Best Portable Radios – 2021

Music player

We listen to the radio almost everywhere. We hear tunes from passing cars, we listen it in our cars, sometimes we might listen it on the phone on the way to work if we are tired of our music library. Radio stations provide not just entertainment and music, but news, weather and much more information.

If you wish to take a trip and love to listen to music, but don’t want to use your phone as a music player, to save its battery, you can simply pick a good portable radio to take with you. Portable radios and small, simple but sturdy and some of them have functions such as recharging its battery by solar panels or even with a dynamos. This way you don’t have to worry about the battery of the device. Some of them can even charge your phone, so you can have a radio and a power bank with you in the same device.

Portable radios are really convenient devices, they can be used to listen to music, check out the news, the weather and you can save your phone’s battery.

NOAA Portable Radio

This portable radio has many important features. It can play both Am and Fm radios, it has built in 5000mAh battery for long usage. With this big battery you can play the radio for long periods of time. It can also be used to charge a mobile phone. So it is a power bank as well. The device has also a flashlight to help you find things in the dark, a reading lamp if you like to go camping and wish to read a book before bed. It also has illumination to help you check it out in the dark.
One of the best features the device has is that it can be charged with solar power or with dynamo rotation. This means it can really be useful in case you don’t have a place to plug it into the electrical grid. It is perfect device to take with you on a small trip.


SIHUADON Portable Radio

A perfect device if you wish to have a portable radio with you. It is small and can fit in many pockets. It is lightweight so you can take it anywhere with you. It supports FM and AM, it has stations memory and alarm as well. The LCD display is back-light which is really useful if you wish to use it at darker conditions, such as when you are camping at night. You can enjoy some tunes when reading a book or before bed.
You can recharge the batteries with power charger or by a USB cable.
The device is perfect if you wish to listen to the radio outside, its small size and lightweight are perfect for taking it anywhere, especially on a small trip.

Portable Radio

The device is quite small and lightweight, which is perfect for taking with you anywhere. It has 1200mah battery, which is rechargeable, which can provide hours of usage of the device.
The device weights around 110g and is only 2CM thick.
The radio has carrying strap which is comfortable for wearing. It supports both Am and Fm and has searching, storing and numbering the stations.

It not only supports Am and Fm but it can be used as a portable MP3 player, it supports TF card/flash drive up to 64GB. You can use the functions of the device to switch between folders of your music.

The device also has a 3.5 mm audio jack, so you can use headphones with it, so you can listen to the music without bothering people around you.