Best Pool Cues for Better Accuracy [UPDATED] Top Product Recommendations for 2020

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Billiard is one of those games that can gather all of your friends together for a fun gaming night.

The guarantee for a successful game is not only your skills, but the accessories you are using. A reliable cue is a must have, if you want to show how to play with style, but finding one that suits your requirements can be a pesky job.

The design and its performance are very important.

This guide will help you do the right choice, as it incorporates the best pool cues on the market, which will change the way to see the game.


Players C-960 Pool Cue

This cue is the definition of style and precision.

Players is a brand that creates only high quality products that incorporate sleek design and elegance.

It is a very common choice among the professional players, that are looking for something classical, yet modern.

The cue’s wrap is made of Irish Linen, as the shaft is created with crimson maple, making the cue looking very exotic. For its look and performance, the cue’s price tag is not pricey at all. The best deals you can find out there.


  • Shaft made of durable crimson maple
  • Tip is a Le pro one
  • It is 58 inches long
  • Inexpensive
  • Irish Linen was used for the crafting of the wrap
  • The collar is stainless
  • Maple-Birdseye wood was used

This cue has all the features you need from such an accessory, a cue that is definitely recommended. The low price range of the product is another great advantage. The performance is amazing, so your skills on the pool table will be well remembered by the others.


Lucasi LZC28 Pool Cue

Next on the list is another amazing product with impressive features. Its design is more than fascinating, as it is a mix between classical and western woods. This cue is the description of art, because it is looking so spellbinding. It is super eye-catching and you will definitely be noticed by everyone.

The performance is also on a high level, which will guarantee for a successful game.

The handle is created of curly maple, which defines the already appealing look of the product. Lucasi’s cue is absolutely one of a kind product, as it is a combination of all the must haves, such as performance, design and weight.

This cue comes on pricier rate, but it worth each spent penny.


  • The material used for the shaft’s crafting is a North American a Grade Hard Rock Maple Wood
  • The handle is a curly maple one
  • The joint is a uni-loc quick release one

This creation is specially made for all the billiards’ fans out there that want to play with style. The fashionable look and great performance of the cue is all you will ever need.

Rage RG210 Diamond Pool Cue

Last in the list is another affordable option for all the people that want a good cue, but don’t have a stable bank account to offer something spectacular like the previous suggestion.

The design is very sturdy, yet chic, perfect for everyday usage.

This product is equipped with silver and white colored diamonds placed on the bottom of the cue, as well as a graphic midnight black Cocobolo. The combination of those three colors make the whole design very engaging.

Unlike many other cues in this price range, this one is very precise, as the tip is made of high- end leather material.

The grip is a sensational Nylon wrap, which makes the holding comfortable. The cue is very durable, thanks to materials used for its crafting. One great beginners cue.


  • The product is made only from high quality materials that will guarantee for the cue’s stability
  • The tip is a high grade one
  • Cheap
  • For better holding, the grip is made of pressed nylon wrap
  • Lightweight, only 18.5 to 20.5oz
  • The fiber ferrule is durable and will last for ages.

This product is perfect for everyone that wants to have a durable cue, but have a small budget. It will make every game notable. It is flexible and chic, making it perfect for everyone.