The Best Parrot Feeders – Reviews and Recommendations for 2020

best parrot and bird feeder

If you own a bird, you know that one of the most important things is feeding them right. Besides choosing the best food for your birdies you need to make sure they have a feeder that will let them eat it on demand.

With that come a couple of problems. Birds and parrots like to pick through the food until they find what they love most. In the process the can throw away the less tasty seeds. Usually one of the biggest problems is the mess that creates in and outside the cage.

For that reason the best bird feeders are designed in such a way as to contain the seeds inside as much as possible – reducing the mess significantly.

A bird feeder is very easy to install and usually they don’t require anything special.


Best No Mess Bird Feeder – by Birds LOVE

This feeder is great for smaller birds and parrots.

The wooden perch will prevent the seeds from spilling out, significantly reducing the mess the birds can make. The feeder is built with quality and can lost a long time.

The feeder is very easy to install. The birds can easily perch and eat their favorite parrot food.

The feeder is affordable and a good idea if you want to feed your bird and not create much mess when it is eating the seeds.


Cup Feeder and Water Cup – by JW Pet Company

This feeder is affordable and offers great features. It will prevent seeds from spilling out, keeping the cage and the surroundings a lot cleaner. It is designed in such way that it fits different bird cages.

It can be used as a water cup for the birds to drink clean water from or as a food cup too.

The feeder is easy to remove and fill and keep clean too.

The clear plastic guard helps keep the debris inside the cage.


No-Mess Bird Feeder – by Tidy Seed

This feeder is good choice for any parrot lover.

The feeder has crystal-clear acrylic design. It is great even for smaller parrots like canaries and parrotlets and cockatiels.

You can save up on seed that didn’t end up thrown on the floor or outside of the cage.

It has hooks that are included. The feeder is easy to install. You can use it outside or inside of the bird cage. It is about 5 inches high and 5 inches wide and 4 inches deep. The feeder has no wooden parts, the feeder can be sanitized and re-used wit ease.


Bird and Parrot Feeder


This feeder is made with laser ridged plastic perch. It is 5″ wide and 5″ deep and 5″ high.

The bird feeder is designed for small birds. And it is sturdy.

The bird picks through the seeds and other seeds fall outside, but the feeder collects that. It is well designed, and affordable option to feed your birds.


Parrot Feeder – by Caitec Corp’s


This feeder is great for budgies, cockatiels, parrotlets and other.

The feeder is dishwasher safe, the box is made with polycarbonate. It is of good quality and it is very easy to install. It contains the mess inside making the whole thing a lot more cleaner. This on the other hand saves the seed.

It is easy to install inside or outside. It is 5″ W x 4″ x 4 – 7/8″ h.