Best Pencil Sharpeners – Recommended for 2020

pencil sharpeners

Do you need a good tool for sharpening your pencils?

Whether you are an artist, engineer or a school teacher you might have realized that a properly sharpened pencil will make a whole lot of a difference. Back in the days when I used to draw we used to sharpen them with a knife, I guess we had to make do with what we had laying around us. That doesn’t need to be the case for you.

Here we’ve gathered some of the best pencil sharpeners, as there are different types of sharpeners we’ve gathered different ones with their own strengths and weaknesses. Regardless if you are going to use them every day at your workplace or maybe you just want to give your kids some fun time with their coloring pencils we are sure that you’ll find something that will suit your needs.

You will be amazed at how versatile and creative those little gadgets have become. They are usually really cheap for the value they provide and can save you time in a clutch. Some are battery-operated which means that you’ll be able to bring them with you anywhere you go. I really like the ones that you can mount on your desk, but that might be just me and my nostalgia talking.


X-ACTO KS – The Best Manual Pencil Sharpener

This heavy-duty product is build with great quality. It is really easy to use and doesn’t take up much space.

It is suitable for 8 different pencil sizes. It is mountable on surfaces like wall or a desk. The regular KS can be attached almost anywhere with the included screws. If you don’t to harm any surface you can get the one that comes with a vacuum mount.  The vacuum mounts works really well on a smooth and hard surfaces and you can easily attach it to it. and the mounting is quite simple with the items included and you will have a much needed stability when using the X-ACTO as having a wobbly sharpener is the last thing you want happening.

It is quite easy to use, just put the pencil and turn the handle until you are satisfied with the sharpness of the tip.

Other great thing about it, is that it has shavings chamber, and it can hold a fairly big amount of  shavings. It could take quite some time, to be full and so you don’t have to clean it every week or after just a couple of uses.

The quality of the building materials is great, and it gives a satisfying results after every use.

This manual sharpener, take only few turns of the crank to sharpen any pencil. Have in mind that it doesn’t take much to get a really sharp tip so you might want to be careful using the pencilafterwards as it is quite easy to break the tip. It can even help you with some of the cheaper pencils out there and give them a new makeover.

It is a great solution if you want to mount it somewhere on a flat surface.


  • Mountable on almost any surface
  • High quality and extremely durable
  • Can be used with up to 8 different sizes


  • It might be a little difficult for kids to use
  • Can sharpen a little off-center


OfficeGoods – Best Electric & Battery & USB Operated Sharpener

This little fellow here will give you really good pencil point for the standard #2 pencils, colored and even graphite ones. It provides you with a centered, even, and sharp point every time.

It has a great feature, that allows you to adjust it for the type of point you want, it has 3 types of sharpening:

  • Blunt
  • Medium
  • Sharp

This is great feature if you want a bit duller point, or a bit sharper to use it on on your drawings, and for office work as well. You can use the medium or blunt one for the kids and any kind of drawings that require some bold and thick lines. It provides you with a centered, even, and sharp point every time.

The small size allows you to grab with you anywhere. You can place it on your desk, even if it is a small one. It sharpeners the pencils really quickly, on average it would take about 5-15 seconds.

It is powered in few different ways, you can use:

  • AC adapter
  • USB cord
  • By 4 AA Batters

It works satisfyingly well with the batteries, but bare in mind that they are not included in the purchase.

The build quality of the construction materials is really good as well, and the price is affordable, it is really compact and give you a lot of options.

It might be a bit more pricey than some other options, but the performance and quality are really good.


  • Highly portable and versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Compact
  • Amazing sharpening quality


  • Unlike some of the other models it doesn’t have auto-stop feature


X-ACTO SchoolPro’s – Best Heavy Duty Pencil Sharpener

This one is a powerful little beast, it has a good design, and it is built with durable and quality materials. Especially designed for heavy and daily use.

It sharpens pencils quite fast and without much effort. It can sharpen even tougher ones.

The electric motor is quite so there will never be too much noise when using it which is the last thing you want if you are in an office or a classroom full with people. The shavings container is big enough and with great capacity and you can easily see when it needs to be cleaned.

This model is especially designed so that it stops when the lead is sharp enough that you won’t be wasting the lead every time you use it.

The blades are of high quality material and they sharpen the pencils quite fast. It gives the lead a good tip and it is suitable for 6 different pencil sizes.


  • Quite
  • Heavy duty & reliable
  • It wont eat away your pencils
  • Auto-top feature
  • Amazing value


  • It is kind of big
  • Sometimes can shave off center


LINKYO – Best Sharpener with Automatic Stop Smart Sensor

This electric sharpener, has some really nice features the quality and durability of it are on point as well. It is designed for office, and classroom usage. It has a great feature, that stops it then when lead is sharp enough. And it also has a auto-jam release design and this is great feature to have.

You might want to take a note that the built materials are light, which allows it to be quite lightweight, but also a bit fragile.

The price of the sharpener is not that low, but it is in a good range.

It is easy to use, and will sharpen pencils with ease, and the feature of stop when the lead is pointy enough is good to have. If you have children they can use it without worrying about if they can hurt themselves.

If you want to make the tip really sharp, it might be a bit difficult, the main purpose is to use it as a sharpener for pencils that are used for drawings so it would perform well with colored pencils. If you are after getting a sharpener that can give you a really sharp tip you might want to take a look at some of the other suggestions we have here.


  • Auto-stop and auto-jam feature
  • Perfect for kids


  • Not looking sturdy enough
  • It’s hard to get a really pointy and sharp pencil


Prismacolor Scholar – Best Handhled Pencil Sharpener

Prismacolor are a known manufacturer of a lot products catered towards the art community. They have encompassed the community’s need with a wide range of high quality products that aim to make creativity easier to achieve.

This little green gem here is probably one of the best handheld sharpeners that you can get out there. Simple  in its design and use it will provide you with smooth and effortless results.

The sharpener is really small, it is fairly sturdy looking and of course there’s not a lot of things that can break here. And it gives a good point after the sharpening of the pencil as it is using a high quality blade.  It is really sharp and doesn’t break the lead and makes it with a good point without much work.

The price of it is quite low and it definitely is a good bang for the buck and this one comes with a latex-free eraser. It is a neat little gadget for kids pencils.

If you are not looking for electric one, this one might be a great idea. With its small size and good quality it provides you with sharp pencils after every usage.


  • Small, lightweight and can be brought anywhere
  • Good sharpening blade
  • It is easy to see when the container is full
  • Comes with an eraser


  • Not suitable for all pencil sizes


TripWorthy’s – Best Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener

The performance here is really good. The sharpener is battery powered and this makes it quite easy to sharp a pencil almost anywhere you might need it. The perfect point of a pencil is just few seconds away. This sharpener’s build quality is sturdy enough that it will provide you with frustration-free use.

It can be used by kids and adults alike, it has auto-stop safety feature that prevents the sharpener from being used if any part is missing. This feature will help kids use this sharpener without parents worrying about anything going wrong and it is especially suitable for the classroom.

It can be used for sharpening colored and soft lead pencils without much effort. It can sharper #2’s as well.

It is quite small, and light. It makes for clean shaving.

The sharpener works good, fast, and doesn’t make too much mess to clean. You can easy see if the shavings container needs to be cleaned.


  • Battery operated and highly mobile
  • Suitable for kids as it is safe to use
  • High quality


  • No auto-stop feature when the lead is sharp enough
  • The motor is not the most powerful one