Best Pizzelle And Belgian Waffle Makers | Reviews and Recommendations for 2018

thin waffle makers

You do not need to go to a restaurant or a diner when you want to eat some tasty waffles, because there are a lot of products you can buy and use at home and make waffles by yourself.

This is convenient because you can make them however you what and do it whenever you want.

There is no need to even get out from your home, isn’t that just great?

But how to pick the right waffle maker to cook those thin, crispy and very tasty waffles?

Well, don’t worry, because we are going to present to you some of the best thin waffle makers for your home that you can currently find on the market. Just pick the right for your needs and budget and start making some amazing waffles for you and your closest ones.


BLACK+DECKER Thin Waffle Maker/ Indoor Grill/Griddle

This is one great kitchen appliance that has three different options.

It can make waffles, bake and even grill.

This is very versatile product if you need to make something quick for a breakfast.

It has eight inches cooking plates. The top can be opened and you have two cooking surfaces or if you need to bake waffles, just use it as a regular waffle maker.

Waffles, pancakes, eggs, meat – you can bake and grill everything you want on this one although it is not for making sandwiches yet you can even cook breakfast and lunch at once – this is how convenient this product is.



Palmer Electric Belgian Cookie Iron Thin

This waffle maker can make two crispy thin Belgian waffles at once and is a great addition to the kitchen appliances, especially for those that want to have something which will help them make some delicious treats.

This product is a high quality one, made from casted aluminum and heavy stainless steel cover.

Its thermostat is automatic to ensure best efficiency. The heating elements are tubular and the waffle maker is very stable because of the three legs on its bottom surface.



Chef’s Choice 840 WafflePro Express Waffle Maker

This is great, innovative and very stylish waffle maker that can cook interesting heart-shaped waffles. There is also the Chef’s Choice 840B that makes the classic Belgian shaped waffles.

At a time, you can put inside up to five waffles, which is great and efficient.

With this product you can cook some tasty waffles to your beloved one, to your kids or for the whole family – remember the heart-shape which will scream to all that you love them.

The waffle maker has a non-sticky cover and the already made waffles are very easy to release. The heating system is smooth to guarantee you well baked and good-looking waffles.

You even get options for a deep baking and for a crispy outside but moisty inside waffles.



Cuisinart Pizzelle Press

With this waffle maker you can enjoy some very delicious, thin and attractive waffles and the best part is that you won’t even hassle to make them.

With this product you can bake waffles very fast and its design is very sleek, so you can put the waffle maker around the other kitchen appliances without any worry for breaking the good look. It comes with a manual thermostat so you can bake on five levels.

The plates are non-sticky so you won’t have any problems with removing the already cooked waffles.

This is very affordable waffle maker and in after one minute you can enjoy two perfectly baked tasty waffles.



CucinaPro Non-Stick Pizzelle Maker

This is another very elegant and good looking kitchen appliance that will help you to make some crunchy and tasty waffles.

It has chrome finish on the top and can bake two waffles at a time with the form of a flower.

The heating surface distributes the heat evenly so you can enjoy perfectly cooked waffles.

On the negative side, this one doesn’t have a light indicator for the temperature, so you should turn it on and wait for about thirty seconds and then start to bake.



Euro Cuisine Eco Friendly Heart Shaped Waffle Maker

This waffle maker can make some really cute, tasty and thin waffles in the shape of heart.

It has eco-friendly and non-sticky ceramic coating and adjustable temperature controls.

The exterior is very good looking, durable and chromed.

With this product you can bake traditional or Belgian waffles. It is very easy to use and to store it because it is compact or just leave it in the kitchen around the other appliances.