Best Portable Leaf Blowers – 2020 Reviews

Leaf blow

It is good to keep your house neat and clean. It looks good, it is inviting for when have friends and guests over. And cleaning it could be fun activity too. However, if you have a yard in front of the house, then you know you should keep that neat and fresh too. Mowing and sweeping are the main tasks for a person that has e yard in front or behind their house.

For easier cleaning, especially from leafs there are tool such as cordless leaf blowers, they can help you quickly and effortlessly clean the lawn from the fallen leafs from the trees around.

They are affordable and good option for people that want to keep their moan clean and good looking.

BLACK+DECKER leaf blower


This cordless sweeper is a great choice. It is made with idea to help you clean the leafs on the ground. It is affordable choice, and it is made by a great brand – Black + Decker.

The tool has battery (without workload 20 volts) the normal voltage is 18 volts.

The blower offers 130 mph blowing speed, which is great for easy and effortless cleaning of the leafs.

The blower comes with battery and a charger to help you recharge it when there isn’t enough power.The tool is portable and weights only 3.7 lbs. Great for even longer usage as it won’t make you tired from carrying a heavy tool.

The tool is also designed to produce lower levels of noise, so you can clean your lawn and yard without worrying about the noise.



This one is similar to the first one, it offers great features and comfortability, for the person that wants to clean their yard.

It is a bit cheaper and offers 160 mph of air speed, which can help you clean many areas outside of your house with ease. It is portable and weighs only 4.6 pounds.It features 2 speed air control for different tasks.

Its size is Height (top to bottom) 11.75″, overall width (side to side) 7.87″ and overall depth (front to back) 16.5″

UKOKE leaf blower

This option by UKOKE is a bit more pricey, but it offers good features too.

It offers adjustable blowing air from 130 MPH – 40 mph.

The lower speed could be used for saving battery time, and less noise. The higher air speed can be used when you need to clean bigger surfaces and faster.

There is adjustable handle angel for better comfort to the person using it.The tool is designed to be quiet when in use. The grip is soft and comfortable for usage.

The battery can be used for up to 40 minutes of run time on single charge.

WORX WG545.6 2.0 Ah


This one, is a bit cheaper option. It has comfortable handle, and is portable, it weights only 3.5 lbs – so if you are looking for even more portable and lightweight , this is an option. It produces 120mph and 80 CFM air flow – which is enough for quick cleaning with ease of your yard.

The blower has 20V battery, which is included, it also charges quickly. The charger is also included in the pack.

The blower is a affordable and functional peace of tech, which can help you quickly and efficiently clean your place from the leaves that are fallen from the trees.