Best Portable Lights for Video Making – 2021 Recommendations

Portable lights for video making

If you have ever made a video with you in it, you know that lighting is one of the key factors of producing high quality piece of content.
The content of the video is majorly judged by the quality of the sound, picture and effects.

Nowdays most videos are with HD or 4k resolution, and if you strive to provide high quality content and visually appealing videos, then lights should be a must. Lights should provide higher detail and you should strive to make them look natural, so that the video could look even more professional.

If you want to produce videos on the go, then you should consider portable lights that are comfortable and bright enough for your preferences when creating a video. They should be bright, portable so you can carry them and should have strong batteries or should be rechargeable, so that you don’t need to worry about the timing of the lights.

Portable lights for video making, should fit your style of videos, you can choose different light intensity or brightness and color to fit your environment.

AMIR Motion Sensor Light

This is a motion sensor light with six super-bright LED bulbs that can output up to 20 lumens. You can surely use this light even in the darkest environments and still will have enough light to shoot your video or go with your stream. The light has auto-on function and switches itself on within 10 feet of movement and switch off after 15 seconds of no motion.

That way you can save battery and therefore money. Auto-on function is working only when it is dark enough so the light will not turn on during the day. It is simple to install and does not need any hard wiring.

Just stick the adhesive pads or the magnet to a surface and you are ready to go. The product uses three AAA batteries that are not included in the package. Very portable and lightweight design on this one.

URPOWER Motion Sensor Light

Another great motion sensor light – this one is with passive infrared technology that can detect human motions even in pitch black. It turns itself on when sense a motion within 10 feet and switch itself off after 25 seconds of no motion detection. The light has ten LEDs that can provide good
amount of light even in the darkest environment.

You will be able to see around you without any issues. The product operates with batteries – four AAA batteries will be required and they are not included in the box. The light is easy to install with magnetic strip or sticking pads.

Keep in mind that it will not switch itself on if there is enough light in the room, e.g. during daytime.

Doukey LED Camping Light

Very portable light with handy design with carabiner and exquisite bulb shape. It is lightweight and small on size, so you can hang it everywhere you want and take it with you in your backpack. It is bright enough – has three LED beads that can output maximum of 100 lumens.

The light is very soft and comfortable for the eyes. The product is durable and waterproofed, made of superior quality ABS plastic that are absolutely safe and reliable. It has four lightning modes – full brightness, half brightness with quick and slow blinking modes as well. Operates with three AAA batteries that are not included in the package.

Rechargeable Clip On Reading Light

This light has three levels of brightness – that way you can choose the best one for your current setting. It also has a touch controls which is another modern option that many people would appreciate. Built-in rechargeable battery with USB port – you can charge it from many sources with
USB cable.

Portable stand on and clip modes – that way you can place the light the way you like. It can be flexed on 360 degrees which means that if you need more focused light – with couple of motions you can easily do that. The LED bulbs can last for around five years without a need for replacement which makes the product great investment.


This is a high-quality product be the leading brand Philips. The light has a lot of features and one of them is the voice control. It works with Alexa, Google and other smart home devices – with it you can activate it with your voice and even from distance. The light is absolutely wireless, portable and with rechargeable battery that can last up to three hours with a single charge.

You can customize the light up to your personal preferences – the light can produce 16 million colors and shades. You can control everything from your smart device or if it is not with you – directly by pressing the button on the product.