Best Pillows For Side Sleepers – Recommendations for 2020

best pillows for side sleepres

The first thing that comes to mind when someone hears about pillows is the comfort and relaxation they give. A good pillow is a comfortable one with quality support.

When you are a side sleeper, this is especially true, because you will need a lot of extra support for your back and neck, even for your head and shoulders.

Your position plays a big role while you sleep and there is a huge difference between sleeping on your back or stomach, because of the distance in regard with the mattress and your head. In order to keep your spine straight, you need to put your head in the right position. What causes your neck to bend is keeping your head laying on the mattress, which can sometimes give us unpleasant muscle pain and stains. It is also well known that sleeping in the wrong position can leave you tired or unlock series of health problems.

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Viscose Rayon Cover derived from Bamboo by Coop Home Goods

Our first suggestion is one of the best models that can be found on the market. This product keeps your neck’s position in place while you rest at night, as it is a heavy-duty pillow.

The comfort it gives is owed to its softness and plushness. The material, used to make the product’s inner core the perfect choice for every consumer, is the high-quality memory foam, which can be shaped in a way that can satisfy every personal preference, as it is also controls the air exchange.

The benefit of this is in the fact that it does not store the heat while you sleep, and it leaves your head comfy and cool. The product is also allergy and mite resistant.

The typical cotton cover usually absorbs all the moisture, while this product does not, making it perfect for washing and drying it in a machine. All you have to do is to take off the cover when you think it is time for washing.

The production company, which origins are in the USA, is famous among as a company with good image and great customer service. The guarantee is amazing and the product has a reasonable price, which can satisfy the user’s requirements.

Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Combination Memory Foam Pillow

Next in the list is a product with high-quality shredded memory foam which promotes strength, easy shaping, comfort, as it also uses the latest cool air flow technology.

This product is not like the other solid memory foam pads, as it doesn’t stiff or break its structure. You can easily shape it in a way, which suits your requirement, making it comfortable and supportive. It is all thanks to the small pieces, situated inside the pillow.

You can also purchase the pillow in queen size, which is perfect for all the areas of the body.

The model has plush and thick profile, making it best for every sleeping position and side sleeper. The idea of the thickness is to fill the space between your neck and mattress as it provides support, because if your pillow is thinner, you will need to fold it up in order to keep your neck straight. The end is clear- flat and shapeless pillow.

The warranty on their luxurious pillow is 20 years, making it the perfect purchase, which will leave you satisfied and surprised.

The material used in the pillow is Biogreen®- carrier of the Centi-Pur-U.S. Certificate. The product is manufactured in California, which is again a guarantee for its amazing quality.

Down Alternative Pillow by Five Star

Even though memory foam pillows are now very wanted products, there are still many people out there who prefer to use feather ones.

We think that Five Star company has something to offer.

There is no chance of actuating an allergy, getting poked by a prickly feather or getting a mess due to torn fabrics.

The materials, used for the product are fluffy, soft and comfortable, leaving you with a feeling of bliss and luxury. The pillow is equipped with a soft microfiber, which gives you the necessary support, but still gives you that cushion feeling.

The product can be used in every sleeping position as it keeps your spine in line and your head supported, because of the thick and wide profile.

A gusset with 1.5″ size was put around all four sides of the product to prevent the flattening effect after constant use, as it also gives the chance of movement without the necessity of fluffing of turning over the pillow during the night, in order to regain its shape.

The 300-thread count cotton of the outer shell provides the so wanted hotel-like comfort. The model can be washed in a machine inside and out, as there is a 100% guarantee of maintain its loft.

Z by MALOUF 100% Natural Talalay Latex Zoned Pillow

Last in row, but not in importance, is a pillow with high-quality support system in combination with extra luxurious and thick memory foam. To prevent the overheat of the solid piece of memory foam, the model is equipped with running through the foam drilled precision tubes, with the simple goal to ensure there is an air zone system, which does not hold heat.

There are many latex memory foam pillows on the market, but this one is different than the others. The technology it uses, makes it reliable and flexible. Even if you move a lot at night, the support will never leave your side, as it conforms to your body fast. The product prevents proceeding of allergies and it is naturally mildew resistant.

The surface of the pillow will always remain cool. Another benefit of this product is in the relief features. It makes your joints loosen the accumulated pressure.

The washing process is easy, as you can throw it in the washer and dryer without any concern. The patented blend of bamboo and rayon used for the cover, make it soft and won’t consume any heat or moisture.