Best Portable Trash Cans [for Travelling, Hiking, Camping] Reviews 2020

portable garbage can

We often enjoy going to small trips, whether it is hiking or camping it is always fun and great time to spend with the family. There are games and other activities that people can enjoy when on a vacation especially in the woods or at the mountains, however one of the things we should consider, when taking a trip is to keep the environment clean.

Often times there are no trash cans in the vicinity so people have to collect all the garbage in small bags and throw them later on. If you love to spend days on a trip, then this could be a lot of trash collecting . There is another solution to this, like the reusable portable trash cans.

They are cheap, easy to carry and do a great job of collecting the trash so we can enjoy our vacation without worrying where to put the trash. Here we have gathered the best portable garbage cans that can easily be taken with you on while hiking, driving, travelling or camping. Let’s take a look.

Collapsible Garbage Can – by Camp Chef

One of the perfect camp trash cans is this model by Camp Chief. These are very easy to pop up and keep the trash where it needs to be.

It is low priced and offers huge amount of storage – 35 gallon capacity, it can hold trash for days. It can be easily used while camping in a travel trailer.

It is made with durable material – polyethylene and metal coil support, which make it sturdy and durable for different weather.

The can is built in zippered lid and stays collapsed when not in use. This is great for zipping it during the night to keep animals and other forest critters out.

Its size is diameter 20 inch and height 26 inch.

Portable Car Trash Can for Travelling – by ZoneTech

Another great choice for people that want to keep the environment clean while being on the road.

The Zone Tech Trash Can is is quite an affordable option. It might not have the biggest capacity off all the trash cans that made our list it still has its very unique use making it worth while. It is designed to be used in a car, truck, or camper and for a vehicle a smaller trash can is what we want. It can easily fit a decent amount of trash like plastic bottles, wrappers.

We are talking about storing the trash while being on a decent and long trips. If you want to use it to store trash for months we suggest you consider some of the other options we have presented you here.

One of the most important things to consider is whether throwing a soda can inside will lead to some nasty leaks and stains. It is leak proof so no need to worry about any liquids such as coffee when throwing them.

The trash is small and easy to carry. It is made with premium quality materials for longer durability.


Reusable Leaf Bag Holder for Gardening or Camping – by Jardineer

Another great option is the Jardineer Reusable Leaf trash bag holder. It is 30 gallon and is lightweight and easy to use.

So how did it compare to our other picks here?

The material is strong and sturdy although anything spiky will punch a hole through the material. So you definitely want to be careful with any tree branches, spikes and etc. It can be quite comfortably used for storing the leaves that you can pick up in your garden or patio. The design is good.  It has flexible and hard spiral spring spine which makes it great for people that want to throw their trash and is easy to carry on a vacation too.

It is cheap option if you don’t want to keep your thrash in small bags and worry about where to throw them. It doesn’t have a zipper closure though which is probably the only drawback it has.

It is made of water-reistant 600d polyester fabric and spring steel wire and PVC coating inside the bag is great for collection a lot of trash.

Car Trash Can, Portable Waste Basket Bin – by Mavoro

Another affordable option for a car trash can that can be used for anyone that travels a lot and wants to keep things clean and neat in their car, camper or other vehicles. Actually it can easily be used as a travel organizer as well depending on the occasion.

There is an elastic strap at the top of it for easy securing in a vehicle. There is also a Velcro tab at the bottom.

The trash can is leak proof, easy to carry and collapsible. The size is 6 1/2″ diameter by 7 1/2″ height

Pop-Up Collapsible Travel Camping Garbage Trash Recycle Cans, 30 Gallon – by Oswego

This 30 gallon trash bag by Oswego is great for bringing to a small trip or camping.

It can collect a lot of garbage and it offers a zippered lid too. That way you can zip it up during the night and keep the animals and other small forest critters away from the trash. It is incredibly useful if it is raining too as it will keep the water out of the trash.

With this kind of capacity it can hold a lot of trash.

It is compact, and easy to carry. It pops up and it fold down too. It is made with water-resistant sturdy materials.