.
  • Red light at the back of the battery pack.


  • Not the greatest battery time.


Cobiz’s Brightest Headlight

The Cobiz’ rechargeable headlamp has reliable good design. It has LED light that is bright. The headlamp is waterproof. There is a waterproof switch that’s safe to use even when raining. On the inside there is good quality leakage-resistant wiring.

The headband is adjustable and comfortable too.

The lamp can be rotated up to 90 degrees. It has light indicator on the charger to tell when it’s undercharging or fully charged.


  • Good solid build.
  • Adjustable headband.
  • Red light at the back of the battery pack.


  • None