Best Portable Irons – 2020 Buying Guide

Best portable irons

Do you like to travel? If you do, especially for longer time, you know that you have to bring a lot of clothes and items to make you more comfortable and enjoy the trips. If you plan on going somewhere on a great vacation and want to have fun, but also to enjoy nights out, you should bring clothes for the nights out.

If you want your clothes to look fresh and neat, you should consider ironing them, it realy helps making your look complete and good looking, makes you professional too.

If you don’t like the idea of bringing big irons and boards to iron your clothes, you could try smaller more portable irons to help you keep your clothes nice looking.


Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot 800 Watt Compact Non-Stick Soleplate Travel Iron

This portable iron offers dual voltage work (both 120V and 240V) which makes it perfect for traveling around the whole world. The design is very modern and compact. It has a steam shot feature for extra burst of steam when needed for stubborn wrinkles. The soleplate is non-stick and glides easily over every material. The product have variable temperature settings and 800 watts of power. It weighs only
1.39 pounds.

Travel Steamer Iron Mini – Dual Voltage 420W

Great portable solution for wrinkled clothes. This portable iron is very powerful and produces up to 30% more steam than other products from the same category. It gives the convenience of the dual voltage (both 120V and 240V) which means that you can use it in every place of the world.

In the box you will be able to find a plug adaptor for different outlets. The soleplate is non-stick and there is an anti-slip handle. The weight of the product is just 1.06 pounds.

Rowenta DA1560 Travel-Ready 1000-Watt Compact Steam Iron

This is one of the best portable irons that you can find on the market nowadays. It is compact and full with features and provides high performance. The power of the model is 1000 watts and you can count on the microsteam function for the stubborn wrinkles. Adjustable temperature feature. The water tank is fully transparent.

The iron have a dual voltage switch so you can practically use it everywhere in the world. For better storage the handle folds and there is even a travel pouch included in the box.

Small Mini Iron – Dual Voltage Compact Design

Mini yet powerful steam iron that easily removes the wrinkles from almost every fabric. The soleplate is absolutely non-stick and made from ceramic. There is steam feature that can be turned on with one touch.

The iron have a quick heat technology and is ready for work in just after 15 seconds. Three heat levels that can be adjusted and 420 watts of total power. On top of all that you can expect variable voltage so you can take this product everywhere with you.

The dimensions are very compact -5.3″x2.9″x3.1″ and the weight is only 1.08 pounds or 0.49 kilograms.

Easehold Steam Iron Garment Steamer

Another great choice for the people that need functional and well-built portable iron. This one have 1150 watts of power and 130 ml water tank. Preheats for 40 seconds and with a full tank can last up to 10 minutes of steaming.

It keeps constant temperature so you do not have to worry about burning or ruining your clothes. The iron works only from 100V to 120V.

The dimensions of the model are 29.2*8.25*10.25 centimeters and the weight is 0.95 kilograms.

Buying Guide


Size is one of the most important things, if you are considering ironing your clothes when on a trip. When you take a long trip, you know that you take way too many items with you. You take your toothbrush, your underwear, your shampoo, your shower soap/gel, make up, socks, shoes for many different occasions and more. And wanting to keep your clothes nice and neatly ironed, is more or less an easy task, but the iron is yet another thing that you have to carry. So depending on its size it can make a difference. Consider how are you going to travel, and how many bags are you going to take, is there a place for the iron, and how much can you spare for it.


The weight is important factor too, if your iron is bulky and big and heavy, it is just too hard to bring it with you. The whole point of a portable iron is to be lightweight, and most of the models are portable, so this means that you can easily take it with you and keep your clothes nice looking and fresh.


Some irons are more ergonomic, others have interesting design, others different functions and different heating time. So consider what you prefer and take a look at the specs of the product, before purchasing.


Different power levels of the irons means different heat. The bigger the iron – it has to have more power and you can iron more clothes. But if you want a small iron that can just iron few clothes once in a while, then a low power iron between the range of 200-1000 watts would be sufficient.