Best Pet Food Storage Containers – Recommendations and Buyer Guide

Pet food storage containers

If you own a pet, you know how fun they can be. They can easily make you feel happy and joyful. You can take them on a walk, or if you own a cat, for example, you can play around and watch her do her own thing – like cats do, push stuff around and jump and watches through the windows.

Pets require a little attention, depending on the pet, sometimes you can just leave them food and water and they can play around for few days, some pets require more work, more often changing of litters and more.

If you plan to bring your pet on a trip, instead of leaving them alone at home for a few days, you need to make sure you have plenty of food and water for them. You can put some water in bottles and some food in storage containers, with enough amount for the time of the vacation, so your pet would feel like home, and you can enjoy your vacation without worrying where to buy food for your pet.

Food containers are an excellent choice for storing pet food for a few days. Instead of getting regular containers, that you might later on use for something else, purchase few specifically for your pet – this way you can have them for next vacations. Storing the food in a container would make sure it is fresh and won’t lose its taste.

IRIS Airtight Pet Food Container – Perfect for dog food

This is one large container, it is perfect for dry dog food – as it can store a lot – depending on the size you chose.

The container has an airtight seal for sealing the food and keeping it nice and fresh, so your pet can have a nice bowl of food and then continue to play around.
The lid will keep moisture and other pets or insects away from the food. The materials are of high quality and it has a transparent surface so you can see the amount of food left.

You can easily stack for of them together and have plenty of food for your pets on a vacation.
The storage is an affordable choice for people that have dogs or even cats, and want to bring plenty of dry food for the trip.
It is a convenient option to store the pet’s food.
It also has 4 rollers so you can easily transport it when it is full of food.

Vittles Vault Pet Storage Container

The food container is smaller than the other options, but it has excellent features too. It is airtight and keeps the food fresh and away from other pets and insects.

Your pet can enjoy a nice meal with fresh food and feel like it is at home. The container also comes with a free measuring cup.

Good affordable pet food storage container, to help you bring food for your pet on a vacation or small trip.

Van Ness Pet Food Storage Container

This food container is another good option. It is affordable and you will keep your pet’s food fresh for longer.

You can easily take it with you, filled with food, and give your pet a nice fresh meal when on a vacation. The container has a fresh-tite seal to keep the food nice and fresh, so your pet can enjoy it.


Buyer Guide


The size of the storage container is one of the most important factors. It mostly depends on the pet and the type of food you want to bring with you. For example, if you have a small cat you might need a smaller container, for example just a few lbs, for dry or wet food and would be enough for a few days.
If you have a middle-sized dog, then you might need quite a lot bigger container, for example, 20lbs. Make sure to count the usual amount of food you give to your pet, for the days you plan to be on vacation, this way you will make sure that the pet has food, even if there are no pet stores around.


The materials of the container would depend on your personal preferences. Generally speaking, if you plan to use it for a long time, you might want to go for glass or metal, as they are durable and can be used often and longer. If you want to use it from time to time, then you might go for plastic materials, they are more affordable but not as durable for longer food storage. Plastic is harder to break but might need to be replaced once every few months.

Type of food

Storage containers are mostly designed to keep dry food away from pets or insects. So if you plan to get a wet type of food, make sure that the container is made to keep that kind of food inside. If the container is not designed for that, the food might get bad – especially if you leave it outside at hotter temperatures.